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According to LaptopMag, Apple Is No Longer a Top Brand.

The Windows fanbase right now:

Everyone knows (Okay, not everyone) that one of the major reasons people buy a MacBook is for the lifestyle benefits and the brand power that Apple brings. Well, that might soon be a thing of the past, at least if LaptopMag has a say. According to them, Apple has fallen, they moved from the number one spot (Which they’ve held since 2013) to, yup, #5.
 To arrive at that score, LaptopMag measured the brand’s performance in areas like customer support, design quality, innovation, and price. They also justified their rating by saying how MacBooks have shown average performance, not on par with their price.
Leading the pack is Lenovo and not far from it is Asus, Dell, and HP.

By the way, isn’t it ironic that Acer ties with Apple at the fifth position?


11 comments on “According to LaptopMag, Apple Is No Longer a Top Brand.

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    This is surprising…

    1. Kay says:

      It’s not. At all!
      Most users, real users, are not happy with all the “futurism” apple is gunning for!
      I mean, who the f** removes all legacy ports from their laptops?!
      They did it on the MacBook, nobody complained. But the MBP? No way!
      Even on the Asus Zenbook 3 which just has one port (type c), they (Asus that is) had sense enough to include a free dongle for all the ports you’d ever need! But Apple, they expect you to pay almost 30k to get that same dongle!
      I love Apple, I really do — Hell, I even use an iPhone and wouldn’t give up IOS for anything. But Apple is taking this innovation game too far!
      Just imagine what they did to the headphone jack on the 7! Expecting one to get airpods which cost close to 45k!
      They should chill abeg!
      They seem to be forgetting that hardware on their windows counterparts is getting freaking better every quarter!

  2. Abdul Abdul says:

    Me right now 💃 💃 💃….. even Acer dy drag with Apple…hehe very ironic oo.

  3. runzlord says:

    This does not actually make sense,
    “Everyone knows (Okay, not everyone) that one of the major reasons people buy a MacBook is for the lifestyle benefits and the brand power that Apple brings.”
    first this statement is false for the Mac! might be right for the iPhone but the actual reason people buy the Mac is for the OS X itself which is only available on a Mac computer unless you create a hackintoch, The OS X has some software features and apps not available for windows and then preferred by top professional in different fields, do I even have to tell you this? even yourself use a Mac! why is that? OS X is far more stable than windows and once you type on google “what is the best OS for ‘whatever'” OS X comes top in all except gaming where windows does sort of better and server management where some might say any Linux distribution.
    NOW if they want to claim apple mac is too expensive for what it offers, which is the only claim I see here, then apple is suppose to be losing out in only “value and selection” and maybe “Reviews” but when its comes to design, support, innovation and warranty, do you really think those companies above apple does it better?? the Mac book Pro has one of the best designs on any laptop, slim and still powerful. a windows laptop as powerful as the Mac Pro is probably twice the size. and we have the whole game coping the Mac design, I mean is there any laptop that the Mac looks like? NO but there are laptop that look like the Mac, which includes ASUS range of laptops, yet Asus was giving more score on design? well.
    Then support and warranty, do I really have to say anything about this? five years from now, the Mac book Pro 2015 would still be working excellently while top flagships from those other brands are long dead. where is Lenovo yoga 2 today? and yoga 4 is not even out.
    the finally Innovation! Apple has received a lot of biased criticism for leaving the Mac Book Pro with just 4 USB Type-C. which was the same thing that happened when there removed the diskette slot on PC, which was the same thing that happened when they removed the CD-Rom from PC, which was the same thing that happened when they did not provide removable batteries on the iPhone, which was the same thing that happened when the introduced the micro sim to mobile. what I’m I saying in essence? apple is the only company that actually accepts the fact that technology has advanced and takes that first bold step to employ that in their devices first which always come with a lot of criticism but years later what happens? the whole industry follows! just wait for Asus or Lenovo next flagship laptop in few years time, I promise you they would come with only USB Type-C ports. but then it would be well accepted cos Apple has already paved the way for them and made USB Type-C only laptops a regular thing. I intentionally omitted the removal of the Headphone jack on the iPhone cos that was a little extra and we have not actually moved on from there yet (which was not even apple’s reason for removing the headphone jack unlike the other stuffs I mentioned).
    should I speak on the Touchbar? touchscreen laptops does not really make sense except its a convertible you know? the Touchbar is pure innovation not recycled innovation (I’m sure you should know the difference) and is another tech that would surface on windows laptops in coming years.
    and I’m not even an apple fan, I’m just not biased 😏

  4. NaijaAA says:

    There fall was really heavy. From 1st to 6th? If to say they are based in Nigeria I for talk say na recession…

  5. Steph laws says:

    the truth is apple has a high standard with great taste but this innovative should be at least accessible to middle class range. one thing I like about apple products is that they rarely dimish. even some people will still take old iPhone of 2014 than some products produced in 2017 #fact

    1. runzlord says:

      If you call it innovation, the. It cannot be affordable. Even you, would you create something brilliant and sell it for a low price? Is the idea of being innovative not to sell at higher price and still win the market? For things to be affordable, they have to lack innovation else they can’t. It’s that simple.

      1. Steph laws says:

        I understand yr point but take a look at Samsung being a giant company but some features on their flag ship smart phones can still be enjoyed on other models. this is my point. Good innovation should be accessible to the consumer even if it’s a glimpse of it at least that’s where I think apple is missing it. apple should take a lesson from nokia

  6. faroukk says:

    #Lenovo Thinkpad! Ardent PC Fan. Asus would have been my first choice, but pricy. Lenovo givs u specs 4 lesser price!, plus a good battery.

  7. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  8. Confy Scenty says:

    What say does Laptopmag have on deciding top brands? I couldn’t find the endorsement anywhere.
    Apple knows what they do and how well they do it, I have a problem with the price at which Apples sells it’s products does not mean i would be biased in judgement. Am not an Apple freak, i haven’t bought an Apple phone before though i use it sometimes from different sources. As far as i know it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about them, Apple still has it’s fans. If you’re with me on this Click here to view Apple’s latest .
    Speaking from Contechs Blog

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