The Tecno Camon CX Unboxing: Tecno Mobile, What Have You Done? + 360-degree View Included.

I got my review unit of the Tecno Camon CX, the first real deal from Tecno Mobile this year and I went through different shades of emotions while unboxing the device.

Yes, the spec rumors were spot on! So, you might want to re-check my earlier post. In the meantime, Hola Como Estas Camon CX, you are welcome to the land of the living.


Opening the lid reveals the Camon CX in all its black front glory!

(Thank God they didn’t make it WHITE, like some OEMs we know).

The next compartment of the package houses the ejector PIN

This gorgeous looking Smart case. (More on this, later).

One phone manual and 2 warranty cards —the first warranty card is the basic one you are used to seeing from Tecno.
While the second warranty card offers you a free one-cracked-screen replacement within three months of purchase, a-15 day phone swap for functional defects noticed, and a 24-hour fast repair.

Moving forward, the last compartment reveals the Power adapter.

There is the Micro USB cable

And Earphones

That is all the Camon CX offers in terms of accessories.


When I pulled off the wrap from the Camon CX

I was like:

… Because save for the dual front flash, there wasn’t anything new on the front side of things — we have already seen the centered camera on the Camon C9.
BUT I turned it to the back and Wowza!

I saw a design different from what we are used to seeing from Tecno Mobile, especially in this series.
To show you just how different, here is a side by side comparison with the Camon C9.

Although a lot of people might see a similarity between the Camon CX’s back view and the back view of a device which shall not be named, but you can’t deny that the back view looks GORGEOUS. Which is the reason why I had to make a 360-degree view — don’t forget that you can use your fingers to control the rotation.

Another thing that got me feeling this way:
Is the Smart cover — this time, Tecno Mobile took it a step further by completely changing the design pattern on its smart cover.
Yes, it calls for another 360-degree view.

By the way, the Camon CX comes with a screen case, however, I noticed this:

Notice the circles? This can be fixed by simply pressing that part until you get it all out.


On the right side, you get your MicroSD card slot as well as the volume and power buttons.

On the left side, you only have the dual micro SIM card slot.

You have the earphone jack on top.

And beneath the device, you have the Micro-USB port along with the mic and speaker grills.
In front, you get to see the 16MP camera with dual flash as well as the proximity sensor.

You don’t get the luxury of physical buttons, which means that the Camon CX comes with soft buttons that take more screen space.

On the back, you have the fingerprint sensor and the 16MP rear camera with QUAD Flash, or should I say ring lights.
Because they sure look like ring lights to me.

You have the antenna band (*coughs*), then the Tecno and Camon inscriptions.

Finally, you already know that it comes with a non-removable battery, yeah?


I feel that the Camon CX sports a major design upgrade!

This is so clear when you place it together with the Camon C9.

Although when it comes to the specs, the difference isn’t so much.

By the way, this is the first device from Tecno Mobile to support all Network bands!


The Camon CX is a 5.5-inch FHD device that is encased in a metal unibody.

It has a good grip to it, too.

It is slimmer than the C9.

Plus, it weighs slightly below the Camon C9.

So does the smart case when attached.


As usual, I didn’t encounter any issues while setting up.

What I did experience afterward is this wallpaper and a whole new interface that gives off the look similar to the one which shall not be named. 

More on this in my full review.


Even though it hasn’t been announced yet, there are speculations that the Camon CX would be within the price range of N70,000 – N75,000. Once again, I offer my ATM card to anyone who needs it. PIN is 2349.


Honestly, I am enamored with the aesthetics of this phone, especially the back view.

For the first time, I am truly impressed with the design output from Tecno Mobile.

This is not a full review, and even if I sound excited about the product design, I can’t wait to see if I would be this hyped when it comes to real-life performance.
Until then, I’d like to know your thoughts.


81 comments on “The Tecno Camon CX Unboxing: Tecno Mobile, What Have You Done? + 360-degree View Included.

  1. Viklin says:

    Nothing special…Just Camera! Nice review though.

  2. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    I agree with you. That back view is like the birth child of the one which shall not be named aka iphone. they tried with the design but that specs e get as e be.

  3. emmaedeh says:

    Phone looks beautiful, I hate seeing cases on phones but I will let this one slide just cause the case is ludicrously good.
    Its really nice to see Tecno up the ante design wise on this device. I see a glass back and wireless charging coming to a tecno really soon.
    This is going to further deepen tecno’s grip on the market, I hope the performance is top notch.

  4. Steve says:

    The phone that shall not be named is the Hot S

    1. Holyvee says:

      Really?…when there’s the iPhone what’s HOT S BTW?

  5. Steve says:

    Misstechy where is the CVC2😒😒😒

  6. Iszybee says:

    Blow my mind!!!
    This is on another level
    Nice review, Miss Tobi

  7. Bolaji says:

    Nice one

  8. KingAbsolute says:

    Nice review. Nice device. Nice design. Everything camera. Nothing special. Apart from all network resolution. Price way over hyped.

  9. fk says:

    Nice one! Some one pass this girl a bottle of Stout.

  10. CYPHER says:

    Nice design by tecno but how far why the SIM ejector tool resemble cornbeef opener

    1. Laide says:

      😂😂😂😭 I thought the same thing too

  11. Techmate says:

    Nice review. I totally agree with you. Tecno really took it up a notch in the design department. Is it me or does the antenna band increase the beauty of any phone?

    1. X says:

      its great you notice it.

      do you blog?.. Try me out at

  12. Joshua says:

    Best unboxing video thus far… Really nice phone… In design and camera… But no impressive specification for such price… Now that the economy is (very slowly) returning to how we were

  13. Wills says:

    Sleek phone. Love it.

  14. Rebecca says:

    wow… this is so impressive. I can’t wait to lay my hands on this gadget!

  15. seun says:

    camera……camera all the way……..
    nice job tecno👍

  16. Xino says:

    Nice review and nice phone, but tecno too like 16gb rom /2gb ram. Maybe the pro version would be 32/3gb

  17. Anonymous says:

    Tecno apologist be using gionee to snap and review tecno…hahahha

    1. Titi says:

      I don’t get this comment

      1. Kay says:

        You do not need to …
        … it’s meaningless.

  18. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Nice Unboxing. Waiting For The Full Review.. I love this phone.

  19. Lou says:

    The way you right, though. I LOVE IT! You got me liking the phone even when I don’t have access to it.
    Commenting from the USA

  20. Damilare says:

    I stamp this unboxing review misstechy.You have amazing passion for good photography. Nice unboxing. Great design from TECNO 😁

  21. Ridwan Tomi says:

    Nothing special about it……
    commenting from Tomzytech

  22. behankey says:

    It’s all about the camera and need I say the design is sleek too? Too much sauce.

  23. ebi says:

    I still say it… Innjoo have the best designed phones outta all these oems and there is no arguing.
    for me the design of that camon is just bleh, like the 2 before it.
    its good they finally decided to up the processor power a bit, cheap ppl

    1. Kay says:

      … Innjoo have the best designed phones outta …

      Like “gold” phones which turn white after 3 months?
      No thanks.

      1. ebi says:

        quality and design re two very different things. Best design innjoo hands down if you don’t believe go take a look for yourself…. and i think thats actually a natural problem with gold plated phones, take a look at the bezels on any 6 month or over samsung s4, s5, or s6

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          Err… my rose gold S7 edge still looks good, though.

          1. ebi says:

            i left out the s7 cause its a g.o.a.t.. they did a bang up job on that

        2. Kay says:

          … go take a look for yourself …

          I have … thrice!
          And on every single occasion, they all had one thing in common.
          Know what that is?
          Crappy, f*cking crappy hardware!
          Granted, aesthetically, InnJoo products look awesome, but being a “best designed” device runs far more than aesthetics.
          It’s not like we are going to buy these phones and throw them up for showcase in our mini museums at home …
          Tell you what, if you can show me a happy InnJoo customer has used his/her device for over 6 months with no hardware issues (unresponsive screen, “still okay” battery life, e.t.c. …), my next primary device would be an InnJoo product (again!) …
          … and, no, quality and design are not as different as you think.
          Don’t take my word for it, though, check this out:

          Over, 300 people tell you what a “best designed” product is.

          1. ebi says:

            RachelF 34 days ago [-]
            Like many products, microwaves are designed to sell, not to be used.
            The consumer in the store thinks that better product has more buttons and features, not thinking how they would be used.
            This an opinion from the site u directed me to. Most ppl that buy these innjoo devices will tell you that they either bought them because of design or price(where that is applicable). What am saying is that in terms of durability innjoo are a long shot from perfect but if you go into a store and see an Innjoo fire 3 and an infinix hot 4 without any prior knowledge as to what the spec sheet looks like, you”ll make your first decision based on how the device looks and i bro the Fire 3 is a finer device than the hot 4.
            And i personally am a Samsung and infinix guy.

          2. Kay says:

            … if you go into a store and see an Innjoo fire 3 and an infinix hot 4 without any prior knowledge as to what the spec sheet looks like, you”ll make your first decision based on how the device looks and i bro the Fire 3 is a finer device than the hot 4 …

            This is something we can both agree on.
            Asides that, InnJoo is CRAP! … at least, for now.
            Nice chat bro.

    2. Tamara says:

      How long has Innjoo been on the market? You better be sure that you’re not paying for their prototypes which will still be full of mistakes. Tecno has done all that, learnt from their mistakes and they’ve grown to a big brand. They’ve been manufacturing phones for ten years.
      My advice, stick with a brand that has a solid reputation like tecno. It’ll pay off
      And plus you’ll benefit from the ingenuity of over 152 engineers on their team 🙂

      1. ebi says:

        Tecno are great apart from the fact that they use wack chipsets in their mid ranged devices, and have crappy designs.
        Like have you ever been into slot and you c an s7 and start plotting how you”ll steal the phone and jump out the window just because the phones design is just so jaw dropping.
        Ppl are already paying 130k for tecno flagships, let those 152 design engineers give us something jaw dropping jare every time big screen, big screen.

        1. titi says:

          I love all your comments though

    3. Mr too know says:

      Which one u produce for naija

  24. OlusegunAde says:

    It looks sleek. And attractive too. And I think I like where the back camera is. Not in the middle like the usual phones.

    1. T-girl says:

      The front and back cameras are both dual cameras

  25. Scarycuteface says:

    Packaging is cool, design itself is nice. A performance review will be perfect. And I’ll like to see the pictures taken with the phone.

  26. Usman says:

    left to me , its not really about the outward design but the performance level it can offer real time.

  27. Melavin Muthamaki says:

    I used that phone on Saturday (march 25th) and it’s absolutely stunning. And the handling is smooth for small handed people. And it’s only 160 dollars. Dilemna choosing btn CX and redmi note 4

  28. KingAbsolute says:

    Tobi, please do make a camera review for the Camon CX too.
    You know we love the way you do it, and we’d love to see it on this phone. Am sure many readers want same.

  29. Deji says:

    Nice unboxing!. The back leaves me with a deja vu feeling of Infinix Note 3.

  30. Florida says:

    pls ….can you help us to check if camon cx came with vulkan api……its good for gaming

  31. Barry says:

    Best review. The phone 📱 is really beautiful but storage are just poor 2/16gb. The things I like about it are: *it supports glo 4G(band 28), it runs 7.0nougat, fast charging and the on screen buttons; unlike the camon c9.
    Misstechy, how sleek is the device(in mm)? I can’t wait for the full review.

  32. Tecmobs says:

    The Camon CX is cool though

  33. Anonymous says:

    Does it support OTG?

  34. solomon king says:

    Camon cx is very nice! Is a matter of choice, if u dont like it u can go for another one. I like phones with good CAMERA,RAM, and BATTERY. 3g RAM or 4g should have be ok for this phone

  35. paul david says:

    nice unboxing but i expect it to be 4to5g ram nd 64g rom, 5000 or 5500mahbattry, 2k resolution able to record 4kvideo, 5.7inches screen. D sdcard nd simcard dpatmnt is ok. Tecno nd infinix are trying, but shd put more effort to give order high end phones a run for dere money.

    1. ebi says:

      excuse me sir if they give u all these features nd put 17ok-200k price tag wee u buy

      1. Anonymous says:

        I wonder
        So greedy 😂 😂

  36. Tasie says:

    It’s a nice phone for me, but a 3gig RAM would have been better; for the ROM, I don’t have any problem with that since its expandable and the external sd card doesn’t take the space of the 2nd sim like in Hot S (I wonder who advised them to do that. must be an alien or someone from way back in time) . Design wise, it’s an eye popper; hope it comes with a good GPU. Looks like it’s gonna overtake Phantom 5 which is my best tecno phone so far whose only problem is its pointed corners( by my judgement). Waiting for more reviews and thumbs up Misstechy!

  37. Stiiz says:

    Hey, i just saw the phone on Jumia right now and it has a N70,000 price tag.
    Was even expecting it to be more!
    (Thank you CBN for crashing the dollar!)

  38. Clever says:

    Am using one now nd the phone is dope, easy to handle nd smooth operation with its 2.5D screen with gorilla glass 3 , beautiful, excellent camera quality both well lightened nd dark environment , jxt name it.

    1. oyeezah says:

      pls how do u keep the ejector pin, I fear I may misplace mine

  39. Odira says:

    Nice one misstechy.
    The 16 MP front camera is what wowed me…I don’t know if that if that is real necessary for a front camera though.

  40. Doronize says:

    The phone is really good for those that just want to test it out sha

  41. Anonymous says:

    Nzuri sana wamejitahidi.

  42. lanrefront says:

    I noticed that Nigerian reviews never talk about something that is really very important in a phone, no matter how hi tech it is.
    The call quality of a/the phone. To make or receive calls in loud rich clear audio with good bass. Like Samsung Galaxy phones for instance.
    Most of these tecno, Infinix etc phones fail in this regard.

  43. Mohammed says:

    @misstechy which color do you think is best of the grey, gold and blue
    Nice review by the way

  44. Anonymous says:

    you cant get all you want in a phone else they (the manufacturers) wont be selling.

  45. Segun says:

    Please what can you say about CX air. I really need to know what tecno took out.

  46. prince says:

    The network call volume is very very poor but speaker volume is ok

  47. Tolu says:

    difficult to hear the other party when making calls outdoor

  48. Anonymous says:

    pls misstechy can you do a videos review on the camon cx. .like gaming, camera, multitasking

  49. Emerson says:


  50. Dark Mode says:

    Hi, if there is a owner of Tecno Camon C8 could you recommend me it. I have low budget and found low prices on this model here: i mean is it worth to buy it in 2017?

  51. Chris says:

    Wow, your review is great and those gif images are interestingly funny. I love the fact that it’s camera is top notch, latest Android 7 Nougat and it has got a lovely design. The battery isn’t too cool since I have been on larger battery capacity smart phones, but it’s not that bad.

  52. Olatunde says:

    I remember there was a time when some of the the best and highest specification for a full computer / laptops device used to be; P4, 512MB of RAM etc.
    Nowadays an ordinary smart phone and device is rocking an amazing octacore procecessor, (that is 10 processors chipsets, in liberal language – correct me if am wrong!) clocking at 1.5Ghz , with 2GB Ram, 16GB ROMstorage which can be expandable up to 128GB and most importantly at very affordable prices, Yet we are still complaining……Chai, dereisGod o!!!!! As far as am concerned this specification is really great, if truly it works as specified.

  53. Emmanuel says:

    I do have issues with my Tecno Phone. sometimes I find it difficult surfing the internet with it

  54. mikiyas eshetu says:

    hi there
    I am living in Ethiopia
    I am dreaming to buy Tecno Canon CX smart phone , but I can’t afford it , it is $250 .
    so if you can please send $250 for me and I will pay back after 1 or 2 month .
    please help me please

  55. Paul says:

    perfect 👌

  56. MAGEZI DAVID says:

    Nice phone but a bit expensive according to its specifications

  57. China BOY says:

    Nice phone.. Just bought today at the rate #51,500.. I love everythin about the phone .. Its just WOWwww

  58. Tecno Camon CX (a.k.a Tecno Camon C10) is the 2017 first class individual from Tecno’s Camon CSeries group of camera-focused phones.

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