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Someone Sued MTN Over Unauthorized Caller-Tunes Deduction and Got Awarded N500,000.

If only I had the time to sue GLO.

Anyway, if you have the time and money, you just might be the next person to receive a significant sum of money, courtesy of your Telco. According to Vanguard, a Mr. Oluwole Aluko was awarded N500,000 against MTN.
MTN’s crime?
Unauthorized caller-tunes deductions.

The judge who ruled the case held that MTN had admitted guilt by not challenging the action. According to him:
“The plaintiff has the right to allow or reject the use of a caller tune. MTN cannot force the use of any caller tune on him or anybody because it is unlawful. “Though the plaintiff sought N10 million as damages, but I hold that any damage suffered must be commensurate with the claim. “I, hereby, award a cost of N500,000 for the damages suffered and another N30,000 as cost incurred during the court process,” he said.


10 comments on “Someone Sued MTN Over Unauthorized Caller-Tunes Deduction and Got Awarded N500,000.

  1. Iszybee says:

    I need to sue Airtel!
    That money can go a long way in my life😆

  2. pWilliams says:


  3. Kaybang says:

    What if when you bought their mi-fi + 10gb and you were supposed to be awarded an extra 10 cus it was your first time, but you never received it, and they never explained to you why that happened despite your best attempts to reach out to them? Can you still sue?
    Side 📝; I’ll recognize that 🐱 anywhere. That has to be from “the aristocrats”. Best movie ever

  4. Aina says:

    How can I sue them pls? Even if money refuse to come out from MMM, it can come out from here

    1. Laide says:


  5. KingAbsolute says:

    All these and they won’t still learn. I guess they’ll learn the hard way when more people sues them and get rewarded.

  6. Rotimi Popoola says:

    the way people go soon dey sue all these networks them go serious oh

  7. Let the suing game begin!

  8. Ay says:

    Ewoo oo!!!…God!! I should have done this a long time ago😠 thumbs up my man.

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