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iSON BPO Expands Its Footprint in Nigeria with an Ultra-Modern Call Center Facility in Ogun State.

I’d be willing to bet that a good percentage of Nigerians are probably hearing about iSON Group/iSON BPO for the first time.
If you are, iSON Group is a leading IT and ITes company that focuses on Telecom Service Providers, Media, Banking and Financial services and Insurance (BFSI), Government, Retail, Oil, and Gas and Aviation. The Group operates through 3 main subsidiaries — iSON BPO, which provides outsourcing services specifically in customer service experience management. ISON Technologies, the systems integrator arm, and iSON Innovation and Investment (i3), a recent initiative launched by the Group to drive consumer internet business in Africa.
With a presence in 29 countries spanning four continents i.e. Africa, ASEAN, and the Middle East, iSON Group is inarguably a market leader in its niche.


Olabanji Ogunsanya – Manager Operations, Shobhit Saxena- Center Head, Opemipo Alebiosu – Chief Marketing Officer, Francis Akinwumi – Administrative Executive at the iSON Facility Tour in Abeokuta, Ogun State Yesterday

Remember when the average waiting time to reach a telecom service provider used to run for several hours? Outsourcing solutions like iSON BPO played a catalytic role in turning around this grim scenario, a situation which now makes ‘customer experience’ a key competitive advantage for Telcos.
This week, precisely on the 28th of September, members of the press went on a tour of iSON BPO’s ultra modern call center and skill development facility in Ogun State, Abeokuta. The high- tech call centers — including the ones in Oyo and Kwara States — will serve the growing clientele (MTN, Airtel, to name a few) that iSON has in Nigeria.
Apart from the cost-effective outsourcing solutions it offers to clients, iSON BPO is also focused on employee training and capability development, which means that they train & develop their staff to world-class standards and also provide excellent working culture.
Also, thanks to these facilities, iSON BPO has been able to employ over 3,000 people, of which 99% are Nigerians. As a matter of fact, iSON BPO is one of the few companies that do not outsource local work outside of Africa. This, in turn, makes the company one of the highest employment generating tech establishments in the country.
One fact that struck me with the company is the fact that 46% of their employees are women! A rather impressive stat, considering the gender divide in many tech organizations.


11 comments on “iSON BPO Expands Its Footprint in Nigeria with an Ultra-Modern Call Center Facility in Ogun State.

  1. Titi says:

    I am actually impressed with this. Especially the 46% women data and the fact that they don’t bring foreigners to come and eat our money. Kudos ison

  2. Laide says:

    This news is a breath of fresh air. I have worked with a couple of multinationals and truSt me, they definitely treat foreigners way better than they treat local employees and if what you said misstechy is true about their staff then they deserve an applause.

  3. Victor Molokwu says:

    First time I’m hearing about them, nice to know that 99% of their employees are Nigerians

  4. Smug says:

    I hope this post is sponsored. If not, then let me set the records straight. Companies like iSON BPO are actually destroying our Labour market. Companies like MTN and Airtel outsource their Customer care units to this company. This company will then employ graduates and pay them peanuts (40k thereabout). Incase of sack or lay off, no entitlement is given.
    So instead of MTN or Airtel handling the customer care unit their selves, employ workers, pay these workers something tangible, and entitlement incase of lay off or downsizing, they don’t. iSON will employ people for a year, then lay them off.
    You guys can read more about the customer care staffs MTN laid off recently (in August).

  5. Opee Kaizer says:

    I hoped this don’t happend to ISON BPO employees in Liberia.

  6. James says:

    Good radiance to bad rubbish. ISON BPO is a scam, an organization that is introduced to enslave Nigerians. How can you pay graduates about 48,000 naira, for one month, they took call center staff from MTN and offered them about fifty percentage reduction of their monthly salary and yet they have the effrontery to embark on a media campaign to say that they are empowering Nigerians whereas in actual sense they have rendered many jobless and for the ones doing the job, their take home pay can’t take them home.
    The Indians must not be allowed to exploit us and go free!

  7. Ngozi says:

    Ison is a very big scam, they have rendered thousands of people jobless in mtn call center.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is a big scam, highest height of deception.Nigerians don’t confuse slavery with employment they are two different words! 46percent are women-funny set of people.i don’t even need to comment… I am not fooled

  9. Mirian says:

    The worst experience a Nigerian can have in life is working with this God forsaken company, this is another means of slavery introduced back in Nigeria by Indians…imagine where our salary was slashed from 94k take home to 48k and working hour increased from 6hours to 9hours, and was moved from our comfort zone to Ibadan, Ilorin and Abeokuta, as if that wasn’t enough, we were being treated like secondary school children…Many agents there are bitterly complaining, but have to endure due to fear of being without a job…I took the bold step and resigned few months back I’ll rather be jobless than to work with ISON BPO…Just wish our government can do something about this so called ISON BPO

  10. Chizi4lyfe says:

    Very informative article! love the ratio of female to male employment in nthe company. Is there any call center in lagos?

  11. Tadeo says:

    ISON is in Africa to enslave and milk African work force. Here in Zambia the basic pay is less than $100per month 6days a week and 9 hrs per day. If this is not slave wage educate me what is. MTN needs to review their association with this group of Indian thieves.

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