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In A Long Distance Relationship? These Websites Let You Watch YouTube/Local Videos Together.

The Boo-less ones are probably feeling like this today:

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re alone. But you do have a BAE, he/she just doesn’t live in the same state/country as you do. It sucks right?

However, in the age of the omnipresent Internet, living apart from BAE doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do something special with them, like go on a movie date.
Yes, that’s right — I said a movie date.
Imagine the two of you watching the same movie at the same time and in perfect sync (If he pauses the video, your video gets paused as well) while video chatting and instant messaging your observations, criticisms, and questions. So, in the interest of spicing things up today, or tonight 😏, Here are 2 great websites that let you watch videos together for free, even when you are far away from each other.


Watch2Gether lets you watch videos from popular video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, to name a few. I love this one because of its video chat feature. With this, you get to see all the emotions on BAE’s face when playing that extremely romantic but touching movie.

Another cool feature is the fact that you don’t need to register to use the service, just create a room, type in your username, scroll down and select any movie from one of the popular video platforms.

Once selected, share the link with BAE, both of you can grab your favorite snack, turn on the video chat (By clicking on the menu bar on the top right corner &select the video chat icon) and enjoy a movie or two, together.
The downside? You can’t watch local videos.


This is where MyCircle.TV comes in. Unlike Watch2Gether, you can watch both local (Provided they are stored on your Dropbox or favorite cloud storage) & online videos. It doesn’t support video chat, but you can enable instant chat and audio calls.

For MyCircle.TV, you have to register to watch videos locally, but they’ve enabled a Facebook login, which is just a click away.
Yeah, I know you need a good Internet connection and data — but who says Romance is cheap or easy?


9 comments on “In A Long Distance Relationship? These Websites Let You Watch YouTube/Local Videos Together.

  1. Victor Kachi says:

    Thanks MissTechy. I’m gonna check it out.

  2. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    That gif about being alone on vals day 😅😅😅😅 is so me. Ain’t nobody got time to spend money on one fuck boy in this recession.
    I can only spend money on someone that is already in the process of being my husband.
    So, these websites would probably be for me and besty.

    1. Kaybang says:

      “Ain’t nobody got time to spend money on one fuck boy in this recession.”

  3. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Happy Val to all the lovers on

  4. pWilliams says:

    hmmmm….it’s cool

  5. iHarrie says:

    Imagine the amount of data to be used by both parties?? 😐 and if she decides to stream the blockbuster 3hr 15min movie, Titanic, **twice.. Haba..
    And after consuming data *BUNDLES, valuable time, some quality cash, they end up in a fight, they break up, why waste that much on someone you arent gonn’ get married to?? I’m

    1. Yomi says:

      Ever heard of yolo

      1. iHarrie says:

        Yeah, but it still doesnt justify the subject matter. Several ways abound in which one can live and sail through the seas of life, without having to be in a relationship.. It just depends on the standard you place yourself.

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