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Google Has A New App —Datally —That Wants to Help You & Other Nigerians Save Data. Here's How.

I was at the media briefing session organized by Google, where we got introduced to Datally! A new app by Google that was built for emerging markets like Nigeria. For one, this app works on all smartphones running Android 5.0 (lollipop) and higher, it was also developed to help smartphone users, especially in Nigeria manage their mobile data more effectively on their smartphones.
I must point out that Datally will not help you manage your WiFi connections, this app only helps to manage mobile data, for now.
To get started, install the app, by clicking here, it’s 4.86MB in size. 

Once installed, you have to grant permissions and also turn on usage access.

… And you are in!
The first thing you get to see is the dashboard which shows you how much data you have used for the day.

With Data Saver activated, you can further monitor on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and also control how your mobile data is being used on your Smartphone on an app-by-app basis so that the data only goes to apps you care about.

Now, here is one of the major things I love about Datally and what makes it different from other data saver apps I have used in the past. With data saver activated, Datally’s data saver bubble will appear when you go into any app, like Instagram:

It will then show you real-time data usage as you scroll through content in the app.
Take a look at the image below:

I had spent 7MB of my mobile data within 4 minutes of scrolling through pictures on Instagram — no video content:

From there, I can stop Instagram from accessing my data.

Now, not many of you know this, but applications like Snapchat, to name a few use data in the background, something that Datally can protect you from. To do this, select “manage data” on the dashboard, scroll down and you get to see and block apps that use your data in the background using the padlock icon.

Datally will also send you personalized alerts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Finally, you have the “Find WiFi” feature to help you save data by connecting to WiFi spots that are nearby, you can also get directions using Google Maps and rate the connections to help others in the Datally community.
I don’t think Nigerians would use this feature, though, given that many WiFi spots are password-protected.
Speaking at the launch of Datally, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, Google Nigeria’s Country Director said:

“For the last few years, our next billion users team has been doing a lot of research on the ground in fast-growing internet countries like Nigeria. We have found that data is a major constraint for the next billion users. Introducing Datally into the Nigerian Smartphone market will help users understand how to control their mobile data better.

So, what do you think about Datally:

Or this:


17 comments on “Google Has A New App —Datally —That Wants to Help You & Other Nigerians Save Data. Here's How.

  1. hassan says:

    this are the type of great news we love to hear which pleases ones heart and a good job done for the care they show to those who cannot afford data ,kudos to team google for creativity handwork may they be top among other to get more timely article on this great blog.

  2. Lanre Akogun says:

    I just tried it now. Nice one Google,but why does this app need permissions to make calls and send mesaages.?

    1. Kemi Oguntayo says:

      Most of these apps need these type of permissions. I use data eye for my data monitoring needs and the only difference which I think would make me switch is the bubble and ffind WiFi feature although like misstechy said this might not be useful since no company or organisation would be willing to share their password with a stranger once it is password protected.
      I would have loved if the app can also show the remaining data I have left for the month though

  3. Tunde says:

    Impressive. Even though the lack of WiFi integration is a let down. #WifiDataMatters. I would also love to see a feature to manage data according to our data plan, so you can know how much you can allocate on each app. Overall not bad.

  4. blogger says:

    WOW. Google is always looking for new ways to make our internet life easy.

  5. Yomi says:

    I just installed it but it would be great if Datally could work in background. I noticed that once i exit the app, the bubble isn’t available until you open datally. Hopefully an update should fix this because this is quite useful

  6. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  7. hussaini says:

    The apk works perfectly on my device but this is a nice idea from google and a good news which everyone will be excited to hear,but i pray they will keep up with the good name

  8. Anonymous says:

    Asin ehn. Good if you’re using 9mobile.

  9. Great app….I love the bubble feature, will keep me safer when I’m on Instagram ☺

  10. Goodi says:

    Is just like any other firewall app. But i preferred DataEye to this Datally because you can also block system apps like Android OS ( which sucks data) from using your data. Although i love the wifi integration stuff google did there. Nice work from them.

  11. Edu says:

    this is awsome…lemme go and download it now

  12. Fhëm says:

    Google having same app with different name.. I use “Triangle” by Google for saving data..

  13. Barry says:

    Thumbs up to Google and MissTobi.

  14. Emerson says:

    The bubble thingy is good but I don’t need an app to manage data, I just go to settings

  15. Hmmmm, these guys are actually ecerywhere.
    From the gadget, general tech even to the medical sec.
    A nice move once again from them after that “Google translation for animals”. Wrote about it though.

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