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Game of Thrones’ Cinematographer Shot This Movie Using the LG V30. But the Quality is Err….

The LG V30 is one of the worst phone launches I’ve ever seen. The hype around it was weeks ago and it’s still not up for sale. Dear LG, you’re not Apple, people won’t wait for you, especially when the Pixel 2 is around the corner.

With that out of my system, let’s get right into the article —LG tried to promote the device’s camera capabilities by putting it in the hands of a cinematographer and not just any cinematographer, David Franco, the cinematographer behind the Game of Thrones series. The video he shot using the V30 is titled “A Day in the Life,” and he tried to take the consumer approach —using the device like an average user, handheld and all. (You can watch it below)

To be honest, there isn’t anything special, although you can tell that he tried to demonstrate the various elements of the phone —dynamic range, RGB, zoom, OIS, reflection, low/mid/highlight etc. And one thing I noticed was the low light performance is better than what I’m used to seeing. HOWEVER, the overall quality is something I’d consider to be:


Why? I have seen better — take for example this video shot by a “random person” using the Google Pixel

P.S. I am not saying the footage shot by the V30 isn’t good, far from it. I am just saying that I have seen better, that’s all.
Now, I’d just go back to sipping my tea:


25 comments on “Game of Thrones’ Cinematographer Shot This Movie Using the LG V30. But the Quality is Err….

  1. Rapsowdee says:

    LG have lost it…… They better go find a company that’ll acquire them.

    1. Kay says:

      LG have lost it

      Is it Shisa, or Alomo? Which one did you take?
      Oh … Oh … Pakurumo?
      Lost It?
      How? Ejo, How?

      1. ★彡 BATMAN 彡★ says:

        “Oh … Oh … Pakurumo?”
        Oya Funke, Pakurumo, pakurumo ko jo dada
        Halimo, Pakurumo, pakurumo ko jo dada
        Tolani, Pakurumo, pakurumo ko jo dada
        Folake, Pakurumo, oya pakurumo ko jo dada

  2. kenny says:

    The Lg v30 is kinda decent tbh, but that 12.3Mp rear camera of the Google pixel is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    1. Kay says:

      The Pixel’s camera is NOT “a beast”, the software behind it is.

      1. Anonymous says:

        True but it is still the camera all the same software and all

      2. kenny says:

        But we’ve gotta hand it to Google whether it is the software or hardware.

  3. ★彡 BATMAN 彡★ says:

    The pixel video is a Snoozer💤💤. 2 minutes feeling like 2hours. And it ‘looked’ like it was shot by a better photographer than the V30’s.
    Or maybe my eye is just paining me. Just maybe. Who knows these things? *Shrugs*

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is not about if the camera made you sleepy.. We are talking about the video quality which I think the 2016 pixel killed

      1. ★彡 BATMAN 彡★ says:

        You; “We are talking about the video quality…”
        Me; “…it ‘looked’ like it was shot by a better photographer than the V30’s.”

        Aren’t we saying the same thing? Or maybe I should’ve said “…the footage looked like…” My bad😊

    2. George Jinn says:

      Misstechy said it. That Franco guy tried to shoot a video an average v30 user would – he wasn’t trying to shoot a professional video. The pixel’s is better becos it was professionally done.

  4. OmaneMoses says:

    This article is biased from the beginning. You can’t give a score for what you never reviewed. Get one and compare it with your galaxy which has poor rating from DXO mark. The lg v30 has its own market OK.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi OmaneMoses, first off, I am not being biased, cos I got nothing against LG except for their crappy marketing strategies— I am just judging based on the video clip!!

      1. OmaneMoses says:

        But that ain’t a good criteria. But its OK I get now. From your humble reader.

  5. Thoby V says:

    Woooowwww!!!!! PIXEL Camera amazed me the most, although LG v30 too was awesome

  6. Emerson says:

    I don’t even know what to say about LG, they build great phones but just kill your interest. Sometimes I wish I could grab LG mobile and beat the living ‘Cells’ out of it.

  7. Impressive videos by both devices…I’ll definitely say bye to Infinix soon, thinking Nokia or Samsung, woulda loved LG, Xiaomi or even that Google pixel but aftersales support in Nigeria is a very beautiful thing.

  8. Tee says:

    c’mon LG darling, don’t listen to them, I love you just the way you are…

  9. CityWatch says:

    Ahh.. I won’t say i like this post, and i won’t judge you. It your blog and you are free to post but i think that sounds like spoiling someone market o

  10. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. kenny says:

      yeah, The Hi-fi quad DAC is one of the most anticipated features of the v30. The sound quality is gonna be awesome even without headphones, and Did I mention it’s a flagship phone that doesn’t remove the headphone jack?

  11. George Jinn says:

    Misstechy i see your hand work! I think it would be fairer to load the v30 with “google camera app” (the one the pixel uses) – because according to google, they have done some amazing stuff with the software- for a better comparism. For auto guys; its like having a v6 engine with turbos pumping more juice to the engine and a naturally aspirated v6 with no forced intakes.

  12. OmaneMoses says:

    I was doing some research and found this video so MissTechy this would be a fair comparison.

  13. I do love the device and the fact they are competing with the likes of Samsung And Iphone for the top(still on the road sha), I give it to them .

  14. Dave says:

    I do love the device and the fact they are competing with the likes of Samsung And Iphone for the top(still on the road sha), I give it to them .

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