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Low Battery Syndrome (LB).

Okay people we all know that in this our “unstable electricity Naija” a Low Battery Syndrome is always the sickness of the day! Did you actually know that there was such a thing called a “Low Battery Syndrome”??? Yessoooo!!!! It exists! In fact, scientists call it “NOMOPHOBIA”!!!!! The fear of being out of mobile phone contact due to a low or dead battery! Gbam! Every Nigerian can definitely relate to this; that includes me! In fact, as I write this piece I don’t even have electricity but I’m typing with my PHONE!!
So there are 5 major NOMOPHOBIC scenarios suffered by Nigerians; let’s explore them together:

  1. You’re a Chronic Charger Beggar: You’re humbly but desperately asking everyone around you for a charger…and then minutes later, you ask the same person who told you they didn’t have! Hehehe…I feel your pain bro!!!

  1. When you literally have to sit by the AC outlet to use your phone while it charges…as a Yoga professional that you is na..LOL!

  1. When you’re always carrying a power bank like it’s your wallet!


  1. When you have multiple chargers: Na only you waka come? Or are you planning to open a charger shop? Hehe.

  1. You get into a Mood because your battery is DEAD: Yes, it’s finally dead! You can now go watch TV (if you have light) or finally do those house chores (you left hours ago just to send a simple WhatsApp message only to end up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at once). But no, you get into a mood, lie on your bed and sleep off…lmao!

Why buy a bank-breaking smartphone whose battery can only take you a few hours before you start showing No. 1 symptoms of Nomophobia above? (not to even mention the load and weight those power banks could cause). Isn’t it just easier and effective to go for a smartphone with a huge battery capacity? That way you get to receive your Nomophobic healing!!!! Yassss receive it!
With a device like TECNO’s newly released L9 Plus, you basically have the most important things you desire in ONE DEVICE – A 5000mAH battery that can last for THREE DAYS! Yep, you read it right; 3 days! With a 5000mAh battery, there is very little one cannot do on a smartphone. In fact, you can enjoy over 24hrs of gaming, 30hrs of video playback, 40hrs of call and 200hrs of music playback…did I hear you amazeballs??? So guys if you’re tired of suffering go out and get the TECNO L9 Plus to end your suffering and start living a “beggy-beggy for charger” free life! Abi you no like better thing?


3 comments on “Low Battery Syndrome (LB).

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, even itel and Gionee have a 5000mAh battery phone.
    Nice article, I never had Tecno L9 in mind till I reached the ending part.
    L9 is really phone to have and help solve our nomophobic issues.

  2. aabdoo says:

    This post was directed at me. Sometimes I forget my wallet sef but never my powerbank. Tired of Carrying about. Need a huge battery phone once and for all. The L9plus might just be it

  3. pwilliams says:

    Lolz……NOMOPHOBIA…..*vocabulary updated​*

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