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YouTube Has Just Given More People Reasons To Shoot Videos Vertically 😐.

Every time I see a video shot in portrait or vertical mode on YouTube, I weep for humanity and its inability to teach people how to shoot video so it fits properly into the same shape as the TV they watch in their homes.

It seems I won’t have to be like Patrick Stewart up there because YouTube has just introduced a mobile update that will allow you to dynamically adapt a video to whatever size you choose to watch it in.

So, you get to enjoy YouTube videos on mobile without seeing those annoying black bars.
The only problem I have with that is the fact there are no words on if a similar feature is coming to the desktop. So, this isn’t a great news for people who watch YouTube videos, mostly on their PCs.

Still on YouTube, the company has recorded 1.5 billion “logged” in viewers every month — an impressive feat! That is not all, YouTube also revealed that on the average YouTube viewers watch more than one hour of YouTube content everyday. Now, this metric is only for videos  consumed via mobile devices, no PC or Tablet.
Facebook, right now:



8 comments on “YouTube Has Just Given More People Reasons To Shoot Videos Vertically 😐.

  1. Stiiz says:

    Tobi, you should be given an honorary Meme Award for using some of the best memes ever to tell so many interesting tech stories! You’re the best at this, for real! 😂😂😂
    P.S. This award should only be given when you use some of the new Odunlade memes. 😑

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Oh my God, I feel appy, I feel grateful and I feel fulfilled

      Do you mean this one:

      Or this one:

  2. Kelvin says:

    The only thing I watch on YouTube is Phone reviews and Twyse and family.

    1. Kemi Oguntayo says:


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