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How You Can Enable the Floating Shutter Button on The Galaxy A7 (2017).

The Galaxy A7 sure comes with a lot of useful features — you have the one handed mode, the multitasking modes, secure folder and yes! A floating camera button! Like you might have guessed, the floating shutter button on the Galaxy A7 2017 allows you to easily take pictures no matter the device placement.

It’s really helpful, especially when you are taking selfies or taking a picture with the rear camera while holding on to something.

So, here is how you can enable this button:

  1. Open the camera app and tap on the settings
  2. Navigate to the floating camera button, tap the switch to toggle on this
  3. Once that is done, you can move the Galaxy A7 floating camera button anywhere on the screen
  4. Once you are satisfied with the location, release your finger from the screen to put the floating camera

Basically, this serves as an additional shutter button that you can move around, anywhere inside the camera.

What do you think? Useful?


2 comments on “How You Can Enable the Floating Shutter Button on The Galaxy A7 (2017).

  1. Emerson says:

    Definitely useful and one cant go wrong with the A7 if u can shell out the cash. But MissTechy sth tells me you wanna do a ‘Give away’ with this device. :/ G’Day

  2. Chimezie says:

    I think ( I am not sure yet o) this is going to be my next phone. I love how bug it is. Will fit perfectly in my hands

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