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Which Telco Has the Best 4G LTE Experience in Lagos? NIWBQR Decides.

National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Report, NIWBQR, carried out a research to test the quality of experience as well as the technical quality when it comes to 4G networks in Lagos. They compared the services of Glo, MTN, nTel, and Smile in the same area in Victoria Island using proprietary methods to rank service providers.

The results saw GLO taking the top spot because they stood out in uplink and downlink application layer throughput. [Throughput is the amount of data moved successfully from one place to another in a given time period and typically measured in bits per second (bps), as in megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps)]. In their words, Glo had excellent RF coverage and quality, plus there was no evidence of any common Radio Frequency (RF) performance issues – RRC Call Drops, RRC Connection Failures, Handoff failures, excessive call setup delays and so on.

While Smile which came in at number 2 had lower uplink and downlink application layer throughput than most due to an undeclared throughput. Smile was ranked higher than MTN and nTel because it has a higher service accessibility rate than MTN and better coverage than Ntel.

Meanwhile, MTN did not have contiguous LTE service along the driven route. As such, some of the application layer throughput recorded for MTN was in 3G.


15 comments on “Which Telco Has the Best 4G LTE Experience in Lagos? NIWBQR Decides.

  1. kaybang says:

    So.., in essence MTN is sh*t!?
    Good… Good. Now I can die in peace 💀☠👻

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    And I was guessing nTel 1st, Smile 2nd, MTN 3rd before Glo. my guess was wrong. Kudos to glo network.

    1. Henry says:

      NTEL first my cute, black butt. I have to drop my two NTEL lines (I know, 2 lines right) to go back to Spectranet cos they are having a promo on their unlimited which currently goes for 11k. Just 1k difference between it and NTEL.

  3. pWilliams says:

    Wow….i can’t believe it….Glo is really powering up

  4. Goody says:

    Wow has always been the best for me…..although am still using 3g the speed is really fast

  5. Sadiq says:

    I think the geographical scope of the test is too limited to draw a general conclusion. If you ask me, its largely just noisy hooting….what is a Niwibicker anyways???

    1. Gori says:

      Exactly bro. Glo for where?

  6. Karasimoke says:

    Um,,,missy-tetchy…please can you correctly rephrase the title of the write-up to capture “Victoria Island west and TBS area of Lagos Island” which I believe is less than 5% of the whole of Lagos geographically. The current tilte is totally misleading and can be considered a general mi-information of the public.

    1. Kemi Oguntayo says:

      I thought so too, but I think she should leave it as it is. Since it would be practically impossible to cover everywhere In Lagos

      1. Sinbad says:

        Telcos do that monthly to see how well they are doing but its mostly internal information

  7. iHarrie says:

    Victoria Island and all geographical regions within its defined scope does seem rather inconclusive to draw the line, aaaand soon the least takes the lead…

  8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  9. Adeniji Micheal says:

    At my hood , mtn is the king

  10. Rotimi Popoola says:

    With ehat am seeing its glo and mtn

  11. Yudy says:

    Glo, top spot? akantbilivit!

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