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How Much Data Do You Use On the Average Per Month?

The month of March is almost over and I couldn’t help but notice my data usage.

Yes, I have used 361GB so far in March, which is a heady mixture of tethered internet and streaming video content on YouTube/ KissAsian (Korean drama), to name a few.

For those wondering, I currently use nTel’s unlimited data which goes for N10,000 monthly — there are downsides, but I can imagine how much I would have spent if I were to use the limited plans offered by most Telcos.
Now, I know I can’t be the biggest data user in Nigeria by any stretch of the imagination, so, I would like to know how much data you use in a month.


29 comments on “How Much Data Do You Use On the Average Per Month?

  1. emmaedeh says:

    On phone, laptop and Chromecast. I collectively use an average of 9gb daily. Only wish internet speed is faster.

    1. Yomi says:

      that is 270 in a month and I ask again. WHAT are you people using the internet to do. Watch porn?

      1. Kaybang® says:

        The way in which you’ve accurately guessed what I do in my spare in very worrying. This shouldn’t be so..

      2. emmaedeh says:

        Haha. I don’t do porn. I stream content a lot. YouTube, and do some heavy downloading. That’s it.

      3. Anonymous says:

        bros I can’t help but laugh

  2. Yomi says:

    361gb wait … WHAT??? what are you doing with all that data girl ? Me I manage between 70 – 100gb at most

  3. Kelvin says:

    I’m currently on 23.57 GB for this month.
    I’m using Smile’s Unlimited Lite plan @ 10k/month. Would love to use nTel but unfortunately they’re not in Benin.

    1. Mrs Enobong Edem says:

      Pls with all this data u guys use daily, monthly, have you been paid for it? Let me show u how to be paid when u or others buy data or recharge card. You will also recover all the money u hv spent on rc, data since u had a phone. Chat me up on whatsapp -08072616668

  4. Martinzdaguru says:

    Currently on 18 GB…..

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    When I had a proper working phone and system, like last year, I use 10-20gb of data per month (not including free or cheaper data bundles which I only download movies and music with).
    Now that am managing gadgets, like this year, I use not more than 3gb per month.

  6. Oladimeji says:

    I happened to be a heavy internet users…If you are dealing with satellite imageries you will know what I am talking about…So…Most usage via office wifi wasnt measured…Or measurable(lol)….But on my phone…I only know I used to finish 7gb on my MTN before the month end.

  7. Stiiz says:

    Reading the comments here, and seeing what aunty Tobi has used sef is cyber-bulling I swear! I’ve used only 12GB (Office wifi + Glo data) this month.
    You ppl that are trying o

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just 361GB in 30days? When I used 467GB in 3days. Guess what? I didn’t pay shi shi. #Etisalat #Unlimited

  9. Kaybang® says:

    14GB? Even after streaming narcos and champions league matches? That’s impressive.
    Well misstechy, too bad 4 u. Seems like you’re the heaviest data user in Nigeria. How does it feel?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I feel happy, I feel grateful and I feel fulfilled. Ham happy because I never xperredit

      1. Kaybang® says:

        Someone seems pretty excited. Good for you😊 I Just wonder why that might be..
        OH YES! MAN UTD won yesterday

  10. pWilliams says:

    lol….that is so much data….well I don’t cross 10gb a month at least for now

  11. Ebenezer says:

    I use like 200- 220gb

  12. Laide says:

    120Gb this is office and home combined

  13. Gido™ says:

    I use only tiri point 5 gig in a month for misstechy and nairaland.

  14. Victor Molokwu says:

    I use about 25 GB monthly, + some of that MTN ₦25 for 500mb every night for updating apps and sending pishures to google photo storage..
    Misstechy suffers from. DataConsumophobia..
    She needs epp..
    Tobi #WehDoneMa

  15. Xino says:

    I have used just 25gb and I was feeling fly….

  16. Deji says:

    Hey Tobi great thing you’re doing on here!
    It’d be super awesome of you did a review of all the telecoms offering data in Nigeria.
    I’m currently stuck with Swift and I feel I’m not getting enough value for my money.
    Here are some key points you can include.
    The fastest network.
    Best value for money
    Most Reliable (sometimes I get no reception at all and these could be when I really need to send an important mail or something)
    Best Coverage.
    It’ll be super nice if you could do this and you’d be saving us a lot of headaches really.
    Keep up the good work 👍💪

  17. Derrick says:

    Mine is 12.27GB a month,300+GB that’s a lot of data

  18. Darlington says:

    Mine is an average of 500 MB.I use a small phone,so its not that large

  19. Norman says:

    360GB!!! How??? It seems you only stream videos in FHD. Probably got a netflix account. Otherwise i dont really see how i can even use up 10GB a month.

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