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CcHub Wants to Teach Your Parents Digital Technology for Free.

Our parents, they just don’t get technology, right?

Have you ever tried to teach your Mom how to send a picture to her friend on “Whatsupp?”
Or has your Dad ever shown you the “photos” he took with his new smartphone, and you’ve had to explain that they’re actually videos?

We’ve all had moments where we wanted to laugh, cry and inwardly scream (Inward, because who are you to scream at your Nigerian Parents?)  at our parents’ technological ineptitude.
Now, Co-Creation hub wants to help us solve this problem with a new program called DIGnified, a 4-week program designed to introduce older people (aged 55 and above) to digital technology. These sessions will hold thrice a week, for 4 weeks straight in Lagos and Abuja with a series of courses, starting from the basics to advanced concepts.

So, if the job of teaching your Parents technology is proving difficult, why not sign them up on DIGnified by clicking here. They are only accepting 10 participants.
Did I mention that this is completely free?


6 comments on “CcHub Wants to Teach Your Parents Digital Technology for Free.

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    Everything about this post is outright funny, from the memes to the sentences to the words & spellings.
    CcHub’s idea with DIGnified is nice (if they won’t teach them how to spy/stalk us on medias). But, why just 10 participants?

  2. pWilliams says:

    Lol…. It’s a welcomed initiative…..I wish then success

  3. Kaybang says:

    Baby boomers. SMH
    My dad doesn’t even know what Wikipedia is.

  4. Oj_Ina says:

    my Mom still thinks Google is Facebook buh momma is improving

  5. Rotimi popoola says:

    This is a good initiative

  6. Nelson says:

    Lol. Good Idea but 10 is too small

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