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One Month with 9Mobile: How Has the Experience Been So Far?

In Drake’s voice:
It seems that Etisalat’s transition to 9Mobile has also affected their quality of service (and not in a good way). This can be seen in the number of complaints posted by Nigerians on Twitter:

The complaints are a lot, trust me.
A further research reveals that 9Mobile has been experiencing downtimes (I am not sure when it started), but it’s a situation that the company is aware of. However, 9Mobile cannot disclose the cause nor the expected time of service restoration.
9Mobile customers right now: 

So, over to you 9Mobile users, how has your experience been so far?


24 comments on “One Month with 9Mobile: How Has the Experience Been So Far?

  1. so terrible, I regret using my money to recharge the data.

    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

  2. Laide says:

    Terrible seems like a good word. I am already thinking of porting to gl.o before you people tell me I am jumping from frying pan to fire.. Glo works perfectly well in my area.

    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

  3. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

    “Did they leave with their masts?”

  4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

  5. Rapsowdee says:

    Thanks to the fact i have my MTN alternative….. The only reason I still use their sim is because i get free data every weekend

    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

  6. Emmy says:

    For me, it hasn’t been so different. Poor network as Etisalat, poor network as 9mobile

    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

  7. P-williams says:

    I pray the wake up soon

  8. Me Looking At The Memes In The Comment Like Kilode!
    Lol. I Don’t Know Whatsup But Etisalat Is Still Showing On My Phone, Even After Getting The Sms That Asked Me To Turn My Phone Off And On.
    I Have Been Switching On And Off, Still Seeing Etisalat. I’ve Even Allowed My Battery Drain Down, Still Nothing.
    @ Tobi, Please I Sent You A Message Via MissTechy Facebook Page. Hoping To Hear From You. Thanks.

    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

      I’ve heard if you leave the phone in water for 10mins then oven dry it for another 20mins, the network service provider I.D would then change. For real for real.

      1. Lol…
        Please tell the the specification of the weed you took this morning.

  9. Lanre Akogun says:

    These guys have lost it. So sad. This is a lesson to many and also a lesson about life. People would only stick with you when things are going on smoothly.

    1. פN∀q⅄∀ʞ ɨֆ ᏰᏗᏖᎷᏗᏁ says:

      Mm yeah. The law of averages in full swing.

  10. Yomi says:

    Lol 😂 I am done with Etisalat. So done

  11. Sadiq says:

    Zero signals since last week…base stations are obviously shut down…perhaps a fallout of the debts and stuff

  12. echeta increase says:

    i can’t undastnd 9mobile is as if their netwoc has gone 2 bad dat dey nw tell me 2 contct their 9mobile ofice usin anoda sim, which i tried but 2 no avail…….wil i nw use mtn or glo 2 contact 9mobile’s customer care??

  13. Al-amin says:

    @Misstechy please make a full review of Tecno Spark Plus K9 with a video also.
    thank you!

  14. Cirphrank says:

    My prayers are with them.

  15. Gentle Delex says:

    Honestly speaking, 9mobile really needs to contact the former operators when it was Etisalat because I don’t understand the way of their services.

  16. the EA says:

    For me nothing has changed! 9mobile still making same moves they did as Etisalat

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