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Ethiopia Shuts Down the Country's Internet to Beat Exam Leaks

When one small problem can cause a whole other system to be shut down.

When it comes to cheating, the school authorities will always ensure that they go to a lot of lengths to prevent exam malpractices — some check to see if the answers have been scribbled on parts of their body/Math set/calculator/four figure table while others collect their phones— but one country has taken an extreme approach by completely shutting down the country’s internet in a bid to keep students from cheating.

On Tuesday, while Ethiopian students (comprising of 1.2 million 10th graders and additional 300,000+ 12th-grade students) were preparing to sit for exams on Wednesday, the country’s internet was shut down to prevent exam leaks.

The move isn’t surprising because this is the second year that such an action has been taken.
Now, what is surprising is the fact that shutting down the internet may not have a huge difference when it comes to exam malpractice because Ethiopia has one of the lowest internet and mobile connectivity rates in the world (Quartz), as a matter of fact, less than 4% of the population has internet access.
So, Ethiopia:

If you were to ask me, I don’t think the internet spreading the leaked exams is the issue, the real issue is the fact that the exams are leaked in the first place.
H/T Quartz
Update: The title was corrected.

8 comments on “Ethiopia Shuts Down the Country's Internet to Beat Exam Leaks

  1. Sam says:

    The Last Time The Banned Fb And Whatsapp Claiming It’s The Cause Of Student Failure In Tertiary School, Now They Are Blamming The Internet For Leak Of Exam Sheet?
    If You Ask Me, It’s So Pathetic.

  2. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

    This is how you know a country’s education system is absolute. unmitigated. bullshit.

  3. Imagine if that should happen in Nigeria… I mean shutting down the internet in this country?

    1. Anonymous says:


  4. Sdqumar says:

    Obviously i don’t how shutting down the internet will stop exam malpractice, when there is other easier meas like SMS and even teachers given the student directly.

  5. Pwilliams says:

    this is so funny….

  6. Still better than Nigeria FG. We should applaud this move, if that’s what it takes to curb malpractice, then, so be it

  7. KingAbsolute says:

    Pikin wey go die go still later die.
    People that’ll cheat will cheat. They’ll find another means. This announcement is like a red alert for them to re-strategize.

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