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What Is Your Take on Facebook Watch, YouTube's 'Supposed' Competitor?

Yesterday news broke that there was a YouTube competitor! Wait for a minute while I laugh this out:


Okay, back to the business of the day.
Facebook launched a new video hub called Watch and like CNET said it is like a mashup of YouTube and Netflix with exclusive content, sometimes in a serial format, combined with a social twist.

As with YouTube, there will be some shows produced professionally by corporate partners—including one live MLB game per week—but the company says the focus will be on videos uploaded by Facebook users. Now, here is why I think that Facebook Watch is more of a Twitter competitor than a YouTube competitor and why it won’t pose a serious threat to YouTube anytime soon:

  • What is the first platform you think of when you want to watch a skit? Obviously: Instagram.
  • However, what is the first platform that comes to mind when you want to watch a music video?
  • Or a tech review?
  • Or a Vlog?

Can you see where am I going to with this?
It will be very difficult for Facebook Watch to change the existing behavioral pattern. Difficult, but not impossible.  So it should be fun to watch Facebook try to replicate what it did with Snapchat on YouTube.
Meanwhile, did you hear that Facebook has shut down life-stage — the Snapchat clone for teens?

So, what is your take?


13 comments on “What Is Your Take on Facebook Watch, YouTube's 'Supposed' Competitor?

  1. Rapsowdee says:

    All these tech companies that will be wasting money sometimes….. They should come and fund me abeg

    1. Tobi see as you are laughing. Tell me that is not your real laugh?
      Don’t allow me to comman faint here oo.. Lol….
      Honestly, I thought just as much as you did.
      There could be a future in Facebook Watch.
      @ Rapsowdee, so you need funding abi?? Funny you.
      Kukuma wait for 2019.
      If you think that’s too far, oyah wait for Mr President. hehe, he’s coming.
      But let’s face it. MissTechy as a platform would be a nice place to get fund but have you seen any company funding an individual???
      We don’t need a prophet to tell us that there is plenty money in Tech. (The number of sponsored posts I see on TechCabal daily will be making cold to catch me).
      But man! Last time I checked, people only fund Ideas.. (Unless you were only joking around)…

      1. Rapsowdee says:

        Definitely a joke na… LoL
        Even as i never blow…. I don’t “dash” people money

        1. Hehe… All work and no joke make Rapsowdee a dull boy?
          I greet you righteously.
          Am Samuel, and it’s nice meeting you.
          Are you and editor at TechPoint or something?

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. @ Obadara,
      Ni Oju Elegba, we know their story…
      Smoosh is an understatement (Lol..)
      And some people will just sitdown ontop Instagram like say nah Government work?
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      If you nor like manual level, no probs cos Google just made an App that can help you monitor the data consumed by apps on your phone
      I talked about that App in a blog post, you can also check that out >>

  3. Alexys says:

    Just like Group as well. They should channel their money to provide free WiFi instead of wasting it on apps that won’t function abeg😂😂

  4. Kelvin says:

    Lol, Facebook wants​ to place their hands everywhere.

  5. HayBee says:

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  6. HayBee says:

    TF? lady steps out wearing nothing
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  7. Phonearena says:

    Lol…this is truly funny. Soon, too much features will make Facebook unusable and hopefully by then their will be another social media that will be ready to take over.

  8. Mo says:

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  9. Covenant Oyetade says:

    I’m not sure I have a ready answer to this new App yet until I get a first-hand experience of what it’s really like.

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