Infinix Hot 5 Review: One of the Most Affordable Phones in the Market Right Now. But…

I made an Infinix Hot 5 review some days back— a video review, do check it out:

In case you are not utilizing 9Mobile’s free YouTube streaming plans, here is a written review. (Yeah, I promis


This isn’t something that is supposed to influence your buying decision…

But the Infinix Hot 5 takes about 45 seconds to unlock.



As for the display, it isn’t exactly great. For one, you have the basic HD display which means that you are stuck with 720p when watching videos.

Overall, the quality is not something I would consider bad, especially when you consider the price tag.

Sunlight visibility is also good, and you don’t need to turn the brightness slider to the maximum to be able to see under direct sunlight.


So, the Hot 5 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, which is placed at the back of the device as revealed in the unboxing article.

During my test, I discovered that it was quite efficient in recognizing my fingerprint, but since I am being nitpicky, I’d say it takes about 2 seconds to get to your home screen after unlocking.


The 4000mAh battery paired with the 5.5 HD display is more than sufficient for your needs. During my time using the device, it lasted me up to 2 days of moderate use, but up to a day of using the device extensively.
I also did a battery drain test to see how many movies it would take to completely deplete the battery. I found the longest movie on YouTube to stream which was a 10-hour Minecraft video.

At the end of the test, it took about 12hours 35 minutes of Minecraft video streaming (I had to start again) to completely deplete the battery from 100%

Impressive if you ask me.


The charge time is another thing entirely, it takes a while to charge the Hot 5 from 1% to 100%. During my test (the device was locked) I charge the hot 5 to 95% in  4 hours 22 minutes.



This is the major upgrade.
It comes with dual speakers in front that is powered by Dirac. The Dirac effect can be turned off if you wish.

And during my test, it was loud, very loud, guys! To be honest, the only way you can tell is to listen to it. The audio test starts at 3:32minutes


This is equipped with a 5MP front-facing camera which looks good in daylight, but not so great when you are indoors.

Indoor shot. Not as sharp as you want it, but decent enough.

However, I do believe that the 8MP back facing camera produces slightly above average results, the outputs appear sharp and colorful.

It also had the needed sharpness.
The same can also be said for the video quality in daylight.
But the result is quite the opposite in the night time, the colors appear grainy with a lot of noise in the video.
As for the picture quality at night, it’s quite manageable, a little overexposed if you use the flash, though— I took the shots below in a petrol station at night without the flash.

Once again, the price point makes this reasonable.


This comes with 2GB of RAM clocked at 1.3gHz, and during my test, I discovered that it performed well when putting it through moderate use.

I was able to run about 5 games — 3 light applications (YouTube, Chrome, and Playstore) and 2 heavy applications (PES 2017 and UFC 2017). All the applications resumed, however, when I put Instagram and tried resuming all 6 apps, I noticed that PES restarted itself.
Also, as time goes on, you might notice a slight delay when opening apps and frame drops when playing highly intensive games


As for the sensors, you have the usual suspects, which include: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Orientation, Software Gyroscope, Light, Proximity, Game Rotation Vector, GeoMag Rotation Vector, Gravity Sensor, Linear Acceleration, Rotation Vector, and Orientation Sensors.



Here are the results:

And a look at how it fares with the others.


Here is a fun fact, the Hot 5 is currently cheaper than the Hot 4, and that price point makes the weaknesses I noticed accommodating. Of course, the fact that it doesn’t support 4G is a letdown, but if you are willing to overlook that as well as other aforementioned points, then this is not a bad device at that price point.


11 comments on “Infinix Hot 5 Review: One of the Most Affordable Phones in the Market Right Now. But…

  1. Dave says:

    Nice job on the review.
    Anyway despite the 4G it missed, cool device, just like you said, its worth the price

  2. Kelvin says:

    You see phones like this, you are confused. Either tecno spark or this.

    1. Obiora! says:

      Tecno Spark is 1GB RAM. It will lag over time. A 2GB ram device is better

  3. Obiora! says:

    The greatest letdown is the battery charge time. How on earth does it take 4hrs 22mins to charge from 0-95%. Thats horrible….
    Miss techy pls wats ur comment on this?

  4. Ay says:

    nice one here,,, keep it up,,, i also blog at

  5. victor says:

    you don’t usually charge the infinix devices with their original chargers noted with the infinix hot 4 review you did sometime back and that’s why you get so much time on charging it an original infinix charger does the work in more than half of the time given

  6. OluwaTobi says:

    Please we need a review of TECNO SPARK

  7. Victore says:

    pls who knows the gpu on this device, is it the mali T720MP1 or MP2?

  8. Akindele Esther says:

    Good afternoon, m Esther
    My phone is always writing insufficient storage space, few weeks later i got a16GB memory card, it makes no differences and I don’t use to get any sent SMS too.
    Please what can I do bcox m jus tired of this

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