Tecno Camon CX Review: Tecno Mobile, Accept My Dab Offering.

A couple of weeks back, I was having troubles finding a song (I usually find a song for every device I review) for the Camon CX, but this old school jam by “The Dream ft Fabolous” (For those who know) solved my dilemma:

Because the Camon CX proved itself in 10 ways — there are other ways that got me feeling this way, though:

But before I get into that, how about we start at the very beginning?


1. The Camon CX powers on/off faster than its predecessor.

If you are into this type of thing, it would interest you to note that the Camon CX does a better job than the C9 when it comes to powering on/off. Here is a chart that proves this:

2. The Display got me feeling this way:

Because it is gorgeous AF!  It offers really punchy colors that are saturated and bright

Tecno has chosen to stick with the tried-and-true full HD resolution and on its 5.5-inch screen, everything looks good. Here is a comparison with the Camon C9.

I also found sunlight readability to be very good during my testing, as was the adaptive brightness feature.

Although people with an eye for color might notice that the red on the Camon CX looks a little too red.

3. What happens when Android Nougat Collides with HiOS?

So, Tecno took it a step further by tweaking the UI on the Camon CX, when you add that with the Android Nougat, you get a new phone dialer.

A news feed on the home screen when you scroll left:

New animations when charging:

The Multiwindow experience that comes with Android Nougat:

To name a few.

4. The Audio is definitely loud.

Not the Chinko kind of loud, but loud all the same.


Before I sing the praises of the Tecno Camon CX’s cameras, how about a little rant?

I can’t help but feel that Tecno Mobile is taking baby steps when it comes to certain features on the Camon series — reason being that I was expecting to see PRO camera functions that allow you to change a lot of things like the ISO, aperture, shoot in RAW and what have you, you know, the type that you see on the LG V20, instead, Tecno Mobile only included the ability to change the exposure which is fine and dandy:

But imagine if they had included others?
With that said:

Tecno Mobile did a good job with the cameras on the Camon CX. I am really impressed! It felt like they went from Zero (On the Camon C9)

To 100 (On the Camon CX) — Forgive me for taking the Camon CX pictures in square mode. 

(Note: The pictures above had the same camera settings — no flash was switched on during this process).
The colors come alive when you use the back camera on the Camon CX:

Taken with the CX

Again, see what I mean by from Zero to 100?

Taken with the C9

Also, you won’t be disappointed with the output it produces outdoor

Although it comes with a 4-ring flashlight, it’s not overly bright. (P.S. These pictures was taken in the dark).

Taken with Camon CX


Taken with Camon C9

The front camera too is great,

Really nice:

Taken with the CX — once again, I apologize for taking the pictures on the CX in square mode.


Taken with the Camon C9

However, it doesn’t come with an autofocus feature, so ensure you have a firm grip on it.
The selfie queens won’t be disappointed because the Camon CX comes with beautifying features:

There is even a feature to increase “those parts.”

Finally, you just have 3 camera modes to play with.

Overall, here is my dab offering, Tecno:

6. Multitasking is good, but don’t overdo it.

It comes with a 2GB of RAM, small if you are a power user, but sufficient to meet your daily needs without any form of lag in sight.

For those who love to multitask, the Camon CX has got your back provided you know that playing 4 heavy games along with the chrome browser and other apps in the background is asking for too much in terms of returning to where you left it at.

7. It gets warm under extensive use.

i.e. Charging your phone and using it at the same time, or using your phone to play games for a long period of time.

I didn’t get past the…”
mark,” but I definitely noticed a temperature change at the back of the device a couple of times.

8. Connectivity and Network

The Tecno Camon CX is one of the first Tecno devices to support all network bands. I encountered no issue using my nTel or GLO 4G SIM.

The only thing I noticed (I think this has to do with just nTel and their network) is the fact that the network signal was terrible at first.

9. The Charge time is Normal

The Camon CX charges itself from 1% to 100% within 2 hours plus.

10. Battery life is good, though.

I was expecting an average battery life given that it comes with a 3200mAh battery, but thanks to Android Nougat’s battery saving feature, you can still squeeze a lot of battery juice from the Camon CX before it is completely depleted. There is also the ultra power saving feature.


11. This is what you get when it comes to storage and bloatware

It comes with 16GB of internal storage on paper, but what you are getting is 9GB thanks to the OS. Don’t forget that there is a dedicated microsd card slot.

On the bloatware side of things, you have the basic apps we are used to seeing from Tecno

And Google:

Anyone notice something new?

11. I noticed some software flaws:

Yes, I noticed some flaws, as it’s expected on most devices with new UIs or interfaces. For example, I noticed that you can’t see the number of people that are connected to the CX’s hotspot.

There is also the constant notification I got thanks to the Camon CX’s boom player. (P.S. This can be turned off). All of these are quite inconsequential — this is me just putting letting you know my experience while using the device.

12.  The fingerprint sensor is fast.

As expected. Although it only comes with 2 extra functions — accepting calls and taking photos.


12. Benchmark

The Camon CX had a higher benchmark score than its predecessor, have a look:

The Camon CX drags premium camera features down into an even lower price tier and for its price (N70,000), I’m willing to forgive a couple of understandable shortcomings.


47 comments on “Tecno Camon CX Review: Tecno Mobile, Accept My Dab Offering.

  1. emmaedeh says:

    9gb is just too small. Should have had 32gb plus the location of the back button is just wrong. It should be on the left, that’s the official android way. Overall I think it’s an average device with a non average camera. 7/10

    1. Franklyn says:

      You r wrong about the button.
      Can’t be on the left because not all are right handed

  2. Tee says:

    Nice review misstechy…. That dab offering deserves a dab offering….
    I used to think note 3 boots up slow,didnt know hot S was the boss…
    So Google now pre-loads Duo on phones now abi? Issokay..
    Ah dunno if it’s just me, but Im don’t just dig HiOs… XOS FTW😎..
    Nice camera… Ah meannnn, it’s a canon, but a feature to enlarge ‘those parts’ ?c’mon tecno😯
    Cool device tho.. But now I need to find myself some dodo…😁

  3. Stiiz says:

    Hi Tobi.
    I like the phone, really, but 2GB with 16GB won’t cut it for me. I won’t be leaving my Galaxy S5 for this.
    P.S. Great review, as always. 😏

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    Camon all about the camera, apart from the finger print, nothing special. About the display, all tecno’s flagship phone have quality full display screen.
    This phone will be loved by selfie and snap freaks, ‘show-off’ers, and the ladies.
    The price is moderate, comparing it with other phones that will offer you near camera experience as the CX, and android Nougat.

    1. Xhalim says:

      from what you say ur rating for the phone is above 7

  5. seun says:

    Seriously the only features of attraction i can see in this device is d camera n android 7.0….the rest bit slack…m expecting somethin like 3gig ram n 32gig rom for the price……i still prefer hot s🔥 to dis device with the price s fingerprints has some amazing features which it seems is absent on camon CX..nice phone tho..
    misstechy,accept my dab offering too for wehdone review

  6. Techgasm247 says:

    The camera improvement is massive! But 70k eish.
    Dollar should come and be going down jare 😕

  7. Karolina says:

    It’s an okay device for me,was expecting more,nyc review by the way.

    1. Burmese says:

      okay, like what more where you expecting from them??

  8. Victor Molokwu says:

    Nice offerings from the cx . Can’t wait to see how it will fare if it goes head to head with the anticipated Infinix hot s2…Fingers crossed

  9. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    I love this review. Made me fall in love with thr Camon cx

    1. princessx says:

      yea, but theres more , to be honest

  10. Steve says:

    Nice review. Do you have to remind me that I’ve not eaten dodo in a long time 🙁

  11. NaijaAA says:

    The phone is nice, but the 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM is a bit of a let down for me.
    Nice review by the way.

    1. kumar says:

      2GB RAM isn’t that bad na. And for the ROM one can always insert an SD card.

  12. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Terrible device by my standard. Ram is definitely a mess and application just keep crashing

    1. Burmese says:

      i totally disagree with you, the device is good enough

  14. Lemmie says:

    Nice and comprehensive review. I noticed the red saturation immediately after purchase since I moved from iPhone to Android. I’m not satisfied with it and was thinking of returning it hoping it was a problem from screen or so.
    How do I reduce the redness, I’m a picture freak and also edit pictures on my phone. I don’t want to be posting over edited picture on social media.

  15. JUCI says:

    My biggest appeal with the Camon CX is the support for Glo 4G LTE.
    Next are the metal chassis, battery, processor, cameras and display – roughly in that order.
    Memory is disappointing though, and that red saturation is still an issue! Seriously! I stopped editing pictures on my phone cos of that (currently use a Camon C7).
    Thank you for the great review.

    1. Davido says:

      You can adjust the saturation level to an extent tho, Go to Settings, Display, Miravison then Picture Mode, you can set the picture mode to either standard, vivid or just tweak it till you’re satisfied. That’s what a friend of mine did sha

  16. Melavin Muthamaki says:

    Hi Miss Techy,
    does your Camon Cx have any problems connecting to the wifi network?
    thanks in advance for answering.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Not at all, all through the period of the review I used the device while it was connected to a mobile hotspot.Are you having issues?

  17. Michael says:

    We will be very happy if u can give us the full review of the techno phonepad 3 the way do the review of the canon cx

    1. Ivvy says:

      think there already a link for the review

  18. Michael says:

    We will be very happy if u can give us the full review of the techno phonepad 3 the way u did the review of the canon cx

  19. Michael says:

    Does the techno phonepad 3 has the multi window feature?

    1. aabdoo says:

      Yes of course. The multi window is a nougat feature and the phonepad comes with nougat.

  20. Scarycuteface says:

    Decent review. Still shows that the camera is the main thing about this phone. Will a 3GB Ram be good with it? Sure. But it’s still a good phone nonetheless.

  21. OlusegunAde says:

    Not bad at all. Surely will be a good buy. Apart from the red saturation which is a minor effect. Photo lovers will enjoy it

  22. behankey says:

    Near perfection. Surely a good phone.

  23. Rotimi David says:

    I bought Camon Cx 4 days ago. The phone is quite good. It however gets very hot when the camera is switched on for more than 1-2 mins and a notification comes on screen to state the camera should be switched off due to high temperature.
    Has anyone else experienced similar problem please?

    1. aabdoo says:

      Have you installed the software update that was released? I have the CX and I have never experienced this.

  24. aabdoo says:

    What stands out is the design and camera. Beautiful phone that takes beautiful pictures.

  25. kumar says:

    Nice review as always. I want a new phone and I’m stuck between this and the L9 plus.

  26. Techmate says:

    One feature I really like is the ultra power saving mode. I got a full day from 15%. I’m really happy I got this phone tbh. The camera is just awesome.

    1. Davido says:

      The Ultra Power saving mode is also in their L9 PLUS, it’s a Nougat feature yeah?

  27. Paolo says:

    The Camon CX seems very special, I love this very honest review, this is the kind of phone you get when beauty is at the top of your priority.

  28. Deji says:

    Definitely a must have, this is a very classy phone that comes at an affordable price. Me that I’m a picture freak

  29. richard says:

    PlS can someone get me a camon cx

  30. Otas Evans says:

    Hi Tobi, Please does it have any Notification Light?

  31. Emmanuel says:

    Nice Review you have done comparing Tecno CX and Camon C9 has shown many which device they should go for when they need new smartphone
    If you are Tecno Camon CX user then you need this
    How to Root Tecno Camon CX Install TWRP Recovery

  32. sonia says:

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  33. Jam says:

    Great review, please can u confirm if the CX AIR also supports glo 4g

  34. Jagunlana Ahmed says:

    When I’m pressing the button the phone is carrying goggle play services keep stopping and then I’m fed up

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hi misstechy can you do a gaming review with the following games fifa 16 and asphalt 8

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