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Konga: This Is the Only Way You Can Pay-On-Delivery.

When you visit everything looks the same, but there has been a major change on the payment side of things.

Moving forward, Konga customers would be required to pay ahead of delivery. In other words, Konga is now a prepay-only platform joining the likes of Payporte & others. The decision, according to reports, is largely due to the fact that there has been a shift towards online payments by customers. In the words of the CEO, Shola Adekoya:

“In recent years, we have explored several solutions for payment and eCommerce in Nigeria and concluded that prepay is the necessary approach for our business and the market.
“Given the cost of inflation and increasing challenges managing payment-on-delivery, as well as the resulting level of order cancellations on the platform, we had to take this decision.”

He also said that Konga would continue to review other ways to provide payment-on-delivery to customers, but for the time being, it will remain a prepay only platform. There is a caveat, though, you could still pay on delivery, but this decision has to be made by the seller.

“We have enabled a contact seller button that allows open communication between seller and buyer in cases where pay on delivery transactions still want to be carried out directly between the seller and the buyer.

That’s not all, QZ also reported that Konga has laid off 60% of the staff in a bid to adopt a leaner business model, to put that into perspective, that’s about 300 members of staff.
Yes, payment on delivery played a vital role in the adoption of eCommerce in Nigeria, but isn’t it time we grew up?


7 comments on “Konga: This Is the Only Way You Can Pay-On-Delivery.

  1. According to Konga (+ 300) people are jobless now.
    But why the mass sacking though?

  2. As a retailer, I totally hate the pay on delivery model, folks would order things with faith, when you run logistics to get goods to the other end and you don’t make a sale because the buyer didn’t show up.

  3. Hussaini says:

    Konga online store has been of great convenience to me since i First tried it a few week ago, i’d seen the ads and stuff but I was skeptical about shopping ONLINE in NIGERIA!!! I mean… nigeria? where everything happens and at the end of the day you can loose Your money if you don’t get original product or if something goes wrong during payment who will you run to? wait! delivery? what if they don’t deliver on time or even deliver at all? These where the thought that kept me away from online transactions /shopping in nigeria.

  4. Edu says:

    this is cool…I like konga and I think they are doing their best

  5. hassan says:

    my question is that why can’t konga have different shipping options and their charges like we have on Aliexpress,DHGate and possibly makes shipment FREE after sellers have indirectly added that to the cost of the product,the buyer will be attracted to buy more products because it free shipping,but if the buyer now decide to use other couriers as indicated in the drop-down list of couriers(which I want to encourage Konga) to apply then there will be more sales for sellers and more commission to Konga in the long run.

  6. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  7. KingAbsolute says:

    It’s not yet time to grow up oh.
    These guys can deliver fake products to you and to get a refund or another product is rigorous.
    Provide all those payment options and let people choose the ones convenient to them.
    Till the system is more better.

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