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Mystery Unboxing: Can You Guess What Phone Is Inside — Plus Giveaway?

I am currently staring at the package below:

When all I want to do is this:

I have had this for a couple of days now, but I’ve made a promised (to myself) not to open this until my video review.

Yes, I am jumping the gun, so a rewind.
GearBest sent a review device, it’s a Chinese phone (Not Xiaomi, guys, but expect that soon), and no, I don’t know so much about the phone.
What I do know is that the phone company in question has a penchant for replicating phones made by bigger brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, to name a few.

As for the other part, I may or may not do a giveaway (This will depend on the reception I get from the video review which should be up in a few days from now, so be on the lookout, but do you really want me to give this away?).
Until then, which phone do you think it is? (Tip: The manufacture’s name ends with ‘o’ and the phone could possibly be a Xiaomi Mix knockoff).
Update: It’s not BluBoo


67 comments on “Mystery Unboxing: Can You Guess What Phone Is Inside — Plus Giveaway?

  1. Simeon Udoh says:

    Oukitel K3

    1. Chimezie says:

      You didn’t see the part where it says that the phone manufacturer ends with o how does l and o correlate

  2. Babatope says:

    A Bluboo phone?

  3. Derek Okoro says:

    It’s a bluboo

  4. Babatope says:

    The Bluboo S1?

  5. Poza says:

    Bluboo s8

  6. William says:

    It the BLUBOO S8/S8+

  7. Oluwasegun says:

    The company’s name is Leagoo

  8. emmaedeh says:

    Leagoo KIICAA MIX

  9. Sammy says:

    LeEco S3

  10. Ademola Alabi says:

    Bluboo phone for sure.

  11. Manuel Wad says:

    Tecno Phantom 8

  12. Amir says:

    I can bet this is a leagoo s8

  13. Anonymous says:

    Issa Leagoo phablet..

  14. I.K says:

    It’s definitely leagoo, they love the imitation game 😁

  15. Suleiman says:

    Leagoo ne

  16. Suleiman says:

    Oppo too

  17. Ogbodo Ifeanyi ability says:

    IPhone x

  18. Adegbenro says:


  19. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Hussaini says:

      The admin requires a single answer not myltiple answers

  20. hassan says:

    May i humbly said that the answer to your question is a tecno device.

  21. Ted says:

    I have a feeling it’s lenovo.

  22. I think it’s going to be a device from Oppo.

  23. prime says:

    really need a phone now tho

  24. Fhëm says:

    Lenovo, OPPO, LeEco, or Meizu pro

  25. Hussaini says:

    I think it will definitely be an xbo or an mbo device

  26. Xtopher says:

    I’m guessing the UMIDIGI..
    Those guys can replicate the whole world and it’ll even look more original than the original earth..

    1. Xtopher says:

      Or its the Leagoo..they both share similar triats

  27. Joshua says:

    Is it the one plus x5…

    1. Joshua says:

      Oh… I think it’s a leagoo device

  28. Aiykay says:

    Either a Leagoo kica or Letv LeEco phablet

  29. Kelvin says:

    Definitely LeTv Leeco phone..

  30. Deprof says:

    The name of the device is LeEco Le S3 X626 4G Phablet-ROSE GOLD

  31. EMPIRE says:

    The device name will definitely be LEAGOO KIICAA MIX 4G Phablet-3GB RAM 32GB ROM BLACK

  32. Wunderkind says:

    It’s either an Oppo or a Fero mobile phone

    1. Ridwan says:

      Definitely VOYO Q101 4G Phablet

  33. Mary-Jane M says:

    The manufacturer’s name is LEAGOO and the phone is the LEAGOO KIICAA MIX 4G Phablet.

  34. aliyu says:

    The name of the manufacturer name is VOYO Q101 4G Phablet

  35. KingAbsolute says:

    Since many people have gone with OPPO phones, I’ll go with Vivo.

  36. BSJD says:

    Leagoo KIICAA MIX

  37. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Its either a leagoo or leeco either of the 2
    Misstechy its been a while ma’am been part of the reading team hope to come back soon and even though its November Happy new year and Happy birthday in advance

  38. Adegbenro says:

    I originally said OPPO. I’ll go ahead now to guys it’s the OPPO R11 s (plus??)

  39. Rotimi Popoola says:

    My best guess is that its leagoo since its a knock off oppo doesn’t have a knock off for the the mi mix 2 most oppo or vivo devices looks like the one plus 5t

  40. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Misstechy can you do a review on the leeco le s3 seems to be the best budget phone around for now… I ll appreciate ma’am

  41. Derrick says:

    Doogee mi mix or the elephone s8

  42. Bluboo, leaco fero or oppo

  43. Babyfwesh says:

    It’s Meiigoo S8 😏

  44. CalebT says:

    Definitely MEIIGOO S8

  45. Emerson says:

    Leagoo, Vivo or Blubbo(I think that’s how it’s spelt) but Vivo does have a penchant for replicating bigger brands.

    1. BSJD says:

      So many Chinko brands have ‘O’ as last alphabet. Difficult to get d right one

  46. innocent says:

    Umidigi s2 pro

  47. innocent says:

    I just even bought a xiaomi redmi 4x….beautiful phone….xiaomi should come to naija proper. best chinese phone

  48. Tobiloba says:

    Lemme comment’s vivo

  49. George Jinn says:

    Seems my fellow contributors have forgotten, but could it be an Innjoo phone? They seem to have gone under the radar lately.

  50. LeEco or Vivo or Oukitel or Umi S2

  51. Edu says:

    hmmmm….I think its oppo and yes a give away would be nice as long as it dosent cost u too much

  52. Dafe says:

    LeEco s3

  53. Paul says:

    Leagoo s8

  54. Kephahso says:

    i stand with leagoo KIICAA MIX

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