Hands On With the Infinix Zero 5 and the Quiet! What Do You Think?


The  Zero 5 launch is officially over here in Dubai and I have both the hands on and the device itself.  I got the Bordeaux red which got me feeling some type of way.  I will get right into that in a bit.  But before all of that,  here is my hands on.
There is the black color variant here:
And the Bordeaux red:

Now, here is why I feel this way:

Where I love the way the red color variant looks, especially the back view, I also like the way the bezels on the zero 5 blends in with the black variant.
But, yeah, that is my dilemma  right now.  Let me know what you think.
The Zero 5 is a 5.98inch FHD device, let’s just call it 6. It has a metallic build design at the back and the dual cameras, which has no bumps.

The front has the 16MP camera and it features the popular bokeh effect or portrait mode.

Now, here is why I love the cameras on the Zero 5, they come with OIS, something that was missing on the Phantom 8.
Other design elements include power button and volume button:

And an earphone jack beneath, with mono speaker.

There are no physical buttons, though. Instead Infinix uses soft buttons:

Now,  asides from the Zero 5, Infinix has also introduced 3 noise cancelling headphones,  but I got a hands on with one,  the quiet:

It’s a wireless headphone, so don’t be scared about the wires.

And sound quality is not something I can give a verdict on,  but expect a full review as always.

Of course, I’d do a proper unboxing, until then,  what do you think and how much are you willing to pay for the Zero 5?


38 comments on “Hands On With the Infinix Zero 5 and the Quiet! What Do You Think?

  1. Kudos girl
    You are representing
    Proud of you.

  2. This looks likes a perfect replacement for my Hot S…
    Waiting for unboxing and a proper review..
    Nice one Misstechy! 👏👏

  3. Anonymous says:

    i like your poetic reviews and Gifs…would pay 270$ for zero 5

  4. Kelvin says:

    Overall design is impressive. Waiting on the full review.

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. KingAbsolute says:

      Finally found someone that felt like me. I’d prefer that headphone than the phone.

  6. Rotimi popoola says:

    Infinix great job would love to have a feel of their headphones though

  7. Gabby says:

    Nice job miss techy, as for the two colors i feel your dilema the red is cool especially with the white front, though looking at long term use i cant really say, personally i would prefer the black,gold and bronze color. Looking forward to your full unboxing and review.

  8. fhem says:

    Am more excited about ur visit to Dubai than the zero 5.. More of this IJN
    Good design, the red variant is flashy nd cool nd off course the beezel are becoming serious turn off

  9. Fuck… this is dope.. . hey guys all those pple that says i like to talk rubbish… shebi una don see why i say make una wait make Infinix come teach Tecno how to Produce phones, with that their shine shine Bobo phantom 8 that looks like one of those toys my father used to buy for me.. … Abeg lemme come and go and collect my own Dubai bread b4 misstechy share am finish

    1. KingAbsolute says:

      Hope you know infinix and Tecno are sister companies? Don’t let them use your head like this. Lol

  10. Vicky says:

    Misstechy Please I need to know where to get that Tripod that guy is using at your back or behind you on your picture. If you know where I can get it Biko here is my contact 07030592738 or email me thank you

  11. Chukwuma okereke says:

    This is nexus 6p redesigned… For some stupid reasons I prefer the phantom 8

  12. Ajoke says:

    Awesome oh! I just hope this phone won’t be too expensive all this grammar you are speaking here Tobi! Lol but really nice. I’m thinking of changing my phone so can’t wait to hear how much this costs. Great hob dear and well done

  13. KingAbsolute says:

    Proud of you MissTechy, I wish infinix management can get a glimpse of this post, they’d be pushed to acknowledge you more.
    See the curves on this beau, omo thicka bodi! I can’t find anything to make me not interested in this phone. everything just dey click “confirm’.
    TBH, if I was here, I’d be begging the organizers for that Quite (this name though), I’d be kneeling down shouting “Please epp me with one Quiet!!”
    Lol, I like the headphones more than the phones. TBH

  14. Judith Tech says:

    This is wow. But Gionee all the way
    Via My Bl0g

  15. prime says:

    hmmmm loookatewww going places…. soo proud.
    totally looks like huawei p10 from the rear tho buh its by far the best infinix yet.

  16. Rapsowdee says:

    How much I’m willing to pay……
    12,750 naira only.

  17. Mrtech says:

    This is gonna be cool but Infinix trying to trick us with different 📱 phone

  18. ThAt_SmArT_GuY says:

    The 64GB Zero 5 is priced at INR 17,999 ($275) and the 128GB at INR 19,999 ($306). The 64GB is available in Sandstone Black, Champagne Gold and Bordeaux Red. The 128GB in Bronze, Gold, and Black.

  19. Stanley Anukege says:

    I love the black variant. Especially the pro version. When would it be coming to Naija

  20. Esther says:

    So proud of you miss techy… The phone is waiting for the unboxing and review… Keep repping mama

  21. Mac Daniel says:

    Nice one sis!! You’re so going places! The sky’s your Limit!!

  22. Mac Daniel says:

    Uhummm The sky’s your Starting Point not your Limit..My bad Lol

  23. Wow this means the infinix zero 5 has to be a bomb. Much respect, enjoy the smartphone ma’am 🙂 xoxo

  24. nnenna says:

    Wow this is the information i have being searching for since i really enjoyed reading your update
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  25. Adegbenro says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised that the Zero 5 had a metallic unibody unlike the Phantom 8.

  26. John_Yhy says:

    I think you should just gift me a phone, not necessarily this one.

  27. John_Yhy says:

    I think i deserve a phone from you. #Please

  28. Olawole says:

    Hey Tobi,
    A fan of your reviews and videos🎥
    Nice review right here like mind blowing🎆
    Please can you make a full perfect review, as you always do, of TECNO SPARK K7📱
    Thanks in advance👌

  29. Suleiman says:

    Nice style in your review.
    Reminds me of cnet and their style too.
    Looks like a htc lookalike in some ways. Not too impressed with the back view of the phone.
    I think it will not be Infinix’s market breaker but let’s see the full review before I say more….

  30. Daniel Teddydezigns says:

    don’t quite understand d dual back camera feature. does this mean u can take 2 pictures at a go(snap) ?. I love d black btw

  31. says:

    This phone looks great, d camera is great and everything about it seems awesome

  32. hassan says:

    To me i will say i love the smartphone the most because i hardly listen to music and i will say those who who want the headset just need it to hear song and other stuffs but as for me i need the smartphone to play games and do alot of assigment at the hostel,so for me getting one of the zero 5 will definetly makes me a happy to see more updates on this great blog.

  33. hassan says:

    And as for your question you ask admin i will willing to pay less than 100k for the zero 5 because that the least i can afford for the device.

  34. hussaini says:

    Though the phone is nice but i hope it would be affordable by the ordinary men, not what you people are saying Here, but the camera and other features of the phone is nice, i prefer Infinix to the headphone you mentioned because am not a music frekers.

  35. hussaini says:

    , nothing more nothing less

  36. hussaini says:

    Relating to the last question you asked The least i can afford the said device is 150k, nothing more nothing less

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