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Introducing Garanntor, The First Cloud Hosting Company to Host All Its Infrastructure in Nigeria.

With the number of hosting companies we have in the world today, it is commendable to see a Nigerian company doing things differently.
Allow me to introduce you to Garanntor, a hosting company and accredited domain registrar that officially launched its operations in November 2016 at its Tier III datacenter in Lagos, Nigeria; RackCentre.
One unique offering from Garanntor is the fact that it’s the first hosting company to host all its infrastructure in Nigeria without ever hosting outside the country. Other offerings include, but not limited to — Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions to developers, SMEs, NGOs, corporate and government organizations, domain names, virtual private servers, cloud servers, web hosting, web security, cloud solutions, content delivery network, application hosting, cloud storage, disaster recovery and colocation.
Garanntor claims that its infrastructure is engineered to deliver services that are in line with global standards. They also have very affordable plans:
Furthermore, you get a 24-hour customer service and support to assist customers either via a Phone call, social media, email, or live chat.
To read more about Garanntor, kindly click on this link. 
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19 comments on “Introducing Garanntor, The First Cloud Hosting Company to Host All Its Infrastructure in Nigeria.

  1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Tee says:

      most definitely….

  2. Hmm.. This is seriously interesting Sha.
    I wonder how solid their backup power and servers are.
    Well done Garanntor for taking that bold step.

    1. Tems says:

      Hmmm… Quite interesting cos I visited the same datacentre that garanntor resides in a couple of months ago with my boss and I must confess I was blown away. Change really has come o. It matches any global datacentre. I was fortunate to go on a tour of the facilities. Their IT guy was going on and on about their top notch facilities.. The guy could talk. lol. It was very enlightening sha, cos I could see all he was saying. They run on off grid that is to say they do not depend on PHCN (24/7). They have backup generators and that they have enough diesel in store to last 6 months. The guy also said that they have 5 industrial sized UPS of which 1 is only sufficient for current capacity. So, power-wise they seem like they are on top of it. My own concern is if this can be sustained.

  3. VECTÖR says:

    great development

  4. pWilliams says:

    Nice one…we need more of these in Nigeria

  5. Yomi says:

    See ehn, the thing is not about affordability, but reliability. Can I depend on a nigerian hosting service ? Probably not and I am scared to try after hearing so many horrific stories.
    So Garanntor it is not you, it is me.

    1. Davidola says:

      Tell me about it… As in ehn, I can totally relate. I have 3 websites hosted on godaddy, and I still experience downtime o. Shocking but true. I’ll move one of my websites to garanntor since they have monthly plans. Lemme see how it would be for a couple of months. So the risk is kinda minimal and I won’t be tied to them for a long time if their services are crappy like the others in naija. Let me join the trend and contribute my own small share to buy naija to grow the naira. Their packaging make sense sha. It shows they want to be distinct and have come to stay.

  6. Laide says:

    Who go host came saw and disappointed. I hope this doesn’t. Kudos for their unique offering.

  7. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Nice unique and great development….. innovations daily

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just wished this is sustained and maintained. Kudos to Garantor (y) #itsallisay

  9. Henry says:

    Ok. I checked their website now. From what I can see, it seems like it isn’t really a Nigerian company. More like a US company with a Nigerian branch. Their prices are in USD (which I have no qualms with), but the contact number on the home page is a US number not a Nigerian. All the same, it’s good to see such development here in Nigeria.

    1. Lanre Akogun says:

      I checked and it gave me Nigerian figures. You probably went to the .com site. There is a .ng site for Nigerians. Try clicking on the link in the article again

  10. Henry says:

    Again, the website still needs to be worked on too.

  11. Christopher says:

    Does anyone know Garanntor’s nameserver?

  12. Moved my domains to garanntor when domainking had issues…..thanks for the heads up MissTechy

  13. Sirmuel says:

    I have used Garanntor for a while and I can say their service is fair.
    If you want to open a new site with a moderate traffic, you can go for Garanntor.

  14. Okosun John says:

    Well it’s a nice improvement and I love their service.

    Currently using them for my blog domain name and also directed my clients to buy domain and hosting there.

    And I believe if many Nigerians do same, we will enjoy perfect services made here in Nigeria

    Have a nice day Miss.

    Blogger @ Blogging Prince

  15. DigitalwebNG says:

    Garanntor is a welcome development to Nigeria but as a rule in the hosting market, uptime has to be worked upon but on the whole they are good to go

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