The Tecno L9 Plus Review: 13 Things to Note About the Tecno L9 Plus.

Whew! This review took longer than expected because of my recuperation process, but:

Judging from the comments on my Giveaway post, the L9 plus which is best known for its behemoth battery has captured the interest of many, which is why I thought to share the top 13 things I noticed.


1. It doesn’t take its swell time to boot.

Unlike the Camon CX, the Tecno L9 Plus takes about 40 seconds to power on and 4.7 seconds to power off, this places it in the 7th position on the chart.

2. The Display is not one of its greatest features.

The L9 Plus comes with a 6-inch screen, instead of pairing that with a 1080p resolution, Tecno used a 720p resolution, which means that you get a display that is just average.

Sunlight visibility is okay provided the brightness slider is at maximum.

3. Android Nougat? Yes! But no HiOS.

With the Tecno L9 Plus, you would be getting a slightly modified Android 7.0, what this means is that you are getting the stock android interface along with a couple of Tecno apps like Hi Manager, to name a few.

This is cool because it also affects other settings like the camera. More on this later.

4. There is a constant “Quick settings” icon that could be useful or annoying to some.

Just like what you have on a Xiaomi device, the L9 Plus comes with what we call a “Quick ball” icon that lives on your phone.

This gives you quick and easy access to shortcuts and apps. For example, you can quickly take screenshots, get quick access to the apps you use, plus it also acts as your navigation buttons.

But like I said, this can be annoying. Luckily it can be turned off by going to T-point and deactivating it.

5. The Charge time is reasonable

At least it charges faster than the Camon CX which is something given that the L9 Plus comes with a larger battery capacity. I was able to charge the L9 Plus from 1% to 88% in 1hr 52 minutes.

Getting it to 100% took about 2hrs plus.

6. Battery life is AMAZING!!!!!

This is the reason why the L9 Plus was made — to give you a long lasting battery life and it sure didn’t disappoint.

The L9 Plus can be used throughout the day without the need to charge, although this depends on how you use the device, for example, browsing using WiFi, playing games for a few minutes and just general phone activities could get you using the phone for 2 days straight.
I also tried to do a video loop and the results were impressive! I was able to get 17hrs 2minutes of on-screen time with airplane mode activated.

7. I couldn’t enable the option to view my battery percentage.

I noticed that the battery percentage wasn’t visible on the L9 Plus, this is actually normal with stock android OS, however, efforts to activate “System tuner” an option that would allow you to view your battery percentage proved futile.

So the only option (at least for now) is to pull down the notification panel to view your battery level. I’d update this article once I get a fix.

8. There is no quick access to Ultra power saving mode

This could be as a result of the stock android interface, but there is no way to activate the ultra-power saving mode in the notification panel.

Instead of having it in the notification panel, you would have to go to your app drawer, locate the “Power-saving management” app and then activate the ultra-power saving mode there.

Yeah, I know how annoying the whole process can be, especially when your battery is really low.

9. The L9 Plus ringtone/audio could come across as “very loud.”

You won’t have any problems hearing your phone ring or with the audio in general, the reason being that the audio is VERY loud.

10. Multitasking is okay with light apps.

No lag noticed when running light apps, but don’t go overboard with heavy apps.

11. It does get warm under extensive use, but not too hot.

Like the Camon CX, I noticed that it became really warm after using it extensively, but that is about that.

12. The camera is actually okay.

I was expecting an average camera output, however, the front and back cameras produced slightly above average results. You can check them out below.
Front camera:

Back Camera: Indoors

Back Camera: Outdoors (7 am)

Back Camera: Outdoors (10pm)

Like I stated initially, the camera comes with additional settings that can help you tweak the exposure and white balance.

13. Benchmark results are meh!

Thanks to the low power chip used the L9 plus had a “just there” results when it came to benchmark. See the results below:

To be honest, the major unique selling point of the Tecno L9 Plus is its battery. So, if you are looking into that, then the L9 Plus is your best bet.


88 comments on “The Tecno L9 Plus Review: 13 Things to Note About the Tecno L9 Plus.

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    Tecno L9+ is currently the phone I wanna get my hands on. It has everything I need in a smartphone and the way I need it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The INFINIX in S 4500mah and has no 4G too

      1. AMIER says:

        Can i turn the system of tecno L9 plus in network type from 3G to 4G

    2. Anonymous says:

      The one is rubbish, just a month after purchase I started having speaker issue

      1. Anonymous says:

        Same with me😭😭 I hate this phone

  2. Adeniji Micheal says:

    The phone is cool.. But the infinix is better… Those specs are weak for gaming ..

    1. Adeniji Micheal says:

      No 4G .. The bck camera is average

    2. Anonymous says:

      I can’t rank infinix before Tecno………..mwaaaaah tecno

    3. Anonymous says:

      k,thanks all

  3. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

    So, recuperation over? Dang it. Just when I started getting used to chilling the f-k out. *grumbles*

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nice analysis but you got one point wrong; “that the phone does not have shortcut to ultra save battery”. As a matter of fact it does. The button at the side of the phone opposite to where the power button is located does this magic.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yes. He is wrong with that analysis

  4. Victor Molokwu says:

    Nne It’s the Infinix’s review dat i am waiting for.
    Drops Mic 🎤

  5. Stiiz says:

    I don’t like the 720p display, and the poor camera menu/settings.
    But everything else is as expected.
    6/10 rating for me.

  6. Mary-Jane M. says:

    The phone’s kinda average. It’s selling point is the battery (a phone with that kind of battery life is what everyone needs these days). The front camera’s really good but the Bach doesn’t look so good outdoors. Still can’t believe the Infinix hot s takes a whole 61 seconds to power on😱😱

  7. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  8. Kemi says:

    I love this review. Keep it up.
    With 17.2hrs of video playback! I definitely need this phone. I hope I win it if you eventually plan to give it out.
    I love your watermark. What app did you use to create it.

  9. Karolina says:

    Not really a wow device,battery life’s the only selling point.

  10. Barry says:

    It’s not that bad. I just like the screensize.

  11. Tajudeen says:

    This is an impressive review

  12. Yudy says:

    I never fancy that big 3G put up there on phones.

    1. Norman says:

      i really dont like that 3G indication too

  13. Pwilliams says:

    I love it

  14. MJ™ says:

    there’s no wow factor about the phone apart from the battery.

  15. Alabefe Photography says:

    aside the ba3 which happens to be the selling point, the screen display is not bad, i’m a photographer (Alabefe Photography) and i tell you its meeting point over average. the back camera is superb @ the claimed 13mp but i doubt the front camera @5mp though. the manual settings can make you have a great shot anyway, though that wont give you same shot as a Canon 5D Mark III would anyway. lol
    i’m working some shot out with the phone camera to promote this product and also convince the next buyers. (I’m not regretting buying it).
    the only issue i’ve got with it is that its not a 4G network phone but it doesnt go hot at all, even despite the fact that i have much Apps and even 3D games.

    1. Wilslove says:

      Pls. How can I set my back camera is not as sharp as it supposed to be…pls. WhatsApp me on 07035956746
      Thank u

  16. promxy says:

    New tecno L9 plus for sale
    with carton and everything
    call 08169342865
    am in delta state

    1. Jessica says:

      Is there any reason why this phone where do use data faster than a iPhone Or for any phone for that matter??

  17. Dare says:

    Anyway I like it but that camera is not that up to what I want, but the power is OK.

  18. Aigbe theresa millicent says:

    Why is that tecnoL9 does not have font other than the default

    1. Ngozi says:

      It has update your Hios launcher and you will see Hi theme Open it then you will see your font

      1. Sule1989 says:

        I got my L9 plus Last month was happily enjoy it not until last night that I mistakenly update the launcher since then what am seeing now is different from what I was seeing before.

      2. Sule1989 says:

        Just flash I will call 08039551691

      3. Wilslove9 says:

        Do u meaning updating my phone will automatically fetch me a new style of fonts apart from the default font ??

  19. Dunga says:

    I bought my own recently in not more than a month now the phone is good sha but the graphics is not up-to expectations

  20. Babs says:

    I bought mine l9plus last month, it’s feature doesn’t show 3g stand like the first release whenever I on my data it’s show H+ nd 3g at the top and it’s has more features than the first because I can snap with my fingerprint, is it the new upgrade?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Was the price different from the first? I just got mine

  21. Anonymous says:

    i cant get the settings to increase the volume can. some help me

  22. Bello Thony says:

    The phone is nice
    Nice review by the way

  23. Bello Thony says:

    The phone is nice
    Nice review by the way

  24. Anonymous says:

    i bought last month but it was not support 3g network only 2g can u pls help me do it?

  25. Ephy says:

    Hey. Nice review about L9plus. To be honest, I hate it after setting me back $140. I wish I didn’t buy it in the 1st place. Internet access on my phone is terrible and totally unacceptable. Can’t believe am stuck with it. Any solutions? If I root the phone and install another Android version, will it solve the bugs?

  26. Anonymous says:

    is the screen a Corning gorilla or dragon trail I need to know

  27. Anonymous says:

    I have an l9 plus too. So I agree with everything you’ve written, except for one thing. There’s actually a button on the left side (just below the slot for simple cards) which can be used to quickly access ultra power save mode. Other than that, everything else is true. Great job on this review!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sorry, SIM cards

  28. Thomas says:

    Just bought the fone of recent, its get 🔥 after twenty minutes of charging. When browsing too.

    1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  29. Mercy says:

    In addition,there is the sidekey button on the left side which could actually serve as an ultra saving power switch, it comes in very handy, you can also toggle sidekey uses by double clicking on the sidekey button and pick what you want it to do for you… Very wonderful phone

  30. Fateebuhari says:

    Pls can somebody help me with my snapchat vedeo is too slow when i started recording the vedeo/laggy , iam also using tecnol9 plus…..

  31. Stephen says:

    Really good review. You nailed it. I just got the phone and I’m loving it except for the following.
    Average screen resolution
    That big 3G symbol is annoying
    Really do not like the system font
    And I just learnt that it’s a stock android.
    Aside from these, it’s a lovely device for me. Battery life just too make sense.

  32. volsing says:

    nice revised you get here

  33. Ngozi says:

    I just realize I can change the font to any one of my choice

    1. Anonymous says:

      pls how can u change the font

  34. Sophia says:

    If I click on the left side key i get no response what do I do and if I want to put a lock screen picture I still can’t what do I do?

  35. Ugo says:

    My L9 doesn’t allow me select SIM while sending messages.

  36. Ugo says:

    My L9 doesn’t allow me select SIM while sending messages. Any help

  37. Ulrich Kobina Stern says:

    My whatsapp doesn’t have access to my network

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thought I Cud Go For It , Mind Changed

    1. Anonymous says:

      Me too. Going to cancel jumia Order

  39. zender says:

    nice phone, ok with it, our problem is dat we are neva satisfied, wen dere was no andriod nobody was complaining of d java nd symbian which were very useless compare to android

  40. Franklin says:

    What is the standard battery life I dint turn on data for like 6 hours the battery dropped 2% from 76 to 74.

    1. Megaplayboy says:

      Yes it has to drop because it’s a phone and not a piece of stick. It needs battery to run the time and date, receive calls and messages.. so weather you use the phone or not.. some battery percentages are being deducted.. the only difference is that, the more you use the device, the more battery is consumed.. the less you use it, the less battery is consumed.. so wether you use it or not, battery power is still lost.. just be thankful that it reduced only 2% after 6 hours of no use.. that’s way more better compared to other phones which lose about 20% in the same 6 hours of no use..

  41. Emeka says:

    Comment Text*how do I configure the phone to browse? My current sim is already browsing in my old phone, but when I transfer it to the L9 plus, it doesn’t browse …

  42. Lasisi jimoh says:

    The fingerprint scanner of my phone is not working I try to us’it enrollment as stop how to fix it helps me out please

  43. Ng says:

    I am enjoying my L9 plus. The truth is that u will not get everything u want in one phone. I’ve also used other phones. And they all have their wahala.

    1. Anonymous says:

      What wrong with my L9 plus then because it very slow

  44. Stone says:

    I Soo much love dis fone. Especially dat 3 fingers snapping & I can login 2 my mobile banking jst wit my finger print! I rate it 9/10

  45. Barry says:

    Please i need help my snap chat on my tecno l9 plus is always slow and never follows my movement when making videos please is this how snap chat is on the device or my phone has issues

  46. Akintoye Wilson says:

    I bought mine in December 2017 so far so good it been a very usefull companion. My advice to other user, never allow your battery to empty out before you charge otherwise you may have to experience a ghost bulmp !

  47. Anonymous says:

    Want to buy it today but with all these negative comments I’m scared

    1. Omotayo Joy says:

      even me oh….planning to buy it…but,scared
      of all dis comments

  48. Danok. says:

    This is really a very nice Android phone with many features to boast of.
    I’m very happy to have one.

  49. Ayoola A. says:

    Hi i need to be helped on this. i have not been able to make or receive any call on the phone. it just keeps dropping. Even To Check Account Balance doesn’t go

    1. Anonymous says:

      its probably an ish from your service providers. has got nothing to do with your fone

  50. Kirvyn says:

    I just got techno l9 plus but can’t seem to log in my bbm. Any help will do please

  51. Abarra innocent says:

    It owesome but my only problem is that l9plus does not have front light camera.

  52. Anonymous says:

    you can also see the batter percentage I. The status bar. Go to power saving app to activate it…..
    my supper bottom has no ultra saving mode.

  53. P.K says:

    No Ultla Lower Power Safe Mode in the Updated O.S for Tecno L9 Plus

  54. Anonymous says:

    It’s a nice device no doubt, but barely a month after purchase mine started having speaker issue, was answering a call and the the stuff burned me in my ear due to over heating, really angry right now, thought I got what I wanted but you can’t eat your cake and have it. You can’t get all you need in a basket.

  55. Teema says:

    I hate mine tecno L9plus because its slow on activities, poor proximity sensor,poor screen toggle on and off,so loud poor camera

  56. Andy Jahmaster says:

    Techno L9plus has everything I needed in modern smartphone,, the flatness of the body, the lightness of the body, the long lasting of the battery, fast in browsing, the speaker is moderate, the only thing I got low there is headphone sound internal Bass, is not powerful like infinix hot 4 pro, but I am managing it like that, it is a bit loud too!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Poor camera

  58. C. ESE says:

    Actually i discoverd that the L9 plus has a quick ultra power save battery mode by the button at the left side of the phone.

  59. Adaoleh says:

    I need tenco l9 panel

  60. SHOLEX says:

    L9plus for sale.. 5mnths used. Contact 07034427052 i stay around sango. Ogunst

  61. Funsho says:

    Earpiece not loud enough and external speaker at bottom right is scrap. Battery too doesn’t last more than a day….not impressed…..infinix is a better phone.

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