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What I Think of Apple's First Original TV Show — Planet of the Apps (A Mashup of "Dragon's Den" and "The Voice").

So, I spent the early part of my morning watching Apple’s first original TV show — the planet of the apps— and I am sorry to say this, but it was actually good.

Despite the punny name and the celebrity entrepreneurs (Except for Gary, because he is a tech entrepreneur), I can say that I genuinely enjoyed the first episode!
Yes, you get the feeling that you are watching “dragon’s den” with a touch of “the voice,” but:

Originality isn’t the prime concern for Apple. 

All that matters to me is the fact that I can relate to it because of the tech elements.

What is the show all about?

Basically, the contestants are app developers, and they have 60 seconds to pitch to Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will I am and Gary Vaynerchuk and convince them that their app deserves a second look. As long as the developer(s) get (Here come “The voice” ripoff) a green light from a judge they would be given an opportunity to explain their app in detail and also answer the judges’ questions. If more than one judge signifies interest, the contestant(s) can pick who they’d like to have as their mentor. From there they have six weeks to perfect their apps under their mentor’s guidance before pitching it to the venture capital firm — Lightspeed— who was the first firm to invest in Snapchat.

The episode had gimmicky elements that were so corny, it made me laugh; for example, they made the contestants enter and give their “elevator pitch” on a gigantic escalator.

Now, where others might feel that the judges have no right to be on the show because none of them has ever developed an app (A case in point: All the tech projects Will.I.Am has worked on have all proven to be failures), I felt that they were still able to bring interesting and diverse opinions to the table, And, Yes! Jessica Alba stole the show, she was quick to call out the major problems with an app’s premise! ( and Paltrow barely spoke throughout the episode and Gary was Mr. aggressive).

By the way, I had a crush on these gentlemen, anyone knows where I can find them?

On second thought, I think they might be too young for me.

So far, some of the reviews have been downright mean— one called it “tepid, a barrel competent knockoff of Shark Tank (Dragon’s den) that misses the point of original programming and feels like it is slowly dying.

And I had to ask if we watched the same show.

Even Dragon’s Den is a spinoff of Japan’s Money Tigers.
Would this make me switch from Spotify to Apple music? Probably not, but I wouldn’t mind scouring to see if I can get FREE episodes online.
You can watch the first episode here, but you have to use a VPN.
What do you think?


8 comments on “What I Think of Apple's First Original TV Show — Planet of the Apps (A Mashup of "Dragon's Den" and "The Voice").

  1. Stiiz says:

    Hi Tobi.
    So I saw Planets of the Apps yesterday too and I loved the concept and direction they chose to portray it in. The fact that most of the judges have no solid I.T background is actually good to an extent; they’ll see the app/product from a consumer perspective and would be more demanding for consumer benefits & comfortability than your typical Silicon Valley tech guru.
    Gary appeared mean to me at first too, but I think he’s just a no-bullshit guy who doesn’t like to be told anything contrary to what he already (or thinks) he knows. The first guy who pitched an AR-like app for furniture fitting mentioned that no one in the industry has his type of machine learning AR which I also didn’t accept because “Project Tango”? Gary had to outrightly tell him he begs to differ. So on, so on.
    About the reviews; people will always say shit — let them! That’s how they shouted down Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and gave it 14% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie that went on to gross over $800m 😑
    Anyways, POTA is a good show and I think I’ll be renewing my Apple Music subscription for it. 😏
    P.S. Spotify sucks. 😒😝😝😝

    1. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

      “That’s how they shouted down Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and gave it 14% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie that went on to gross over $800m 😑
      *Teary eyed* Thank you, soooo much

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Been long I saw this kinda TV shows. I would love to see them but I have my hindrances.

  3. Abdul Abdul says:

    More like planet of the apes…Tobi 😉

  4. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

    “I think they might be too young for me.”

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      The man in your GIF isn’t though

      1. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

        He isn’t? Tor, carry go 😎

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