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Django Girls Aba: Ladies!! Learn How to Build Your First Website at Django Girls Aba.

Hello Ladies, put on your coding shoes!!!.We are so excited to announce that Django Girls is coming to Aba!!!!
Django Girls is a global non-profit organisation that aims to integrate more women into the technology field by organising free programming workshops where participants are taught the basics of programming and how to build a website using HTML, CSS, Python and Django. Django Girls workshops have been organised in over 63 countries and have trained over 5,000 women since its inception in 2014.
Our aim is to encourage gender diversity in the tech field by getting more women involved in tech. We break down programming and provide resources to women thereby inspiring them to create IT solutions. Django Girls Aba is looking to train 45 women on how to build a website. The workshop is targeting beginners so feel free to register even if you are new to programming. Our event will be structured in teams of fours consisting of one coach and three participants each to ensure all attendees are carried along.
The workshop, scheduled to hold at Rhema University will begin with the pre-installation party on 18th August 2017 and wrap up with the main event on 19th August 2017. To register as a participant, please sign up here. Applications are also open for coaches. To be a coach for the event, please sign up here.
Our event would not be a possibility without the support of our amazing sponsors. You can become a sponsor too to help us make the workshop a success. Sponsorship would go towards feeding the attendees of the workshop, providing the internet, covering transportation costs for coaches and other miscellaneous items. To become a sponsor, please check out our sponsorship proposal here and send us a mail at to let us know how you would like to support.
For more information about Django Girls Aba, check out our website. We look forward to your presence at the workshop and to your support!

5 comments on “Django Girls Aba: Ladies!! Learn How to Build Your First Website at Django Girls Aba.

  1. Kay says:

    Is that… is that not Onyeka!?
    My Hero! 🙂

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Nawa oh! It’s like I’ll cross dress like a female to join this program. Its so important to learn these things, especially for computer/tech inclined people.
    Good luck ladies, y’all need to join this initiative, so much to learn.

  3. Chimezie says:

    wow I am impressed. You go Django Girls. I would definitely sponsor this in my own little way

  4. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    👊👊👊👊👊👊 take that Django Girls

  5. Uc says:

    This is sooo not cool. Just when I’ve left Aba, they now decide to come!!

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