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Nigeria: Online Job Seekers for Q3, 2016 Were Predominantly Male — NBS

A report from the National Bureau of Statistics (In a joint effort with Jobberman) has revealed a significant drop in the number of online applicants in Nigeria; Nigeria recorded a total of 266,797 online applications in the third quarter of 2016, compared to 815,163 online applications in the same quarter of 2015, that is a 67.3% drop!

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However, the number of vacancies slightly increased from 14,005 in the third quarter of 2015 to 14,112 in Q3, 2016.

Interestingly, online job seekers in Nigeria remain dominated by men — with a 67.9% rise in the third quarter of 2016 — who are well educated. 
77.5% of the overall 266,797 online applicants during the period are reported to be educated to a degree level or higher, 63.7% had a degree, 13.8% were educated to higher than degree level (MBBS, MBA/MSc or MPHIL/Ph.D.). In addition, 14.1% had a Higher National Diploma. Only 1.4% listed S.S.C.E as their highest educational achievement.
Age-wise, an estimated 55.5% of applicants were between the ages of 20 and 29, and 46% were 39 years and above. Only 0.5% of applicants were under 20 years of age. (This data was derived from 58,801 applicants who made their information available).
Finally, Lagos accounted for the largest number of applicants and vacancies within the period.
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11 comments on “Nigeria: Online Job Seekers for Q3, 2016 Were Predominantly Male — NBS

  1. pWilliams says:

    lolz… hard na…..who no go look for work

  2. Rotimi popoola says:

    Kai Nigeria nawa for us oh .. see as people dey look for work

  3. Yomi says:

    What are these ones above me saying. Please, it is not by force to comment, if you don’t have anything to say, just shuush

  4. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    Hehe, that’s cos we (Ladies) don’t just rely on our 9 – 5 jobs, we have so many other things we do to ensure we stay ahead of our game.

    1. Yomi says:

      Passing by. *whistling*… So many other things? Interesting

      1. Kemi Oguntayo says:

        Your mind is so dirty.

    2. KingAbsolute says:

      Like looking good, keeping fit, to attract better employed men abi?

  5. Lanre Akogun says:

    What do you expect? We need the jobs more because if we don’t have jobs, our girlfriends would leave us for a maga, and nobody would be a “respeck” on our name.

    1. Laide says:

      You need to throw that girlfriend away.

  6. Maryam Ayodele says:

    I am not surprised.

  7. KingAbsolute says:

    It seems online job seekers always end up disappointed without any job, that’s why rate of people there declined. Giving up on the system.
    I won’t say its because most of them got the job, causing the decrease. We all know there was higher rate of unemployment recently, with companies laying off workers too.

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