Tecno Phantom 8 Unboxing and Hands On. What Do You Think? 360- degree View Included.

So, Tecno moved from the Phantom 6 & 6 Plus to the Phantom 8 omitting the 7.

I don’t know the reason for the omission but the Phantom 8 is here, guys ( I have a video review for those who want to see my face and of course the phone🙃 )

Tecno Phantom 8 Unboxing review

The Phantom 8 comes in a premium looking black package similar to the Phantom 6 Plus box but vastly different in size.

You’ve gotta to give it to Tecno for the well-packaged box.

And yeah meet the Phantom 8.

When you flip it around you can see that I have the shadow gold variant although the Phantom 8 comes in a variety of beautiful colors – you have the Gold, Galaxy Blue, Jet Black, Royal Purple, and Diamond Blue

Accessory- wise you have the usual suspects like the wall adapter

USB type c cable

3.5mm earphones

Warranty card, Plastic case, and an additional back protector

Moving back to the Phantom 8. We can see that Tecno has said goodbyes to the metallic build on the Phantom 6 plus replacing it with a beautiful albeit fingerprint magnet glossy body – Tecno Mobile is calling is the diamond fire design.

Like I said, this is a fingerprint magnet:

Which makes the bundled plastic case all the more necessary.

It fits really nice although I don’t fancy the bumps on each corner- P.S. this is just me being a nitpicker. And if you don’t like the case, you can always use the back protector

The Phantom 8 is a 5.7FHD, with a 3500mAh non-removable battery and back cover (of course).

And then the dual cameras

Yes, Tecno Mobile has added impressive dual cameras on the Phantom 8. You have one 12MP Sony IMX386 camera with 1.25um Ultra pixel Lens and a 13MP camera. Tecno says the cameras are capable of 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom which is in line with other dual camera lenses from players like Huawei and LG.

Beside that, you have the Tri-flash and the fingerprint sensor which has been nicely placed.

And just like the iPhone’s dual cameras, I noticed a slight camera bump on the Phantom 8.

In front, you have the massive 20MP front-facing camera with dual led flash.
And when you look downwards, you should see the capacitive buttons, which do not light up but are (In my opinion) better than the soft buttons spotted on the Phantom 6 plus.

Placements are like this: There is the volume rocker and power button on the right

Microphone, USB-C port and speaker grills beneath the device

On the left – a dual hybrid SIM card slot which means you can only use two Micro Sim cards or one micro SIM card and one micro SD card.

On top is the earphone jack.

As for the specifications …well here you go.

Based on my first impression, I noticed that the Phantom 8 has a forehead and chin which is a slightly more than the Phantom 6 plus.

Let me know which design you prefer though.
I also noticed the 2.5d glass protection

There is also the fact that this feels a lot lighter than the Phantom 6 plus coming in at 187g

As opposed to the Phantom 6 plus’s 192g:

If there is one thing you can’t deny, it’s the fact that the Phantom 8 not only looks premium but comes with a lot of premium specifications with the dual cameras topping that list. As for the price, the speculated price ( keyword on speculated, I’d update when I get the confirmed price) is within the N135,000 – N150,000 price mark.
So, there you have it, my Phantom 8 unboxing and the first impression. I can’t wait to read and smile about what you have to say about Tecno’s latest device.
In the meantime, apologies for the slow updates here … I have been busy editing videos 😫


47 comments on “Tecno Phantom 8 Unboxing and Hands On. What Do You Think? 360- degree View Included.

  1. Emmy says:

    Been waiting for your post..
    The device rating for me is “Simply Amazing”
    Nice job!

  2. Awesome device but bad Bezels.

  3. Chukwuma Okereke says:

    amazing device! I want

  4. Kelvin says:

    My gaad. Tobi has gotten her hands on this beauty already. I’d commend the improvement on the RAM. I’m sure it’d run flawlessly, dual camera is also commendable. Great unboxing too tho.

  5. Kelvin says:

    And apology accepted 😉

  6. CalebT says:

    Wow!!! What a beauty, I think the phantom is going premium

    1. Khaleesi says:

      Sure it’s a beauty to behold

  7. calliz says:

    stil waiting fr ur spark plus review

  8. fhem says:

    6gb ram for wat?
    Fingerprint magnet
    7.0 with no hope of getting the new ore 8
    Not so impress with the general spec looks like another camera phone from tecno

  9. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Awesome review on this phone, both here and your YouTube channel, you did a nice job, Misstechy. Kudos to Tecno on this device, it’s superb, but they need to bring the price down a little, 150k is much for Tecno phone

    1. Khaleesi says:

      150k? I think it’s just about 128k😁

  10. KingAbsolute says:

    Yous not late with this one.
    Amazing review on an amazing phone.
    Tecno thinks locally and acts globally, that’s one of the reason they thrive.
    But, I prefer the Phantom 6 plus to Phantom 8, on the second thought, 6GB RAM???? Now I’m having doubts on my decision.
    Phantom 6 metallic body and design was good but this latest one is much better.
    Apart from the 20000MPs and 13000 and 12000MPs camera (if you know, you know), every other thing about the phone issa banger!

  11. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  12. Smart says:

    For dat price I’m fixing buying a xiaomi fone. Nonsense

    1. Yudy says:

      Xiaomi all the way bro… Snapdragon processor with ota updates

  13. Joshua says:

    I just see them. Copying the iPhone
    It is strikingly similar to the recent iPhone devices
    Infinix is copying Samsung on the other hand
    The phone looks nice and must be impressive
    But I’d rather buy a Samsung Galaxy A7(2017) with that money
    I hate hybrid Sims with passion
    Though that 64gb actually made up for it
    But still…
    The phone is a real improvement from tecno on the specs side Sha and camera

  14. Steph laws says:

    tecno flaws with this

  15. Emerson says:

    I don’t wanna get into technicalities but why does Tecno and Infinix insist on using the Helio P instead of the Helio X on their flagship, other than that and the fact that I think 6gb Ram is overkill, I’m really excited about this phone. Now waiting to see what Infinix will do. Once I heard it was called the 8 instead of 7, I knew they had tried and failed to draw comparisons with the “Rolls-Royce Phantom 8”.

  16. kenny says:

    6-6-6GB RAM OOOOhhhhh that’s a plus I see there are trying to compete, impressive specs but them bezels, well fans of Tecno will definitely love this but will it receive oreo, OEMs should also consider the software aspect and not the hardware alone.

  17. Dave says:

    Nice unboxing, Actually a cool device, the RAM, its Memory, Cameras..Am loving this device

  18. Mary-Jane M. says:

    6gb RAM…Wow. with 64gb ROM, who needs an SD card. The camera’s really impressive. The battery just doesn’t feel enough, a 4000mAh battery would have been better. 150k for a tecno phone is too much ooo

  19. Good Job, You Really Tried By Snapping

  20. Emmanuel Godwin says:

    Tecno is just deceiving themselves along with those they are also able to deceive, not people like me.. .. They are boosting of a 6GB RAM, compare this shit with galaxy s8 4GB RAM and then you will see that what you holding is a 2GB RAM device.. .. The Phantom 8 is a very big mistake…
    How can they even call this a premium device, take a look at the design, nothing to write home about, why will they put a non lit capacity button that is very visible and obvious on a premium device, whi does that in 2017? it made the phone look cheap and childish… Look at the back, the way it reflecting light like one of those toys my dad use to buy for me during my childhood days… The fingerprint scanner should have also be used as a home button and placed at the front…. Please someone should tell tecno to hire me as their design strategy planner…. The phantom 6 was even way more premium looking than this nonsense….
    And by the way, this one they released only phantom 8 and we didn’t hear anything about 8plus, hope is not after people have spent their hard earned money to buy this nonsense now, tomorrow they will release 8plus..
    Anybody who buys this nonsense needs to be arrested for illegal spending of money…. I will just wait for the reply Infinix will give to them with the Zero 5,and i am sure it will be dope.
    signing out #emmanuelGodwin

    1. Kemi Oguntayo says:

      But you know infinix and tecno are from the same company, right ? As for your complaints to each his own. I do think this looks premium

    2. Kay says:

      I don’t know who I detest more right now, you or Tecno?

  21. What about techno phantom 8plus?when will that be out hoping the battery would surpass the phantom 8

    1. Kay says:

      There’s no such thing as an 8 Plus

  22. Popoola oladimeji says:

    Dual camera is good…but “bezelessness”…is modern too…but not here…
    You should continue creating your dopelganger-‘ses’ o…and waste time giving us cool updates…#yinmu

  23. Ebi says:

    Verse 1
    Back so shiny I’mma put a skin on it.
    Hios really tacky I’mma put a skin on it
    Infinix phone holder should have put a skin on that.
    Tecno’s gotten better but danm look at the price on that.
    Phone’s still too big they should have taken some chin off that.
    Tobi your video style is glamorous, how’d you put the bling on that.

  24. iPaul says:

    Am currently using the phantom 6 plus which I bought early this month, I tried to wait for phantom 7 but it wasn’t released on September as I expected, now it’s the phantom 8 we are seeing now and I thought I would feel jealous. Well am not so impressed with it: not metallic build, lower battery cap. huge bezel, only the camera specs caught my heart. The ram count is just a wasn’t, I also agree with the other guy who’s not so keen with this helio P series, HelioX is better.
    Tecno didn’t settle down well, Infinix zero 5/6 will come and show them how it’s done. 🏃

  25. Anonymous says:

    This phone is very big oo, but I can manage it even though I have small hands 😂 😂

  26. Obumneme offorkansi says:

    Very good job from Tecno Mobile. They continue to improve in their design day by day, but I urge them to keep their phone prize on average prize and affordable to most people especially the youth.

  27. _edu_andy_ says:

    This phone is a beauty…the glossy back just adds to its uniqueness and style….good job Tecno for their beautiful devices and this one is no exception ….. and i was thinking nothing will beat the phantom 6…….cant wait to see what infinix come up with in response

  28. iPaul says:

    This is disappointing from tecno, the bezel has made me silent on this note

  29. Esther says:

    the phone is the bomb

  30. Kay says:

    T, one question for the full review.
    OIS or EIS?

  31. Emmanuel Godwin says:

    All this people are just here commenting what i don’t even understand….. 6GB RAM, the phone is a beauty, the phone is a bomb…. OMG, what rubbish…. For God’s sake this thing is a piece of old shit…..
    Large Bezels, Useless Dual Camera, 20mp front facing camera ( is it picture i come to this world to snap) and by the way, when you compare that 20mp front camera with Samsung or Apple 8mp camera, You will see that Tecno are nothing but fraudsters..
    Which one is Diamond fire design, please give us back our metallic build, if we want it to be shinny, we will use our own hand and rub groundnut oil on it…
    Non lit visible and too obvious Capacitive soft touch buttons, who still does that in 2017….
    To be honest, nothing impressed me on this phone…. Let infinix come and teach them how things are done… By the way, am using an Infinix Zero 4. and i’ve nver regretted buying it for one day…

  32. Kaybang says:

    “I have been… editing videos”
    The videos I’m waiting for never seem to show up. Oh well, gotta keep waiting I guess. Hopefully they’ll come one day.

  33. Enny says:

    The device is a value for money…

  34. JUCI says:

    Question for the full review.
    Does it support GloNG’s LTE band?

  35. Anonymous says:

    I think Tecno skipping a generation number was market strategy. Samsung is on Galaxy S/Note 8 and Apple is on 8/X. They didn’t want any new buyers to think their latest product-If called the Phantom 7-was older than those. 6 GB RAM is no big deal. They may still have poor RAM management. Metallic unibody phones are better imo. Much stronger and thus better for Nigeria where the warranty is usually just a “piece of paper”I hope infinix stick with their zero 4 plus template.

  36. Khaleesi says:

    Great deal, I love the 6gb ram

  37. Olajire says:

    Hey Tobi,
    Nice review right here
    Please can you make a full review of the new FERO PACE 2
    Thanks in advance

    1. Ivvy says:

      what device is that?

  38. Xhalim says:

    all the cases i seen for this device are lovely

  39. Burmese says:

    we buying this phone without thinking twice never seen a better spec in a while

  40. Princessx says:

    no better gift for the xmas season, somebody buy me this

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