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Lumos Mobile Electricity: The New Darling of Nigerian Homes.

When it was launched few months ago, many were sceptical about the energy solution. But now the solar powered electricity device has become the darling of many homes across the country. Indeed, the Lumos mobile electricity kept it promise of delivering uninterrupted power supply at an affordable rate. No wonder many are now singing the praises of the product which was recently launched as an alternative power supply in the country. Adeniyi Badmus, a barber and resident of Iba in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos told tales of the indefinite power outage his area have witnessed in recent times. The artisan was quick to acquire the Lumos Mobile Electricity when he heard of it. To him, it was business saving move considering the cost of running a generator to support his business. “It’s no longer news that power supply in the country is not sufficient to sustain small scale business like mine. So, it has been difficult trying to survive in this present state of the economy, especially when you have a family to take care of. To operate a barbing saloon you need regular supply of electricity which can only be possible with a standby generator that cost me more to power. But with the introduction of Lumos mobile electricity, now I make more money than before because I don’t need to buy petrol to power it’’ he declared.

Shehu Musa a farmer in  Kaba Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State shared Badmus’ sentiments on the power device. The farmer particularly praised the forward-thinking move between Lumos and MTN. “I am quite pleased at what MTN and this Lumos company has done. For us the common man, it’s a victory because we can access uninterrupted electricity at a little cost. Around here, we don’t use a lot of power and the mobile electricity is just the perfect solution,” he said. MTN’s General Manager, Brand and Communications, Richard Iweanoge says that the company identifies with the current situation in the country and thought it fit to find the right partners to provide solutions to energy problems faced across Nigerian households. “The power challenge in Nigeria is glaring and it behoves us to find ways to change the game. While the government is trying to find a lasting solution, we should also dig deep and bring succour in ways we can. The Lumos Mobile Electricity is a viable alternative. We’re delighted with the response across Nigeria so far and we encourage more people to take advantage of the device and solve simple power problems,” Iweanoge enthused.

Small business owners will particularly find the service comforting because of its simple energy solutions. Household items like clippers, TV, mobile phones, radios, lamps and all small power consumption items can easily source power from the device. According to Iweanoge, the device can be acquired for an initial token of N26,000 with subsequent simple payment plans over the course of 5 years. Daily access fee of N200 payable with MTN airtime applies to get power.
“One exciting thing about this solution is the fantastic payment system. Solar power is expensive but we also want to make it affordable and accessible to the common man. The total cost of owning the device is spread over 5 years.”


13 comments on “Lumos Mobile Electricity: The New Darling of Nigerian Homes.

  1. Ajayi Seyi says:

    This stuff is overhyped…. It çannot even power three PC’s at once, not to talk of adding a fan to it

    1. Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      LMAO. Still waiting on an authentic review of the stuff

  2. Victor Molokwu says:

    With the electricity situation in Nigeria now, any alternative is OK, would work for a barber perfectly, would work for anyone , at all, at all, Na him worse pass

  3. Pwilliams says:

    no mind MTN that’s just another means of raking in more money

  4. Akinwale Adedeji says:

    It powers my LED 32 inch tv, my dstv decoder and a 15 watts standing fan with 2 solar energy bulbs. I use my tv with the dstv decoder all through the day with d fan and at nights, i manage the stored energy which could last about 5-7 hours depending on what you use it for. It has saved me a lot compared to buying fuel. I use about #7000- #10000 fuel in a week. In a month, it’s about #25000 to #30000 in a month compared to #4500 i pay to mtn monthly as access fee for Lumous.

    1. Kaybang® DANANANA BATMAN!™ says:

      Stay WOKE!

    2. Ajayi Seyi says:

      Yh… Cool… But with ur TV, decoder and fan on, can you also add 2 laptops to the load?

  5. MJ™ says:

    its okay but it seems it can’t do much

  6. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  7. Xtopher says:

    What if we came up with something bigger that can charge and store more Watts that can power a small village and they pay far less?
    I’ve got an idea, investors can reach me..

    1. Aishah says:

      I am in.I am ready to join you to invest in something greater.

    2. Aishah says:

      I am in.I am ready to join you to invest in something me up.this is my number. 08176435157

  8. says:

    My lomus just go faulty I call the customer care they ask me to witch it of which I did but presently the system is not coming up even if I press the power,please what should I do about these error messages.

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