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Check Out The Impressive Specs of the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus!

I am trying so hard to contain myself right now because I want to reveal all the Phantom 6 Plus unboxing pictures I have taken. (Yes, it is here with me and as always I had this wave of giddiness that comes with getting a new gadget).
Here is a sneak peek while you wait for the official unboxing from yours truly. P.S. The Phantom 6 and 6 Plus will be unveiled in Dubai, tomorrow.
Specs-wise, Tecno Mobile dazzled us with the Phantom 6 and 6 Plus.  You can check it out yourself:


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No words on the pricing, for now.
I would gladly leave the conclusions to you guys!
Tell me, what do you think?


56 comments on “Check Out The Impressive Specs of the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus!

  1. Ben says:

    I Am prepared to be amazed ??

  2. ARTMEL says:

    The beauty or the monster ? I think im gonna let the camera review talk on this one cause for the rest they seem top notch. Also I’m afraid the monster is too big and the beauty battery is too low but then it got sd card slot which the monster don’t. Arrgggghhh it’s too hard

  3. Adeniji Micheal says:

    The Phantom 6plus is the bomb…. Phantom 6 with 2700 ba3 Tecno Why ??

    1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

      I had the same reaction too…such small battery for a 5.5 inch amoled display? They ve gotta be joking

  4. Laide says:

    Wow Tecno Mobile really did a number on these ones.

  5. Yomi says:

    Based on the specs, this is actually the first time I would be interested in a Tecno product. But since I know specs on paper can be different from the experience in real life, I would be waiiting for your review MissTechy. Let’s see if TECNO has what it takes to make me switch from my beloved HTC m10.

    1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

      You cant compare htc 10 with tecno htc haas a lot of edge over tecno…thats one comparison i wouldnt dare to go into

      1. Yomi says:

        Hey, I once thought that way till I saw a device from Infinix. At the end of the day, I realized something, the big guys are just selling us their brand name. Unfortunately, for brands like Tecno they started off on a wrong foot, but imagine that Tecno Mobile started off as an international company, would you be so quick to notice disparities like you are doing now?

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    Amazing specs, especially the beast, except for the phantom 6 2700mAh, should have been up to 3500mAh tbh

  7. Victor Molokwu says:

    Let’s wait for pricing….
    Great specs btw, the phantom 6 should have had a 3000mah battery.

  8. Bulus says:

    Don’t buy Tecno phones bcos dy don’t send out OTA. I can assure u Phantom 6 will never smell Nougat 7.0 android OS.

  9. Ige Ebima says:

    2700mAh battery? what were they thinking?

  10. wizprof says:

    Tecno mobile is seriously improving. I was amazed to see their phantom 6 and 6 plus specifications and design, It was not like normal regular Tecno phonethat comes with just 1gb of RAM.

  11. Tecno just ruined “beauty” with that ridiculous 2700mAh battery
    The massive difference in specs between both might not sufficiently reflect in the pricing too!
    But toes crossed sha

    1. Ruru says:

      It is amoled screen

  12. …as per lack of OTA updates, I personally ain tripping over that.
    Us tweakers and Android fanboys who generally love messing around with our devices prefer kikat n lollipop (more stable)
    Its not like the Nougat is coming with ground breaking features (Marshmallow didn’t either)
    So, no OTA – ngwanu, no problem

    1. Very true my friend. Just bought the tech 6plus and I hate holding my Samsung galaxy S6edge plus and iPhone 6s. Samsung, Apple, htc etc are just brand names. Who really cares about OTA? Marshmallow has brought nothing special and I assure you the 7.0 nougat is not bringing anything new.

  13. sammie says:

    marshmallow was stable… And nougat does come with “GROUND BREAKING FEATURES” comes with phones with nouat… not upgraded ones… yea security too

  14. tee says:

    Me, i dont kuku know this nonsense trend of sacrificing battrrey for slimness…. Less than 3000mAh???? Ameeeeaan!!! Who slimness epp? 6.15mm for what?? To cut onion for jollof?????

  15. Bj says:

    Nougat does come with split screen feature. cool tho
    Tecno never gives out OTA this wouldn’t be an exception. Major diff between it and infinix

    1. Isaac says:

      I thought the Camon C8 had a marshmallow update

  16. Hey guys chill.. all these una 2700maH battery talk. Tecno knows what they are doing. You see that battery, will outrun the other 4500maA and 3500maH batteries. Talk samsung as an example. So just chill and be prepared to be WOWED…….

  17. Zita says:

    The beast is actually the prettiest one… Lol ? ? ?.

  18. Money Speaks says:

    I find this Blog useful in choosing the best phone for my pocket with friends and everyone around me . Misstechy ti take over in Ado Ekiti. Cos I appreciate a woman doing best in what man does. Thanks Miss Tobi for opening our eye on this your Blog . Osheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  19. Felix says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with the battery and camera of phantom 6, I think it shouldn’t have been anything lower than that of 6+ and for the 6+ is it a phone or a phablet? The size for me is weird but I love everything else

  20. Ali Kaduna says:

    Galaxy note 7, iPhone 7/7plus and now tecno phantom 6/6plus….. seems like they don’t want us to save money oo

  21. Cirphrank says:

    Battery like iPhone’s own?

  22. Danny S. says:

    Good to see Tecno stepping up their game with a better chipset (Mediatek Helio x20/x25) in the Phantom 6 Plus. I wish they did the same for the Phantom 6. I also think it’s time for Tecno to equip their flagships with OIS for a better camera experience.

    1. J.brainiac says:

      What do you know about phones?

  23. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  24. sprint says:

    Phantom 6 tecno android is presently best of the brand’s product but the price is outrageous, considering the present recession meltdown the country is going through. I would really appreciate if the price can be made more affordable for tecno users like myself, and no spending so much as i did when undergoing
    t mobile insurance claim

    1. Really, I bought my Samsung galaxy s6 plus 364,000, my iPhone 6 for 320,000 while the tecno cost me 130,000. Compare that.

  25. olamighty says:

    Oh M G ! Miss techy !! Great job dear !
    Could u upload unboxing and everything ?!
    Really salivating , can’t wait to see what its like !!!

  26. Techlug says:

    Phantom 6 plus is superb!
    Obviously, it can only be regards as a premium phone.
    What a nice approach by Tecno Mobile.

  27. Fouad says:

    Wow… Deca Core. That’s amazing.
    Can’t wait to explore the features of these devices. I just wonder why the Phantom 6 comes with a low battery capacity.

  28. TeckyClub says:

    I called phantom 6plus premium phone.. Phantom 6 plus is superb!
    I love the phone…

  29. Ugbe tom says:

    Great job misstechy….

  30. John says:

    The Specifications of this device is super cool. The RAM and the processing speed is a perfect one for playing HD android games

  31. J.brainiac says:

    I gotta say, they tried.. Using helio x10 and helio X20 respectively, not bad.
    But still the big guys are still that.. Way much ahead of them… My beloved MI5… Love you so much

    1. Yeah you love the brand and not a phone

  32. MizMyColi says:

    Phantom 6 Plus is the device to go for, anytime, anyday… long as you have the money sha.

  33. Tdelhunco says:

    Hmm with great specs comes great money

  34. Tdelhunco says:

    A must have device..i can totally pay if i have the money for this phone..m sure it wud be worth it

    1. Fgollado says:

      Yea as long as i get value for my money

  35. Nice review about phantom 6. I like and wish to buy this phone soon.
    Have a nice day ma…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Do they expect peop[le to buy something with such a small battery lfife….

  37. Anonymous says:

    I love my Camon C9

  38. Nshaija Stephen says:

    You always have to see the type of processor used in a phone before U complain of battery capacity Mediatek Helio 2.0.
    That’s less power consuming!

  39. MERCY says:


  40. massawa says:

    Big up tecno

  41. massawa says:

    What the price in Tanzania?

  42. Hossy says:

    If your in Tanzania the price range from Tsh. 550,000/ = To Tsh 580,000/= depending on the shop you visit ,

  43. George Willy says:

    I have been looking for phantom 6 plus with the Star grey colour but could not find one. Does it mean that this phone comes with only one colour – champagne gold?

  44. Chelsea Hutcherson says:

    after seeing the specifications of the phantom 6plus and the price one would think but nah, its just real mehn, lovely device

  45. dave says:

    Misstechy is there no review for phantom 6 pls I want you to do the review

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