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The Tecno DroiPad 7d Review: Only Perfect For the Kids?

Like I mentioned in the unboxing video, the Tecno DroiPad 7d doesn’t have so much going for it in the specs department (Except for the Android Nougat OS and the Stock Android UI). But for those who are wondering if it has other redeeming features, you are about to find out in this review.


The display is average

Question: What happens when you combine a  600 x 1024 resolution and a 7-inch screen?
Answer: You get:

The display colours are average and nothing to scream about.  You are still able to view the screen under sunlight (Provided the brightness slider is in the middle) And indoors even when the brightness slider is at the lowest.

Battery life is surprisingly good.

What do you think would happen when a 7-inch device meets a 3000mAh battery?

If the GIF up there was close to your answer, then you will be surprised to find out that the DroiPad 7D battery life is good — it lasted the whole day with light use and 5 hours of heavy use.

It will scratch easily.

Like I said in the unboxing, this ain’t no Kevlar. So ensure you protect it with the free case that comes with it….
To prevent this (or worse) from happening:

Audio is not loud

I don’t know why, but I was expecting a loud device, but while playing “Travis Greene’s made a way” I noticed that the audio wasn’t what you would consider loud. Far from it!

Here comes Android Nougat

Yes, you get the Android Nougat features which include the split screen

To name a few.

What happens when you try to multitask with “Heavy apps?”

So, I tried to download Unkilled, unfortunately, I was told my device wasn’t compatible.

Then I downloaded RoboCop, it did download, but it kept shutting down by itself

Finally, I downloaded mission impossible and

It worked! With a couple of frame drops.
In summary, the DroiPad 7D is not built for running too many heavy apps at the same time, but put in at least 2 heavy apps or 4 small apps and you are good to go.

No Fast charge experience for me.

I was able to charge the DroiPad 7D in 2 hours 34 minutes


If you were expecting WOW results with the DroiPad 7d’s 5MP rear camera and the 2MP front camera, then you need this.
To put it mildly, the DroiPad 7D’s camera isn’t one of its USPs
Front camera (Indoors)

Rear Camera (Indoor)

The Major USP

The KID ZONE! YES! Tecno Mobile did excellently well with this feature.

Like I said in the unboxing, the Kid Zone ensures that the tablet is suitable for the kids’ to use. As a parent, you can set the brightness, choose the apps they can use (this will ensure the kids only have access to the selected apps), and even set the usage and rest time. Once the usage time runs out, the DroiPad will automatically lock itself and will unlock once the rest time runs out too.

The DroiPad 7D also uses the gyroscope to determine when it is held at an angle that could strain the neck.

Lastly, it would automatically lock when it is charging.

How hot does it get?

It does get warm at the back when playing a game or two.

But not overly hot.

Benchmark scores

Aren’t you surprised that the Tecno DroiPad is higher than the L9 Plus in Benchmark scores?


Yeah, the kids would definitely love the Tecno DroiPad 7D. The device is okay for an adult provided you can put up with its shortcomings


12 comments on “The Tecno DroiPad 7d Review: Only Perfect For the Kids?

  1. Pozaa says:

    I wish that kinda pouch came with the Camon CX

  2. Stiiz says:

    “Aren’t you surprised that the Tecno DroiPad is higher than the L9 Plus in Benchmark scores?”
    I’m not understanding. Why/How is this even possible?

  3. I Said It!
    Tobi, Didn’t I Say It?

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    Below standard, I’ll pass.

  5. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Why tecno .. why this

  6. T says:

    This is actually not bad. The battery life is impressive too

  7. OBADARA says:


  8. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    I am looking at that benchmark score like

  9. Matto_xo says:

    Love the fact that its less costly,someone can use big screen at an affordable price.
    It’s a relief

  10. hope says:

    This review is bad, I hope you are not discouraging folks from buying it.
    For me, I bought just because of the screen size, (have alot of ebooks to read & I don’t want to depend on my PC)

  11. iyandagoke says:

    does tecno droipad 7d have fm radio?

  12. JU8DA says:

    pls i need the firmware for this tecno phone,
    i was charging and went offf, refuse not to on

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