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Nokia 3310: This Meme Says It All.

Thanks to the fact that HMD retained Nokia’s old band frequencies — 900MHz and 1,800MHz — the new Nokia 3310 will be virtually impossible to connect to carriers in the developed countries. Meanwhile, folks who still use 2G connections in their countries are probably feeling this way:


7 comments on “Nokia 3310: This Meme Says It All.

  1. Well I’m not impressed with anything about the new Nokia 3310. HMD is just trying to use old glory to sell a very different phone by giving it old name.

    1. Kaybang says:

      You mean what 🍎 has been doing with virtually all their products since Tim Cook stepped in as CEO?

  2. pWilliams says:


  3. KingAbsolute says:

    Lmao, talk about Nigeria.

  4. Kaybang says:

    Mmm.. Bishop Tutu got moves yo!
    Mr Dalai Lama as a proper baby boomer, can’t 💃 for sh*t. Yeye

  5. Rotimi Popoola says:


  6. mista cee says:

    being in an under developed country have an advantage in this context I guess

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