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Here is How Much It Would Cost You (in Naira) to Get a .Africa Domain Right Now.

Remember my plans to register songs that have “Africa” in their lyrics as domain names? Hey, don’t give me this look:

It looks like I’m one step closer to achieving my goal. A local domain registrar has revealed local pricing for standard dotAfrica domains and all it will cost you is N10,000 per year with annual domain renewal coming in at N10,000.

I don’t know how many songs have Africa in its lyrics, but I have gotten about 3, so that is N30,000 per year. The next step is to look for investors, anyone here with N30,000 they are not using?


8 comments on “Here is How Much It Would Cost You (in Naira) to Get a .Africa Domain Right Now.

  1. Lanre Akogun says:

    10k per year is not so bad. Id choose this over .ng. who is with me ?

    1. Molokwu Victor says:

      It’s cheaper than .ng 😎.
      .com still remains my fav domain eat.

    2. Covenant Oyetade says:

      I’m with you bro.

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    This sounds great! 💕

  3. Cirphrank says:

    Okay, now now that’s a not so appealing domain extension.
    PS: .ng is sexy and this is like the opposite of it.

  4. Alexys says:

    Candid news

  5. Emerson says:

    10k a year? That’s a nice bargain but I don’t fancy.

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