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Would You Pay to Get A "Premium Twitter?"

Err… Probably not.
I mean, if I can still have access to Twitter as it is, I don’t see the reason to pay to get more features, but the professionals amongst us might.

Which is why Twitter is targeting them and is thinking about launching a paid membership service that would give these users more revamped experience to utilize the platform for showcasing, news-casting and other different fields.

This premium service could come baked in Tweetdeck —an existing interface that helps users navigate Twitter. In other words, the company might be interested in creating a “premium service” version of  TweetDeck “with more powerful tools to help marketers, journalists, professionals, and others,” The Verge reported.
By the way, rumors claim that Twitter is suggesting a price of $19.99 per month —about N8,000— to access the premium model.


6 comments on “Would You Pay to Get A "Premium Twitter?"

  1. Kay says:

    When one can get the whole of Netflix for just $8 a month?
    No thanks.

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, the real question should be “Can you pay for us scatter your current Twitter platform design?”
    The fun of twitter for me is there kind of people I follow and interact with. The features are just a bonus.

  3. Pwilliams says:


  4. yudy says:

    I’ll pass mehn. Too expensive.

  5. Kaybang® says:

    Does it come with an anti-trolls feature?

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