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Did You Know That HUB8 — a Leading Global Web Hosting Company — is now in Nigeria?

There are so many hosting services in the world, but this one claims to have all you need to help you succeed online. Meet HUB8, a global web hosting company with branches in several emerging countries of the world. The main business of the company is to help potential entrepreneurs and small businesses establish profitable online presences.

In order to succeed online, you need a website. And this among others is what HUB8 has to offer you, for FREE. Here are the four main offerings Hub8 is providing to all Nigerians –

  • Domains: A web domain is the name and address of your online business. You need a unique business name to be discovered and reached on the internet. And you also need a unique domain extension such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .tech, .biz and even .xyz among others. With as little as N350, you will be able to register a web domain and choose any extensions you want. But since the federal government is promoting the adoption of and .ng extensions through the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), HUB8 will add both and .ng to its domain portfolio for Nigerians in September.
  • Free web hosting: they made it possible for all Nigerians to emerge on the internet without the hassles of payments. As soon as you get your domain registered with HUB8 for as little as N350, you will have a FREE access to a cPanel web hosting where you will be able to host WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and other kinds of CMS websites.

  • Free backups: To sweeten the deal, web host allows all Nigerians to use existing domains purchased elsewhere with its free web hosting service with no limitations whatsoever. And there is no secret catch whatever with this free hosting service – no ads at all, ultra-fast SSD disks, and free website backups among other great features.
  • Free website builder: You need not worry if you have no web coding skills because the company already took care of that. With its visual website builder, you can utilize a drag and drop function to get your new website up and running in no time. And you will also have access to hundreds of website templates or themes that you can customize to meet your business needs.

Local payment methods for all Nigerian customers
To make it easy for all Nigerians to access its global web hosting services as well as access technical support, HUB8 has a local website,, dedicated to the use of all Nigerians. To this extent, all potential Nigerian customers will be able to access domain and hosting services via local banks such as GTBank, Access bank, FirstBank, Diamond bank, Zenith and UBA among others. HUB8 is also open to accepting payments via international VISA and Mastercard and as well as Verve cards among others.
A word of assurance from HUB8’s management
Dmitry Deniskin, Director of Emerging Markets at HUB8 has this to say when asked about Hub8.

 “As your Growth Partner, our business model is that we must grow together with our customers. It is our way of encouraging people to bring their businesses online. We encourage you to share this article, so even more Nigerians get to know about our free services.”


7 comments on “Did You Know That HUB8 — a Leading Global Web Hosting Company — is now in Nigeria?

  1. Alexys says:

    It’s not the post I’m looking at. She updated her Picture…Creating history…Yes you are…..One review at a time…keep em coming.

  2. Alexys says:

    She looks so pretty…Lovely post.

  3. Laide says:

    Wow.. How free is this their hosting. I am always inclined to believe that nothing in life is free. So what are the limitations that come with this free FREE free stuff

  4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  5. P-williams says:

    so even more Nigerians get to know about our free services.”……I doubt it

  6. Ekemini Ekpo says:

    Is free hosting really green as it appears?
    Have you seen that the N350 domain name fee advertised won’t get you a dot-com domain extension, but a .xyz TLD? But I do buy .com domains for $1 from other domain registrars, which i’ve explained on my site. So, why the hype?
    Additionally, domain names aside from being costly at first (subject to changes though) is the costliest at renewal today in Nigeria? Over N7000! I’ve explained it already. Check the link below. does not also give free domains at the point of choosing a hosting plan. At least, that’s ok for some reason, though not really a cool thing to get, technically speaking. But at least it does help to cut cost and test the service like I did some two years ago on hosting. See link below.
    Come to think of, what can 512mb which gives really do, in terms of website disk space? Even though you’re given 100gig of bandwidth by, does that, therefore, mean you’ll not do anything other things than to publish purely texts on your website/blog?
    No themes, no plugins, no graphics! That’s a real Pen-in-the-ass!
    The list goes on and on, is not the way to go, when you do a deeper analysis of the packages inherent in their free (and even paid) hosting. Though not totally bad, not be careful when a hosting runs on CentOS. Industry players can truly relate with this.
    I have also taken the time to comment on Hub8 coupon codes, non-scalability and non-flexibility of hosting plans, costly hosting renewals etc. Simply hit the link below to get the full juice, before you enter One-chance.
    Check here to see the full review I did on THE 6 MAIN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID HUB8.COM HOSTING LIKE A PLAGUE:

  7. Digitalweb says:

    Hub8 is a blessing to those seeking free web hosting. Out there, what you get in the name of free hosting could simply mean more limitations with lots of ads. Check this review out for more highlights on Hub8 pros and cons:

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