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Tecno Mobile Unveils the Phantom 8 in Lagos (Will Sell For N128,000).

TECNO Mobile, Africa’s leading mobile phone maker, today unveiled its latest device, the PHANTOM 8 at Four Points by Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos in the presence of several notable dignitaries, key opinion leaders and stakeholders in the mobile technology industry. The Mobile tech giant has also partnered with SLOT Systems to deliver extra value to all its customers. Since the inception of the PHANTOM, the series has increasingly transformed in all ramifications and the PHANTOM 8 is not excluded in this innovation and technological advancement. Poles apart from its forerunners, the PHANTOM 8 debuts with high-end features which includes an amazing camera and a beautiful design that offers a swift and an unrivaled mobile experience.

Addressing the media at the event, Attai Oguche, Deputy Marketing Manager, PR, Offline Events and Sponsorships TECNO Mobile, Nigeria said:

“The PHANTOM 8 is a complete definition of one size fits all and all of us at TECNO Mobile are truly excited about this device. The device is beautiful and embodies world-class features that cannot even be ignored at first glance”.
“Over the years at TECNO Mobile, we have diligently worked out our mantra of “Experience More” and this has also made us strategically position ourselves to constantly be on guard for opportunities to provide consumers with exceptional mobile experience”. Attai added.

The new TECNO PHANTOM 8 dons an impressive 20MP selfie camera and a high definition 12MP + 13MP dual cameras at the rear alongside other camera feature such as 10x superzoom, single shot HDR, “4 in 1” skin brightening technology, real-time refocus and an ultra- quality super pixel lens with great noise control. The dual rear cameras – a 12 MP + 13 MP camera powered by Sony, creates stunning and professionally looking portrait photos, blur effect and autofocus. Internally, the device is powered by a 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 2.6GHz MediaTek Helio P25 processor and houses a non-removable 3500mAh battery along with a USB type-C that charges 50% faster than its predecessors. The device also flaunts a diamond lux design uni-body with drip screen, 2.5D glass and also sports a 5.7” HD screen mounted on its surface along with a multi-purpose scanner at the rear that can be used as a shutter for taking photos, recording videos and even unlocking the device in only 0.1s. Aesthetically, the TECNO Phantom 8 will be available in 5 different shades – Shadow Gold, Galaxy Blue, Royal Purple, Jack Black and Diamond Blue.

The PHANTOM 8 is currently available for pre-order exclusively at all SLOT Systems outlets until October 26 and will go on sale at exclusively at all SLOT outlets from the 27th – 31st of October 2017, same day first set of deliveries will begin Pre-order customers. Nationwide roll-out of the Phantom 8 for walk-in customers at all authorized resellers shall commence on the 1st of November 2017.


20 comments on “Tecno Mobile Unveils the Phantom 8 in Lagos (Will Sell For N128,000).

  1. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Congratulations to Tecno on the launching. The way Tecno is going now, I see them doing more big things in future. That price is not bad for such a premium phone like that. Kudos to you, Misstechy, for your great work

  2. CalebT says:

    Beautiful!!! Sombori should comman gift me this phone mbok.

  3. Chukwuma Okereke says:

    I want ! Nice one Misstechy

  4. Kelvin says:

    Maybe I should just use faith and pre order. The Lord can do anything 😂😂😂

  5. _edu_andy_ says:

    Everything about this phone is amazing…I expected the price to be much higher but 128k is much better….awsome stuff from the guys at tecno..I can’t wait to see what infinix come up with in response

    1. Khaleesi says:

      Yep dats wat u get from tecno who give u quality at a cheap rate, bliv oda phone brands with this specs can’t go for that price at all

  6. Emmanuel Godwin says:

    Yea i think the price is very much ok…… But i will keep saying it, Tecno phantom 8 is a piece of old Lady’s Shit…. Infinix should come and save us..

    1. Khaleesi says:

      You will keep saying it? This phantom is the real shit. Nothing more

  7. Khaleesi says:

    Hmm phantom 8. Na to pray for moni to buy the phone o

  8. david says:

    please do a review of the hios3.0

  9. Waiting for review, hoping Infinix throws out something with same or better specs with a cheaper price.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kk i have hearing you people, let me go and start saving money.

  11. KingAbsolute says:

    The only thing I like about this phone is the 6GB RAM and processor.
    They say it has 20MP front camera + dual camera 12MP/13MP but we all know that’s not what makes phone cameras click. I’d go for Phantom 6 plus or Phantom 5 for this.
    The price is way above. But still an awesome device.

  12. Emerson says:

    I would really love to see the P30 on the next ‘Zero’, but I still keep wondering why they always go for P instead of the X. 128k with those specs is good enough.

  13. George Jinn says:

    TECNO try. But i would keep that 128K for the Nokia 7 when it finally retails over here. TECNO no be spec sheet we go chop.

  14. ayo says:

    please…. you will see better bezelless phones with the better Spec… more cheaper… Tecno is a huge pile of crap… Go to and you will see better phones

  15. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  16. Kenny says:

    Os update for how many years? Can the dual 12mp and 13mp cameras beat the single 12.3ml of the Pixel 2 XL, well It’s a good development but nothing to be excited about.
    Chai, iPhone X preorder sells out in minutes, even though it’s $999 , Apple has taken over the world.

  17. Enny says:

    Woow the price is really nice

  18. Sherif Price says:

    Yeah am loving the Tecno phantom 8 specs, most especially the 6 GB ram, and the camera – 20 megapixel is no joke for a front camera and the 12/13 rear camera is the real deal, Tecno means business this time around. Great. Just the price is much ooh, Tecon mobility should help us reduce the phantom 8 price down to 100,000 Naira.

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