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DroiPad 7C Pro Gets a Successor – Meet the New TECNO DroiPad 7D.

A little over a year ago, TECNO released the best-selling 7-inch tablet in the country; the DroiPad 7C Pro. It has enjoyed massive sales and is still top in the market. After successfully producing the most widely accepted DroiPad, TECNO has come back with a bang! The giant company has released a more remarkable tablet for the African market, boldly named the TECNO DroiPad 7D.

With the DroiPad 7C Pro’s cost-effectiveness, ruggedness and simplicity, it endeared itself to not only the youths but the elders as well. As TECNO Mobile’s latest device, the new DroiPad 7D has some major improvements and worthy upgrades on the 7C Pro. The TECNO DroiPad 7D is the first TECNO tablet device to debut the new Android 7.0 Nougat OS. Having the Nougat on your device means more fun is brought to you; especially through the multi-window feature, which allows you to run two applications simultaneously. You can watch a movie, while texting, and browsing.
The device comes with a 2MP front camera with flashlight and a much more higher 5MP rear camera with LED Flash as opposed to the 7C Pro with 2MP. The LED flash allows users to take amazing pictures in low-light environments.

As for the battery life, even though 7D is powered by a same 3000mAh large battery with 7C Pro, it can offer more time for you to enjoy yourself with the Super Power Manager. It provides up to 9 hours of web browsing, 8 hours of video streaming and 43 hours of music.

Besides the internal 16GB ROM, users can enjoy additional storage of up to 128GB through the microSD card5 slot, offering, even more, content storage versatility. Amazingly, the DroiPad 7D comes with a Kid Zone, allowing parents to manage the content and time kids can watch and play on the device. To give a better protection for your kids, it will automatically turn into an eye-protection mode at night and it gives out alarms if the kids are reading while lying down.

Speaking about the device that has been tagged ‘DroiPad Joy Life’ the General Manager of the TECNO’s Tablet Business Unit, Mr. Steven Huang said, “the DroiPad 7D is designed to be a cost-effective device to fulfill the need of entertainment, just as DroiPad 7C Pro did.
He further stated, “In view of the achievement of DroiPad 7C Pro in the market, I believe that the DroiPad 7D will get a bigger success. It has been upgraded and has been well crafted to bring enhanced performance and maximum productivity to its users.
The new DroiPad 7D without a doubt will be one of the most sought after devices in the African mobile market. It will be sold in more than 20 countries across Africa and the Middle East. This device is now available for sale across all retail outlets in Nigeria at a recommended retail price of N33, 000.


50 comments on “DroiPad 7C Pro Gets a Successor – Meet the New TECNO DroiPad 7D.

  1. Stiiz says:

    I really like the Kid Zone feature; very thoughtful of Tecno. 👍🏾

    1. Maye says:

      Yes it was very thoughtful of them

    2. Manymen says:

      Here everyone is involved

    3. ty says:

      very very thoughtful…..really

  2. Rotimi Popoola says:

    This is nice … Weldone tecno misstechy any idea when the next boom is coming.

    1. Kay says:

      I doubt there would be a next boom

      1. Maye says:

        You never can tell

    2. KingAbsolute says:

      I don’t think a next Boom will be coming anytime soon. I noticed they didn’t make a lot of profit from it because at some point, they slashed the price almost by half, but still.
      Maybe in the future but I doubt for now.

      1. Maye says:

        The future is always unknown

        1. Manymen says:

          Very much unknown as anything can happen

      2. ty says:

        Another boom?
        That’s the kinda thing i’ll be looking forward to

    3. Maye says:

      Tecno always blowing our minds away

    4. Manymen says:

      I don’t think it’s any time soon

      1. ty says:

        anything is possible baba…me I need a new boom

    5. dave says:

      Damn! I’d love that one!

  3. Pozaa says:

    No. It’s trash.

    1. Adekunle Skill says:

      Trash? Its depend on your definition of trash, those that cant afford the high earn device will never call this trash

    2. Maye says:

      This is nothing close to trash

    3. Manymen says:

      This is in no way trash

    4. ty says:

      one man’s food, another man’s poison

  4. Daphid25 says:

    With this you can take picture with high quality camera and you can also have a long time of enjoying your day cos of monstrous battery.

    1. Emerson says:

      Come on Man!!! Monstrous battery and quality pictures? A marathon series is the definition of a monstrous battery and the Camon series would give quality pics

      1. dave says:

        well said…..the battery is quite alright tho….the camera, not so bad. It’ll do just good for some people

    2. Maye says:

      Well said, it is great and affordable

    3. Manymen says:

      Monstrous battery…..

    4. dave says:

      not that monstrous man…it’s ok not monstrous

    5. ty says:

      LOL…the battery is not that monstrous man…..if we’re being realistic and the camera is moderate but it’s ok

  5. Danmola Ahmodu-Rufai says:

    Thanks, I am typing from the Samsung browser.

    1. pius says:


  6. Kay says:

    Oh, I just finished having a chat with “August” about this device.
    Here’s our conversation

    1. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

      LMAO!! 😂😂

    2. Maye says:

      It’s all about the DroiPad 7D, very good device for all

    3. ty says:

      LOL…..nice one man

  7. Abdul Abdul says:


    1. Maye says:

      Gbam!!!! Uv said it all

      1. pius says:

        what did he say?

  8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Biodun says:

      I agree. It’s a decent budget tablet and the price is fair.

    2. Maye says:

      The specs is good it compliments the price

  9. KingAbsolute says:

    Awesome Pad, Tecno knows how to dish out what users want at a particular period and tend to always thrive from it. Good and Affordable device.

    1. Maye says:

      That’s just it, good and affordable

    2. dave says:

      yeah..they’re usually on point sometimes

  10. Bulus says:

    3000mah battery +7″ screen is an unholy marriage!!!

    1. pius says:

      I don’t understand what the screen and the battery have in common

  11. Norman says:

    Not to take anything away from this tab, but I’m generally tired of Android Tablets. Tecno needs to give us more windows tabs especially in the 8 inch sizes coz in this era of huge 6.3 inch phones, a 7 inch no longer feels like a tab.

    1. dave says:

      whatever happened to the winpad 2

    2. pius says:

      what do you have against android tabs?

    3. ty says:

      that;s true tho…..6.0 inch phones are already in vogue
      7.0 inch tabs are just like larger screen phones

  12. ty says:

    Kid Zone…..impressive innovation

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