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Artificial Intelligence Enters the Golf Course.

I visited Microsoft’s Ignite event that took place in Orlando, Florida during the last week of September. Microsoft is doing amazing things and I am a keen follower of their technology so I was pretty excited to be there. It was a huge event showcasing latest tech innovations. In this post, however, I am going to talk about something that impressed me the most.


People who know me are aware that I love both golf and technology (equally). So it took no time for me to fall in love with Arccos. Arccos is the best golf tech or “Golf Performance Tracking System” I have ever come across. It comes with 14 little sensors (one for each club) that are attached onto the clubs. Using Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and Tour Analytics it helps improve your game and it surely does deliver.

With the sensors attached to your club, Arccos starts to record data from your shots. They have about 120+ Million shots recorded so far from the Arccos members and this number is growing every day. All this data is then used by Arccos Caddie – Golf’s first artificial intelligence platform to make (great) recommendations. Here are some amazing things about Arccos Caddie from their official communication: 

“Arccos Caddie shows your optimal strategy on any hole in the world. It analyzes every shot you’ve taken with Arccos, as well as 120 million+ shots taken by the Arccos community and 368 million geotagged data points on more than 40,000 courses. Powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud, Arccos Caddie precisely accounts for elevation and weather data, including wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and more. The newest feature – “Plays Like” distances – provides a rangefinder GPS display of the exact impact that elevation and weather have on how far a shot will travel.”

Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence are indeed changing the way we work and play. I have been using this great technology at the golf course and there is no doubt that it can improve one’s game. Isn’t it amazing how your smartphone can become your golf buddy and caddie!  have got to ask “Who needs a Caddie now?”

This article originally appeared on the blog of Mr. Uzoma Dozie.


11 comments on “Artificial Intelligence Enters the Golf Course.

  1. Edu says:

    This is awsome…technology is everywhere nowadays and its really helpful

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  3. Rapsowdee says:

    When i first read
    “I visited Microsoft’s Ignite event that took place in Orlando, Florida during the last week of September”
    I immediately checked the writer’s name … Don’t know why ooo but Tobi… Don’t worry, You’ll soon goan join them Mark in Silicon Valley..

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    I saw the writer and was like “yay! Tobi finally has a writer”
    But then at the

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    I saw the writer and was like “yay! Tobi finally has a writer”
    But then, at the end…
    Technology is taking over, I wish we’ll evolve with it as time goes by in this part of the world.

  6. Kaybang says:

    Site keeps timing out & timing out & timing out. It’s grating. *sigh*
    “Isn’t it amazing how your smartphone can become your golf buddy and caddie!”
    Did I miss something? Nowhere in the write-up is a smartphone mentioned as a part of the A.I.
    And, Mr Dozie, your blog is TITS. Needed break from the norm. Not a single Transsion boys article. It is paradise.
    Under Buhari-nomics you found your way to world economic forum and Microsoft ignite. Ómó, you get bread!

    1. Scent9jA says:

      U ehnnnn always making me laugh

  7. timzzy tech says:

    Well gud of dem buh I think d edge browser nids a lot of improvement,
    It kips freezing

    1. hussaini says:

      timzzy tech you just aired up my mind

  8. hussaini says:

    Technology is every where now, and the way by which technology is coming up now, it like a suprised to me. Love to see more useful post on this Blog

  9. hassan says:

    Yes you are right kaybang our smartphone needs a golf buddy and caddie i wish i also the oppurnity to also expenrience it to see more article for this great blog.

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