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Do You Love Korean Series (K-Drama)? These 4 Websites Should Be Your Go-To.

Non-Korean series fans, please stop looking like I started 2017 on a bad note. 
Yes, there are so many people (Nigerians/Africans) out there who can’t get enough of K-dramas, people like me!
I can safely state that my love for K-dramas is bordering on obsession! According to my Fitbit, my average sleep time came down from 7 to 5 hours in December.
Lol, Some people be looking like: 

Anyway, If you love K-dramas, this is for you! (If you don’t, my advice: Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).


This tops my list because of the great community they have. Asides from streaming or downloading the latest Asian drama, KissAsian also has a highly engaging community.
Another favorite of mine, but the reason I love this website is because they provide episode updates on time.
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If you are looking for a new Korean, Chinese or Taiwan drama, then MyDramaList will be your best bet. I was able to get great dramas like 1% of anything, Jealousy Incarnate to name a few from MyDramaList.
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It features in-depth reviews and analysis of Korean dramas and serves also as a fan forum.
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There you have it, my top 4 Asian sites for anything K-drama, C-drama or T-drama? .
Any Korean drama fan in the house?
P.S. I am currently watching Goblin, Romantic Doctor, The Legend of the Blue Sea and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju.


65 comments on “Do You Love Korean Series (K-Drama)? These 4 Websites Should Be Your Go-To.

  1. Fanasi Ufoh says:

    Pls is there any other website I can download drama series that is not korean like empire, desperate housewives, prison break, Smallville, flash, etc @tobiayeni

    1. Emeka says:


    2. Ajibola says:

      Comment Text*yes (02tv

      1. Anonymous says:

        For Kdrama I use

    3. Anonymous says:

    4. Anonymous says:

      Go to ,

    5. Nelson says:

    6. Anonymous says: or

    7. Anonymous says: or is pretty good site for ur request.

    8. Anonymous says:


    9. Ridho says:

    10. Thelma says:


    11. Anonymous says:


  2. William says: is also a good place to download Korean movies and dramas. Am watching goblin-1×9 and LOTBS,HWARANG 1X5 THIS MORNING.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Whoop whoop A K-drama fan spotted. You should try BoxAsian, they already have episode 10 of Goblin.

      1. William says:

        Just downloaded it from, I checked out the box Asian couldn’t find a download link still browsing through though. Thanks anyway. ?☺️

  3. kaybang says:

    I could have sworn part of misstechy’s new year resolutions was to stop using that gif. ???

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOL Never! Caleon Fox and I are like 5 & 6.

      1. Kaybang says:

        ?Please stop it. It cracks me up every time

  4. Simdie says:

    Happy new year Tosin :)..Whilst I’m not an avid fan of K-drama’s … as I think they get way too cheesy for me (esp. Any love triangle related ones), I have enjoyed a couple of their historical series basically most of the ones set in the old Joseon or goguryeo, like jumong and dae jo young…The culture is rich and their roots in Asian history is quite deep. However, The high school teenage love triangle thing just doesn’t cut it for me, I’m not built like great sure lots of naija k-drama fans would find this piece very helpful!. ?

    1. Simdie says:

      Omg, auto correct changed Tobi to Tosin…im so sorry…lol!

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yayy, glad to know you like one aspect of K-dramas and Happy new year to you too. P.S. This is the second time someone has called me “Tosin.” Maybe God is telling me something.

    3. Yon says:

      I’m also interested in Korean historical drama, I’m actually looking for episodes for jumong but can’t seem to find them in these sites. If you could tell me where you downloaded your episodes from, twill be really helpful.

      1. Mangusho Caleb says:

        please go to index of series/serials/jumong/ to get all the episodes of jumong

  5. Adaobi says:

    I watched (and enjoyed) Dramaworld (a show about an oyinbo K-series fan that got sucked into her favourite K-series) on Netflix, na so Netflix wan kill me with suggestions.
    I used to watch K-, C- and J-films like my life depended on them, they know how to make weird and oddly entertaining romantic comedies & sci-fis. Even the film’s title will warn you sef – eg. Cyborg She (AKA My Girlfriend is a Cyborg) & I’m a Cyborg but it’s Okay. Even when you get normal sounding title, they’ll just blindside you with the crazy.

  6. henry says:

    korea dramas are my bestie..however while can be great, beats all the above site hands down… You guys should try it out and thank techviola later.

    1. Laide says:

      Thanks misstechy for this. I am a k drama addict and I hate the UI of drama fire and sojuoppa; recently found kissassian and the experience has been fantastic so far

    2. Anonymous says:

      please who knows dramafire new website

      1. Anonymous says:

  7. pWilliams says:

    thanks allot…now I see more reason why I shouldn’t watch any of these movies…I love science fiction and action movies

    1. Laide says:

      But they have those too

  8. Rotimi Popoola says:

    I guess women like korean movies

  9. Sam Gandolf says:

    I think it’s safe to say dah am the greatest fan of K drama or K pop… Even learnt the language…

    1. shaheedah says:

      Hi Sam I don’t think you are safe to say you are the greatest but maybe the second greatest will do, I find my addiction to Korean drama amazing

  10. Yasolan says:

    Anything kiss- is top notch I use kissanime for my anime’s

  11. KingAbsolute says:

    Thanks for this, there is one Korean series I’ve been looking for (Killer K), now I’ll easily watch the full episodes and find its related series to watch too.

    1. Rita says:

      Wow how can I download it

  12. Al-amin Momoh says:

    Thanks misstechy
    I’ve also tried websites like
    Recommended K-Drama:
    Train To Busan
    Neighborhood Hero
    The K2 ?
    If it’s not K-Drama, turn off the TV.

  13. Kelvin says:

    I buy and watch one in a while tho.

  14. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  15. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  16. Francis says:

    Thanks Miss Techy but i still prefer to all the listed site although they dont have much dramas and movies on their site but they are very fast when it comes to updating ongoing series and their video sizes are very very moderate with good quality ..they even have 3gp format for all their dramas and movies ……and they also respond to drama and movie request on time……..i was so surprised when i found out that the owner is Nigerian….

  17. cassie says:

    please help! the IT dept were i work has BLOCKED all the sites i know

  18. Rap monstress says:

    This is lovely…Nice work dear,I really love it


  20. Shaheedah says:

    I have been a Korean fan since 2008 when I accidentally watched jumong, I am so happy to finally meet fans from my country. All these websites you uploaded are good but and is my favorite so far. They atre both easy to use and fast

  21. marikelyn says:

    OMG.. didn’t Know there were so many k-drama fans in Nigeria most people I meet have seen only boys over flowers (and they say they like Korean series)
    Sojuoppa WAS my favorite but there’s been some recent changes on the website, so I’m looking for a better alternative. I hope the ones listed here are good.
    And someone said something about K-pop… :):):):):) Don’t even start!!! I am an ARMY!!

  22. Khan says:

    Nice list please allow me to share my experience, i found a website with Korean Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas

  23. sab says:

    Pls am trying to download episodes of the journey of flower a chineses drama.can anyone post a good site without need for much mb

  24. sab says:

    Anyone with an idea of site for me to download the journey of flower a chinese drama for not too much mb

  25. xclusiveteck says:

    for me i prefer dramafire to download asian movies free

  26. Bianca says:

    Hi guys, I’m also a K-drama addict….. Thanks for the sites given…. Now I can download Korean dramas…. And also, thanks Tobi…. I’m grateful

  27. Rana says:

    All these websites you uploaded are good but is the best!
    check on it…

    1. James says:

      But not loading, is it with this hyperlink

  28. David says:

    @ James, it is working awesomely. Thanks for your review

  29. Dramanice says:

    Did you try dramanice? It is awesome for watching and download KDrama.

  30. Oreoluwa says:

    All the sites I keep getting have episodes that are large in size, l looking for one thats like 200mb or less and easy to use.. Any suggestions?

  31. you can download Great Korean series from Downloadmovies

  32. Anonymous says: this the best try it…

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