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Meet The Huawei Y6II, Huawei's Latest Mid-Range Device for The Nigerian Market.

The Huawei Y6II is the latest 4G enabled mid-range smartphone by Huawei. Check out its specs

  • The Y6II features a 5.5-inch IPS display and offers 1280*720 resolution, providing users a clear and comfortable experience.


  • You also get a GFF Full Lamination—Transparent


  • It’s equipped with a 13-megapixel BSI CMOS rear-facing camera with F2.0 and an 8-megapixel f/2.0 front shooter.hw_u_019355
  • Make-up mode
    The Y6II’s beautification technology allows for users to enhance images with various makeup styles and preview the effects in real time with a single touch. The function provides eight templates and delivers more natural effects and a range of advanced beautifying features, such as lip gloss and eye shadow.


  • The Y6II Classic 3D crossed stripes design on the back cover features grains with 5176 different facets, reflecting light and shadow effects to delight users at any angle and creating a distinctive metal-like appearance. Customers could also choose the high gloss back cover design with bright color options in yellow, pink and blue, which will brighten users up every day. Details such as mold mirror polish at the sides make the phone more fashionable and superior.
  • The curved shape design is convenient for single-handed use and offers users the most comfortable grip.

The Y6II adopts Kirin 620 1.2 GHz octa-core 64 bit CPU to ensure smoother performance while multi-tasking.
Y6II adopts EMUI 4.1 which is customized based on Android 6.0. The upgraded build-in phone manager is faster and more power-saving. Phone Accelerator can help to clean and optimize the device. App Lock and Do Not Disturb functions protect users’ privacy.

  • You get a 16GB native storage with an expansion of up to 32GB
  • Lastly, the Y6II is powered by a 3000mAh non-removal battery.

At the moment, you can get the Huawei Y6II for N76,000.
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27 comments on “Meet The Huawei Y6II, Huawei's Latest Mid-Range Device for The Nigerian Market.

  1. pWilliams says:

    nice specs… Huawei is always on point… who know how much it would be sold

    1. Anonymous says:

      Didn’t you read??? The price is there

      1. pWilliams says:

        sorry I didn’t see that…i scrolled down too quick?

  2. Lolita says:

    They have so many niiiice looking phones these days. Difficult picking the one that would be best for me:(

  3. 50 Shades says:

    Meet The Huawei Y6II, Huawei’s Latest MID-RANGE Device for The Nigerian Market.
    At the moment, you can get the Huawei Y6II for N76,000.
    Did “Mid-Range” get a new dictionary definition I never heard of overnight?

  4. Tee says:

    nice phone, but not for me at that price..

  5. estidiong says:

    nice specs… the price tho

  6. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  7. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Huawei kilode… I thought i heard midrange… abi I didnt see well niii….
    Huawei this is too expensive

  8. ZITA says:

    Mid range 76,000?

  9. Pozaa says:

    That phone ain’t worth 76k. No to the no no

    1. laide says:

      You are forgetting that this ain’t the regular chinko” devices you are used to. Plus you get so many benefits — 4G lte that works across all band + regular OTA updates and the needed sensors required in this VR world, all (or most) of which can never be gotten from your regular chinko phones that give your “affordable phones”.

      1. kaybang says:

        The phone ? is cool. It’s just funny ? how midrange range phones of nowadays are priced like top of the range stuff. #WillGetIfICanOrMaybeSomebodyJustDashesMe

  10. Kelvin says:

    Agh! MT, farabale na.. Midrange; 76k?

  11. Lanre says:

    Lol I don’t know why everyone here has a stick stuck up in their arse because of the price. For one, Huawei are known for high prices so a 76k price tag is actually midrange plus are we forgetting the dollar issue? I actually )love the fact that the device is a 5.5 and trust me once you start using a Huawei device you’d get why their devices usually have a high price tag

    1. Pozaa says:

      Excuse me sir.. Did you read through the specs?

  12. DonRaph says:

    Nice device, but the price is way toomuch from

  13. kaybang says:

    Cool ? phone ?. I really like huawei a bit. Might consider ??
    I just asked MissTechy some rather simple questions for her Q&A. I just hope she hasn’t made the video already ????

  14. Alli Abiola says:

    HUAWEI is known to produce devices for Top classes. 4GLTE and other mentioned sensors made Y6ii appealing to the hands. I need one 😉 #itsallisay

  15. MrVic says:

    Mid range?? 76K.?? Maybe they’re using French dictionary to define midrange ?

  16. KingAbsolute says:

    The 3000mAh, 5.5′ screen, and most especially the 4G LTE caught my eye.
    But the so called mid-range phone at 76k? Huawei will use this phone by itself.

  17. Oj_Ina says:

    when it’s not that an already going mad…. 76k for phone that Infinix note 3 beat baje baje and it’s not up to 65k…. I comot my boxers for you huaweii

  18. chase says:

    Huawei all ways has something I feel the phone storage is low

  19. VECTÖR says:

    In this recession! Mid-Range is N76,000……. Na Wa ooo

  20. Vjctor Molokwu says:

    Too expensive….well they make very strong devices but still not a good reason for the price tag.

  21. dave says:

    N76,000 this is mid-range in ur village

  22. tonny says:

    just enjoying mine without any issue,used for 9 monnths but feel like i just bought it yesterday hehe…..

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