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Why You Would Like It Bigger & Longer.

Smartphone manufacturer TECNO Mobile, launched their latest L series a few days ago. The TECNO L8 was and still is a hit back to back, but the TECNO L9 Plus looks more promising with a tagline – Bigger and Longer. The TECNO L9 Plus has been termed bigger and longer because of the big screen it offers, and the amazingly long lasting battery that accompanies the beauty queen.If you are a business owner, if you are on your phone ’72 hours in a day’, if you love sleek devices, and you want all of these embedded in a smartphone, TECNO L9 Plus houses all of your dreams!!!


The TECNO L9 Plus Unique Selling Points are its extremely large battery capacity, its large screen, its classy design (sleekness) despite its large battery, its fingerprint sensor, its OTG function, it’s fast charging, and most of all, its ability to be your best companion.
At the moment, TECNO L9 Plus is the Slimmest Battery King. It has been given this title because it was able to maintain having a 5,000 mAh battery, yet keeping its slimness.


The TECNO L9 Plus is a very good alternative if you’re considering a tablet. It gives you a large, vibrant display for your games. Its high movie display is unprecedented. There’s comfortability when recording a video. While a device this size can sometimes feel large in your hands, TECNO L9 Plus combines a smart pouch that keeps you from having to unlock your screen even before having access. It has an OTG function, enabling you to power other devices through your phone. The battery of the TECNO L9 Plus is large enough to go round. Your battery has no reason to be on a recession. LOL!

Thirdly, it comes with the latest Android OS; Android 7.0 (Nougat) which means an even more seamless use of the phone as well as a better browsing experience. The Android 7.0 is a better option because of so many reasons. Some of them are; it allows you switch between two apps with a double tap, as well as run two applications side by side. Along with the phones 4,500 mAh battery and its power saver options, Android 7.0 helps you preserve the battery. Data saver options are also included in its functions, amongst others.
When it comes to productivity on the go, the large screen of TECNO L9 Plus (Bigger), and it’s never dying battery (Longer) keeps you satisfied; just the way you like it.
Many have chosen wisely; what about you?


75 comments on “Why You Would Like It Bigger & Longer.

  1. Derek says:

    Nawa ooo… Tecno sef are no longer doing phones of low budget. Uhmmmm… Hopethois won’t affect their sales sha.. Let’s wait and see.

    1. Daniel A says:

      I think it will rather help them

      1. princessx says:

        like, all their phones are top notch now

        1. manymen says:

          Yes. They are at the top of their game

        2. Daniel A says:

          But they are still quite affordable na

      2. Paduzman says:

        Yes I think so too

    2. maye says:

      Lol.its not just about low budget but also quality.and the price is worth it if you ask me

      1. Paduzman says:

        I concur with you on this

      2. Daniel A says:

        Yeah they really do have quality products tho

    3. manymen says:

      they are targeting the needs of their customers. Its all about customer satisfaction

      1. Daniel A says:

        And I guess they are doing that very well

    4. tafat says:

      There are many phones that are more expensive and still don’t have half of this specs. The L9 is OK price wise and otherwise if u ask me

      1. Daniel A says:

        Me too I’ll say the same

    5. Paduzman says:

      I think the quality of the phones match the price

      1. Daniel A says:

        Some of Tecno products have more quality than the price

  2. Jesse says:

    Ram?, Rom?, Cam mp?
    Was expecting a 5.5 inch device.

    1. Daniel A says:

      Lol, me this one do me like so

    2. maye says:

      This phone is great naw.just take a look

      1. Daniel A says:

        It came out very nice in my eyes

  3. prime says:

    hmmmmm bigger nd longer…. but if u use it harder, can the battery charge faster. *_*

    1. Kaybang says:


    2. Daniel A says:

      Nice ryhmes but a good question too

    3. koskilala says:

      It can’t just stop at bigger and longer. It will be super fast in fact and it’s lighter and slimmer

      1. maye says:

        The phone just has an aesthetic appeal. You can’t deny that

        1. manymen says:

          Yeah its just beautiful. And all that synergy

        2. tafat says:

          I agree with you its really beautiful

      2. Daniel A says:

        After being used harder too

    4. Daniel A says:

      Even used harder it ought to charge faster too

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    Tecno Mobile do consult the market (consumers) properly before producing a new set of phones. That’s why make hit back to back.
    They’ll find out what people want most at a particular time and serve it. Leaving people with the urge to get satisfied.
    That’s an awesome Longer & Bigger sales slogan. Tecno goes sexual again.
    They didn’t mention anything about fast charging though.

    1. Ivvy says:

      ya, customer satisfaction is always key, they listen which is great, but if the fast charging isnt there we can manage, but wld be nice if it is

      1. maye says:

        I believe the fast charging dey am convinced. Nothing you go do with me

        1. Daniel A says:

          Maybe it will be sort of a surprise? or wat do you mean?

      2. paduzman says:

        Techno has become really innovative they wouldn’t leave anything to chance. So I believe that fast charging is there

      3. Daniel A says:

        As long as it can last as long as possible I’m okay with it

    2. koskilala says:

      Their scouts are really good at their job

    3. Daniel A says:

      That is very very true

  5. Kaybang says:

    “Why You Would Like It Bigger & Longer.”
    Look at the sexual tension in this these titles.. TECNO 😈😈

    1. maye says:

      We are talking about phone here actually. The Techno L9

    2. tafat says:

      Because i like better screen access and longer battery life. Thanks L9

    3. Daniel A says:

      It’s a marketing strategy and it works for them

  6. pWilliams says:

    this one should make more sense….

    1. maye says:

      It’s only ideal that it should

    2. paduzman says:

      It should. It will. It does

    3. Daniel A says:

      I bet you it will, I like the L series

  7. Ebi says:

    That tagline shouldn’t be used on any advert. My major problem with tecno is the fact that they keep on using low end processors for all their mid range devices, bigger ram doesn’t mean a faster phone. Hope the L9 is different. Android Nougat 😍😍😍

    1. koskilala says:

      The tagline wouldn’t have been taken otherwise if not for the fact that the world we are living in has been perverted.Anyways the specs say it all

      1. Daniel A says:

        Yeah the specs truly say it all!

    2. manymen says:

      The tagline just raises one’s curiosity.. Lol

    3. Daniel A says:

      That’s a catchy line there, but Tecno phones are fast too

  8. Techmate says:

    Android Nougat multi window feature will make plenty of sense on a 6inch device. Enough screen real estate to make it an enjoyable experience.

    1. Daniel A says:

      This is a whole new level of experience o

  9. Behankey says:

    Definitely going to love a bigger screen and a long lasting battery on a device. And this L9 Plus seems to be perfect. Great device.

    1. Ivvy says:

      its the perfect device if you ask me,

      1. Daniel A says:

        This is a device I will always want to have…..Infact I must get it

    2. tafat says:

      It also has a unique slimness and weight.I love that also

    3. Daniel A says:

      The l9 has already solved ur problem

  10. Burmese says:

    feels like the device was made for nigerians mostly seeing as we strugle with power supply, bless tecno, good job

    1. koskilala says:’s a rather good job

    2. Daniel A says:

      Hmm, it’s a device truly for Nigerians o

  11. maye says:

    Techno!!!!..genius!! genius!!

    1. Daniel A says:

      They are always ahead, Africa’s biggest mobile brand

  12. koskilala says:

    Techno is always improving on its products. The L9 just goes to prove this.

    1. Daniel A says:

      And they are still getting better

  13. tach says:

    I don’t know about techno

    1. tach says:

      Well I know about techno. And they are on a roll.

      1. maye says:

        Lol. That’s why you need this L9. It’s super fast and you would have been able to make your correction before it delivered. #winks#

        1. tach says:

          Hahahah. Right!!

      2. koskilala says:

        And there is no stopping them.they just keep bringing good after good products

  14. maye says:

    Customer satisfaction is key and techno has it under control

  15. koskilala says:

    And it has an OTG cable oh.this is just wow!!

  16. manymen says:

    I must confess. This L9 really got to me

  17. manymen says:

    I like that it can have all this specs and still be slim and have a light weight at dsame time

  18. paduzman says:

    Techno is at it again ohh..nice one

  19. tafat says:

    This phone will really help Nigerians to live the Nigerian dream

  20. tafat says:

    One thing I’ve learnt from techno is that whatever you do just keep getting better at it. The L9 proves that

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