Unboxing Tecno's 'Beast': They Really Outdid Themselves With This One!

A quick question!
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a package like this?
If this ?? doesn’t come to mind:
Then you should have a second glance
Thanks to the size of the package, I was actually expecting more than one device (Probably a wireless charger). After tearing off the nylon, I discovered that we had two more packages.
Yeah, Tecno Mobile changed their package game.
Anyway, Tecno calls the first package ‘Gifts,’ and it comes with a couple of accessories which you are going to see soon.
While the second box contains the beast itself, alongside the cable and adapters
Accessories-wise you are looking something different from what we are used to seeing from Tecno Mobile. (P.S. You can click here to check the Phantom 6 Plus’s specs.)
Which is why I think it would be unfair if I didn’t show off the accessories that caught my eye.
The first on the list is the earphones!
Following through with the earphone style found on the Phantom 5, the Phantom 6 comes with stunning earphones to match the device itself.
… For the first time from Tecno Mobile,  you are getting a USB Type-C cable which is way faster than the regular USB cables.
You also have a Type-C adapter
… For those times you don’t have the USB Type-C cable.
Lastly, Tecno Mobile added a screen protector
… And a Smart case!
Did you notice that I didn’t add a SIM card ejector in the accessory list above? That is because I didn’t see the ejector until later. It was safely tucked inside the Smart case.
It was at this point; I realized something:


Tecno Mobile nailed the accessories.

A wireless charger would have sealed the deal, but with this:


I don’t know about you, but an image like the one below comes to mind when I think of a beastly phone.
However, even though the Phantom 6 Plus is a beast spec-wise, it isn’t, build-wise. You are looking at a 6.0inch FHD LTPS Display
Encased in a metal unibody
A friend said it kinda looks like the Note 3.
This might be true if you take a quick glance at both devices, but at a second glance, you’d realize that the Phantom 6 Plus comes with a different design element. For one, it is slimmer than the Note 3.
You also have the antenna bands at the back of the device that gives the 6 Plus a premium look.


The first thing you might probably see is the SIM card slot on the left side of the device. It uses a Micro-SIM and would require an ejector to put in your SIM cards.
Yes, there is no dedicated MicroSD card slot, because:
In case the answer to the GIF above is ‘yes,’ you still have the chance to put in a MicroSD card in the Hybrid SIM card slot, but you would be sacrificing one SIM card to achieve this.
Meanwhile, the volume buttons and power button have been placed on the right.


One thing that might not impress you is the presence of the 21MP camera bump.
The protruding back camera reminds me of the Galaxy S6’s camera bump. You also have the dual flash lens and the fingerprint sensor.
In front, there are no physical buttons, instead, you have on-screen buttons.
You still have the proximity sensor, front flash lens, and the notification sensor in front. (Sneak peek, the Phantom 6 Plus has the iris scanner spotted on the Camon C9).
Finally, there is the regular 3.5mm earphone jack on top:
… A mono speaker positioned below with a mic placed beside it and the USB Type-C port which is one of the unique features of the Phantom 6 series.


The Phantom 6 Plus comes with the Phantom inscription placed in front of the device.
Finally, you have the Tecno and the Phantom 6 Plus inscriptions on the back.


The first thing I did was to put the device in the smart case.
Which looks lovely:
Settings were the usual. The only new thing is the fact that Tecno Mobile has included their BBS Tecno Mobile forum login when setting up for the first time, but you can choose to skip this.
There you have it, the beast, in all its black and gold form!
One word, Nah, make that three:
Of course, this is just first impression talk, and we need to put Tecno’s new gadget to a series of tests, so stay glued!


A song that describes my first impression with the Phantom 6 Plus.
Cos, I am really feeling Tecno Mobile at the moment.


The Phantom series from Tecno Mobile have always been something to look out for, and this time Tecno Mobile took it a step further with the Phantom 6 Plus. Based on a first impression, I can say that this is no doubt the best device Tecno Mobile has ever launched
So, how much would you need to get this beast?
Over to you! Are you impressed?


133 comments on “Unboxing Tecno's 'Beast': They Really Outdid Themselves With This One!

  1. STELCH says:

    Brilliant job yet again, Omoh 94k is way off my budget, the phone speaks volumes I must say.. MissTechy ti take over with brilliant reviews/unboxing..

    1. Taffat says:

      May be it will come down later

  2. Incredible ® says:

    Nice… very
    But 94k in this economy??
    By the way, great job as usual… so i was thinking and i had this genius idea: what do you say; we open up a blog school where you would teach other bloggers their job. We can’t just let a hot talent like this go to waste… we’ll be 60-40 partners (yes am not greedy)

    1. Taffat says:

      This is great menh, go find moni do it own

  3. Ben says:

    The beast is not a joking matter, fantastic phone. I just hate the hybrid part….Misstechy what is the price of Tecno phantom?

  4. Charles says:

    Wow! great review
    94k its kinda cheap for the specs it comes with
    Nice one… keep it up
    To get more Tech gist, android tips and Phone tweaks kindly visit>> FallTechs

    1. Bolarinwa says:

      The phone is great, and at #94k, beautifully price. I got mine in June for #120k.

  5. Bulus says:

    Already on Konga for 140K. U can have it now!!!

    1. Taffat says:

      Lol, wen I can get it far cheaper nawa for Konga

    2. Daniel A says:

      Why that expensive

  6. Bulus says:

    Make we see unboxing pictures of Tecno Phantom 6 mini.. D spec of Phantom 6 Plus seems great but lack of OTA update or upgrade from Tecno put me off.

    1. MissChlorine says:

      You haven’t been current. They usually send out Updates. Dunno about Upgrades. They must mean same, innit?

  7. Don Raph says:

    I think this device goes beyond the techno phones we know before from

  8. KingAbsolute says:

    Very impressed with Tecno, more impressed with the way you inbox, this is a beast indeed but the size is scary, but the slimness makes it sexyyyy

    1. Taffat says:

      It’s a very great device

  9. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Am fucking Impressed.. Mehn Can’t wait for the full review… @ Misstechy use this beast as a giveaway

    1. kumar says:

      lol….you will not go and buy your own.

  10. Titi says:

    Entertaining review as usual. This unboxing is making me think twice about a tecno phone

    1. Titi says:

      The price though. ?

    2. Taffat says:

      It’s really worth it I can say

  11. Bj says:

    This is the definition of AMAZING.
    Tecno is giving Infinix a Tough time
    Misstechy Nice sense of humor

    1. Taffat says:

      Good work there mehn

  12. 50 Shades says:

    Est 94k.. …………………………

  13. Zita says:

    Wow! I love ? the packaging, that’s the type of package i like unpacking. I’m impressed with the phone, it’s a good deal if you’ve got the money. Nice Unboxing as always misstechy

    1. Taffat says:

      They killed it with packaging

      1. Kashox says:

        Physical and internal… I mean phone packaged well, features included too

  14. Anonymous says:

    Which color are available ? Only the gold one ?

    1. Taffat says:

      May be for now

    2. Daniel A says:

      Maybe it’s the promo colour

  15. Blazerwap says:

    Wow nice!
    Checkout! Xiaomi Mi 5s And Mi 5s Plus Specifications, Features And Price
    Xiamo Mi 5s and Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus has been successfully launched with great specifications and features. These new Xiaomi smartphones are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 SoC and both bear a 4-megapixel front camera. Xiaomi 5s Plus bears a dual rear camera setup while Xiaomi Mi 5s bears a Sony IMX 378 sensor.
    Read more –

    1. Fgollado says:

      4mp?? when ders 8mp now

    2. Taffat says:

      Go and create your thread

  16. Wao! I am already loving this beast; Compare Phantom 5 and Phantom 6 MissTechy

  17. Jikong says:

    The beast itself. The Dollar price will make this beast out of reach many interested folks.

    1. Taffat says:

      Please add very very to your one word

  18. runzlord says:

    no! i’m not impressed! tecno just added up numbers to impress, until i see a full review or use it myself before i can decide if i can mange to use it. because of many other important specifications of a phone that inferior companies don’t pay attention too
    first 6″ is too big
    secondly its too expensive for its price
    thirdly its ugly! and front facing flash makes its uglier and i never even liked it. screen flash is a much better solution
    came with android 6.0 when 7.0 is out, and after 6 months, tecno has forgotten you.
    it would had made sense if the phone was 50k. so sorry tecno, they are far better options available in the market

    1. MizMyColi says:

      What are the better options please?
      Your hate for Tecno has sorely beclouded your judgement.
      Praytell, name the better device that is 50k or less.

      1. Daniel A says:

        No mind am there is no better device for that price in this world

    2. Fgollado says:

      i totally disagree i dnt think there are options available around 50k with specs that has come with the phantom 6..the only thing i think they need to work on is their after sale strategy..i know the economy is not so great but the device is just okay for the price

      1. omar says:

        true this. there are no options around the 50k mark with beauty, performance and power of the phantom 6. better soup na money kill am

    3. Daniel A says:

      Hmm, different strokes for different folks

      1. Sulayman says:

        I think the Beauty goes to the ladies… and the Beast for the G’s … Smooth Devices

    4. Aysha says:

      Lmaoo… He just love the phone, I mean hypothetically my friend wish the phone was within his budget

  19. Paularge says:

    What makes the phantom 6 a beast? There are lots of phones out there with better specs. And while should I spend about 100k or more on a phone that is likely never going to get updates from tecno. We all know that tecno’s after sale services such. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying the phantom 6 is wack, but it is neither at the pinnacle of mobile phone technology

    1. Fgollado says:

      Well as long as you aren’t calling the device’s fine people will still afford it n its totally worth d price

    2. Daniel A says:

      It’s at the pinnacle in the country

  20. Ayomi says:

    If you Pre-Order it (between now and oct2nd) from slot they selling for 128k the 6plus whole the 6 is 88k.. Its a nice phone but would prefer Google XL cos Its guaranteed regular OTA.
    How can I order this XL @Tobi ☺

    1. Tdelhunco says:

      which one is googlexl?

  21. Nochious says:

    Good morning miss techy am the newest fan here to ur blog and i come asking o… Can u do a review of xaiomi phones like the redmi pro… I need a clear review of it it seems better than the gionee m5 +

    1. KingAbsolute says:

  22. viktoh says:

    i am impressed seriously 64gb Rom 21mp back camera really da device is a beast pls miss techy could u kinda do some review on da infinix infinix hot 4 pro pls

  23. Kaesy Nwosu says:

    Great device but I think Tecno Mobile would want to think again about that price. 94k for a Tecno device in Nigeria ?

    1. MissChlorine says:

      In this Buhari Economy. When I saw 94k initially,I laughed and said i will wait for Tecno to announce. A dollar is now equivalent to 485 naira. I wasn’t expecting anything less than 150k because of our country economic woes. Tecno should consider opening a mobile phone manufacturing plant here in Naija.

    2. Fgollado says:

      it is 88k o

    3. Daniel A says:

      Hmm, people will buy it o

  24. John says:

    Tecno phantom 6 is truly a beast. I love this!

  25. Fgollado says:

    I am totally impressed..nice job mahn..u made me fall in love with the device all over again

  26. Tdelhunco says:

    This is like the best unboxing post i v seen..nice job miss techy..the Phantom 6 is a must have..

  27. Bodexowen says:

    Almost 6 figures. Lol

  28. AFOLABI says:

    Nice phone… but i do hope infinix zero 4 will calm tecno’s craze

    1. Daniel A says:

      Lol, it’s a hope

  29. Fundango says:

    Guys try ur luck you could be lucky winner of itel it 1516 plus.

  30. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    I will just wait for a comparison review between this and phantom 5

    1. Paduzman says:

      No matter what this will be better than phantom 5

  31. Mikecino says:

    miss Tobi…I have a budget of 35k for a device of 13mgpx,3000mah above,2gb ram,16gb ROM..pls advice me on which to go for.

    1. omar says:

      The tecno L8 plus fits you needs. personally i think its the best choice at that price point.

      1. Tunde Lawal says:

        If only the Camon C8 came with the 2GB, that would have just been a best fit.

  32. Mikecino says:

    have plans of buying a device of 35k with 2gb ram,16gb ROM,3000mah above,13px can..pls what brand can I find.

    1. Paduzman says:

      Ull need to add that your price o

  33. Ige Ebima says:

    Nice Work MissT ,i only love your style and not necessarily the phone

  34. Kasy says:

    Miss Techy got me laffing,
    Goes Gifs though….
    Techno got me clapping…
    Nailed it…
    Unboxing so on point …
    Excepted nothing less MT…

  35. Danmola Ahmodu-Rufai says:


  36. Henry says:

    Tecno is really bringing up their game. But as long as they still use MTK chipsets, their phones are still a no no for me. It’s either a Qualcomm or Kirin chipset for me.

    1. Paduzman says:

      Hmm, Wat u saying

    2. Techmate says:

      you just want to let us know that you are farmiliar with SOCs. How many OEM’s uses kirin apart from huawei. if they put snapdragon chip inside and put a higher price you will be the first to complain. A phone that scores 85k plus on Antutu, what else do you want?there is no pleasing some people.

    3. Clever says:

      Go and do ur research well, the only place snapdragon beats mediatek is its GPU because the chipset was manufactured with the GPU(Adreno) unlike mediatek it’s MALI GPU which are both manufactured separately. Aside that mediatek performs better

  37. Kumar says:

    The rear reminds one of the oneplus 3. The camera bump isnt a Biggy though. Awesome design language from Tecno.
    The price is scary all thanks to recession.
    Misstechy the memes and image references is a tad too much though.

  38. Techmate says:

    Awesome review as per yuzh.
    Does the sound come out from both speaker grills or just one?
    Metal unibody seems to be the new normal. Long may it continue.
    Tecno will Totally boss the market if they were to have a manufacturing/assembly plant on the continent.

    1. Paduzman says:

      Great review mehn, good device

  39. TamaraPosibi says:

    Mehn! I’m in love with the specs of this phone forget!
    In this economy, this is looking way better than the new Iphone
    And look at that Type c charger!

    1. TamaraPosibi says:

      Please where are they selling the phone for 94k? The ones I’m seeing goes for 140k, I really want to buy.

      1. Paduzman says:

        Go to 3c hub

    2. Ayeesha says:

      I heard alot about the TYPE C charger too .. Is it true It can charge for a few minutes and actually last long enough?

      1. Techmate says:

        yes, it has a quick charge feature. few minutes charge will give you enough juice to last hours.

  40. behankey says:

    Amazing review. This Phantom 6 plus is a beast of a device. Crazy and interesting specs , a must have for tech lovers

    1. omar says:

      not just tech lovers, a must have for everyone

      1. Fella Lawson says:

        Classy people would love the Phantom 6 more.

  41. scarycuteface says:

    Name suits it, a beast. Brilliant job as usual from Tecno , Deca core 4GB Ram ???, 64 GB ROM. It’s amazing.

    1. Paduzman says:

      I truly agree with you

    2. Ayeesha says:

      Perfect for a Gamer. Nice Resolution! One thing can stop me from getting this Smartphone. ”Not sold in Nigeria”

    3. Fella Lawson says:

      The 4GB Ram decacore runs as awesome as a snapdragon.

  42. OlusegunAde says:

    Tecno never disappoints. This is a nice device with an unparalleled design. Wonderful features also. You just gotta love Tecno.

    1. Paduzman says:

      Tecno still keeping it real for ten years

  43. neris says:

    If yhu using this its like yhu using an iPhone,nice phone but since its an android it’s a bad price from tecno N94,000

    1. Paduzman says:

      It will come down

    2. omar says:

      Hopefully in a couple months time the price will come down.

  44. Taffat says:

    This is really a great product from packaging to the real device, every thing is great

    1. Kashox says:

      I must give dem this too. Nice packaging…. This phone should go places in no time

  45. Daniel A says:

    This is the definition of greatness, I’m in love with these beast

  46. Paduzman says:

    Teno are simply the best, and remain the first in Nigeria

  47. ARTMEL says:

    When is full review coming ?

  48. Sulayman says:

    Nice Post. But Really i got lost in the Beauty of this Device. i was like Holl’up issdat Tecno Mobile. 64GB ROM. Nice. I dont think even with 50 Apps installed there’ll be any problem of lagging.

  49. Omar says:

    all these accessories and packages for one device? Tecno I hail o.

    1. Faceless J says:

      All na to persuade buyers na.

  50. Emmanuel says:

    Nice review i must confession you gave of each part of the phone this will make many long for this device i hope security patch update will be pop out for this premium device ….. if they don’t that will be bad Let watch and how Nigeria and the rest of the world flow with the Phone.
    How to Root Tecno Phantom 6 In Minute

  51. Faceless J says:

    This is no doubt class. A device for them classy folks

  52. Fella Lawson says:

    Powerful review. I like the meme swag in the article, makes it beautifully interesting.

  53. Chris says:

    Techno… Techno..! Ahh..!
    Will u guys kill us..!
    94k – 140k.. I wonder..
    Well its a very impressive device
    love the design…
    Good job techno.
    Mis techy pls try unboxing Gionee marathon M5 lite and mini..
    I heart your blog plentiful..
    Keep it up.

  54. Paolo says:

    The phone looks amazingly Fresh for starters. It’s something you can proudly show off anywhere. I think people that are having issues with the price is cause of the recession we are facing. Other than that could they really have done better than this?

    1. Deji says:

      Well in all honesty I doubt. Yesterday I tried buying a bottle of Pepsi (Plastic) and it was N120. It seemed so expensive all of a sudden cause of the “era” we are in. I killed my urge to drink a Pepsi. My point is 94 Thawsssssand Naira seems large, normal. But with the value we are getting back, it is not too much, it is not over priced. It’s just okay. The Phantom 6 and 6 Plus has very amazing specifications and if it were certain other brands the price we will be talking about will be in the range of 200k Facts only.

      1. Davido says:

        Chai Naija don spoil. I hope it’s not going to be an unbearable December (Christmas). You know how things get more expensive around December plus this stupid recession that has given everyone an excuse to increase the price of every damn thing. Satchet water (popularly known as Pure Water) now costs as much as twenty naira in certain places. Well Nice review MIss Techy, the phones are very nice, I’ll be waiting for the recession to end before I can afford any anyway 🙁

    2. Kumar says:

      The packaging really got me excited but not as much as the actual content. It’s really a great phone. been using it for a while now and I’m loving the expected.

  55. Seyi Bale says:

    Awesome review, Miss Techy. Well done!

  56. princessx says:

    this is nice, i love this blog… and then obviously this phantom 6 plus is better and it looks more cool than the infinix

  57. Paolo says:

    The good thing is if you tell people Tecno has stepped up, they will want to doubt but I’m just glad with reviews like this, it is quite very obvious even to the blind.

  58. David says:

    As I will always say there is no point in bothering one’s self about what people think, facts will always remain facts, Tecno has upgraded, whether someone from Abeokuta agrees or not, it doesn’t change a thing, Tecno has upgraded. Fin

  59. Paolo says:

    Hahahaha someone from Abeokuta, I like that! Well I guess no matter how successful one is, I think it’s only nice to get people that actually believe in you and Tecno needs to have people that support the brand. I was talking to a friend today and he wrote Tecno off, even said they are not Top 10 brands in the world.

  60. David says:

    You think Tecno doesn’t have supporters? Bruh no matter how whack a person/brand is, there are supporters talkless somethings as good as Tecno. Tecno might not be top ten (I’m not sure) but give them five years, they are very well headed there. Tecno are moving to the top, you must have heard of their Man City Partnership right?

  61. Paolo says:

    Of course I do, it’s a very welcome development and you’re right when you say Tecno will grow, 5 years is kinda too close tho, maybe ten years, it’s a dangerous market out there.

  62. David says:

    Tecno doesn’t need TEN years na! Ahan! are you not seeing the major moves they are making? They are headed to the very top bruh, 5 years sef might be too much, I just estimated.

  63. Tolani says:

    For the guy confusing phantom 6 for phantom 6+, maybe you didn’t take the time to check, phantom 6+ has better specs than the current flagships from Apple and Samsung.

  64. loud_shugar says:

    Charging is too poor ****takes about 3hours -3hrs 20.mins to charge full…U either switch it off or on..
    Doesn’t support Fast-Charging

  65. Kvng Jayrie says:

    My only qualm with the phantom whareva is the 8 mp camera in front.
    Infinix zero 4 plus- you fork up.
    I’m buying this nigga next.

  66. I think Tecno will be glad to see this. You just helped me decide on Tecno Phantom 6 plus

  67. Techslodge says:

    Am fucking Impressed.. Mehn Can’t wait for the full review…

  68. Vick james says:

    Tecno are really trying, thier smartphones is One of the best rating phone in Naija now.

  69. Samuraeh says:

    MissTechy Approved and I also approved it,

  70. Solomon says:

    Nice review, I really love the way you gave details about everything. Thanks for sharing. I will also like to introduce my blog:
    I will appreciate it if you can check it out.

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