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It Seems Apple Will Finally Give iPhone/iPad Users a File Explorer App.

File managers have been here for a long time on Android. However, Apple not only has no file management app on iOS, but they’ve also blocked third-party apps, citing security as the main reason. Android Fanboys right now:

Now, it seems that is about to change.

Yeah, I don’t think I saw that coming either. 
Developer Steve Stroughton Smith first spotted the new app placeholder in the iTunes App Store with the name ‘Files’. The app was listed under Apple, and required iOS 11 and onwards (Apple has already pulled the Files and Activity listings from the App Store).
Even if the details are scanty, there is no doubt that Apple is indeed planning on bringing an expanded filesystem to the new iOS 11 which the company is expected to unveil later today. Nevertheless, I suspect that this will not look like the macOS Finder or the file system on Android, where you have access to System folders or hidden files — in other words, expect the app to still arrive with a number of limitations.
Regardless, I am sure the Apple Fanboys are feeling this way right about now:



9 comments on “It Seems Apple Will Finally Give iPhone/iPad Users a File Explorer App.

  1. Tee says:

    oh! what a nice ground breaking feature…. Samsung/Android will sure be copying this by 2006!

    1. Emerson says:

      Hey Apple is leading in innovations bro, other companies ‘copy’ from them. LOL

  2. Stiiz says:

    Yaaaasssss! 😆😆😆

    1. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

      Your celebration was caught on camera;

      You got moves tho, 4 real.

  3. Took them really long time for them to come back to there senses.

  4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  5. Chidi says:

    It’s not root access, you’ll be able to see files but not files from the phone and I don’t think that’ll be coming to iOS anytime soon. Besides, I don’t see any iPhone user complaining about that.

  6. Emerson says:

    She**le now; Oh there’s also the file manager which was supposed to be released years ago but then Android copied it and then Apple decided to show them ‘class’ and launch it millenials later. And thats all they get from iOS11? So much for a Major OS upgrade

  7. Norman says:

    I like how excited apple users get over this yet in the past they all acted like they don’t need such features… smfh.

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