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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Galaxy A7 (2017).

Despite the fact that the Galaxy A7 is a semi mid-range device, it comes with a lot of premium features  — features that make it a major contender when you want to buy a new smartphone, here are the top 4.

Mouth-watering Camera Capabilities

Honestly, the camera is one of the unique selling points of the Galaxy A7. From the specification sheet, you get a 16MP f1.9 with PDAF which might not seem like a lot, but in real world conditions, it is definitely a camera that is worth the attention.

The images coming out of the 16MP sensor are exceptional and crystal clear.

The colour reproduction is near perfect and you can barely notice any noise, although you might notice them at night.

USB Type-C + Fast Charging

Like I said, you get a premium feature at a not-so-premium price tag and one of the features is the trending USB Type-C alongside fast charging, let’s not forget about the impressive battery life. The reversible cable provided is also good and for sure will last much longer than the usual Type A USB cable that you usually see.
The reversible cable provided is also good and will last much longer than the Type A USB cable that you usually see.


Dust & Water Resistant (IP68) Feature.

Another premium feature is the IP68 water certification. During my usage, I faced a lot of situations that involved water, but still managed to use the phone without any issues.

Always On Display

At the moment, you won’t get a smartphone within a similar price range that comes with this feature by default, (except for the Galaxy A5(2017)). For me, this is an essential feature because you can save a lot of time (and the durability of your power button, if I might add).
So, rather than pressing the power button from time to time to check the latest notification(s) or even the time, just glance at your device.

Verdict: All-In-One

 If you don’t like to spend too much on a premium smartphone and would rather get a good one which could last for a long period of time then is perfect. It can be your ultimate multitasking gadget, an outdoor companion as well as a great “image runner”.


17 comments on “4 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Galaxy A7 (2017).

  1. Yudy says:

    Don’t u do reviews for xiaomi devices? Besides what’s the cost of this phone

  2. Steph laws says:


  3. Pozaa says:

    Good phone. But I’m more interested in its performance cos I won’t even let water touch my phone😂

  4. Adeshola says:

    Nice photography skills… Do u use a DSLR camera or a smartphone camera

  5. Lanre Akogun says:

    thanks for the recommendation MT . I think this phone is just perfect..not too expensive.. and the perfect size too

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    Cameras doesn’t move me on phones, all am about is performance, processing ability and battery life.

    1. Lanre Akogun says:

      I am sure the A7 has all that bro….i mean it comes with 3gb ram …whats left again

  7. chukwuma okereke says:

    Nice phone.. But I’ll pass

  8. Kay says:

    semi mid-range device

    I don’t understand how 150k translates to semi-mid-range (and a good deal?) when the Mi 5s plus costs almost 30k less and has every single thing the A7 has and even more (4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Dual Cam setup with PDAF, one of the best processors out there — Snapdragon 821, a larger battery … should I continue?)
    The only aspect the A7 is somewhat superior is in the “camera department” but most users would not be able to tell the difference in outputs.
    Bottom line is …
    Samsung products are overpriced too expensive.
    And …
    Xiaomi should come to Nigeria already!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chimezie says:

      I beg to disagree though. I can count how many of these other phones I have used Nd bow long they lasted. but I used the galaxy note 4 for years about 3 years plus with no issues whatsoever. that is part of what Samsung is selling. not a’ll these nonsense phones that would have one problem or the other after 6 months

      1. Kay says:

        nonsense phones that would have one problem or the other after 6 months

        I got a Redmi 2 for a friend in November of 2015 for just 15,000 and he is still using the device till today with no problem what so ever.
        The cheapest device Samsung ever released was the Galaxy pocket (if my grey matter is not failing me) and the device was sold for an alarming 18,500 (in 2013!!!) and it was total CRAP!
        I’m not shaming Sammy, they are one of the G.O.A.T!
        What I’m trying to point out is the fact that Sammy should just forget about the “low-end”, “mid-range”, and like Madam pointed out above, “semi mid-range” devices and focus on being the Apple of Android.
        That’s what they are totally great at. I mean, just take another look at this baby …

        It’s a masterpiece!

    2. Emerson says:

      “Xiaomi should come to Nigeria
      already!!!!!!”. Tell that to NCC and the stupid MiPhone that has patented in Nigeria

      1. Kay says:

        Mi Phone. Is. Dead.

  9. Emerson says:

    Those are very strong points, the only problem is the price-which I dont know. Not like am expecting anything less than 100k which is not bad for those who can shell out the cash. P.S- 20th is my birthday and if sm1 could get me this, I’d be grateful and more

  10. cooler says:

    its really nice

  11. OBADARA says:


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