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You No Longer Have to Delete That Instagram Picture, Archive Them Instead!

The truth is, there are times when we might need to delete a picture from Instagram probably because we feel the picture doesn’t look nice anymore. However, deleting the said picture also means deleting the likes and comments it has garnered, which is rather sad because you understand the struggle it took to get them.

Now, thanks to Instagram, you no longer have to delete them because they have introduced a small but nifty feature that allows you to hide your old photos from public view while giving you the opportunity to easily bring it back at a later date if you choose.
To use this feature, just update your Instagram app and then select the photo you want to make disappear. The option to archive shows up under the “three dotted menu.”

Unlike deleted photos, your archived photos will live in a private folder (With the likes and comments still intact), this private folder is marked by the “Rewind Clock” icon.
You can choose to restore the picture, delete them permanently, or share on Whatsapp.

Like I said, a small but nifty feature.
Has anyone tried it yet?


4 comments on “You No Longer Have to Delete That Instagram Picture, Archive Them Instead!

  1. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    But I thought they said the feature will come later IN THE FUTURE? Let me sharply go and update.

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Nice feature, but unfortunately for me I’ve not logged in on my IG account since this year and I don’t think I will anytime soon.

  3. nice… i think instagram is worthless because they steal ideas from snap chat which is very bad

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