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The Note 3 Review: A Budget Phablet That Delivers + Air Force Base, PWD as Captured from Its Lens.

Whew! Let me put this out there real quick – If you don’t like big phones:
If you do:
… Cos the Note 3 is big! And some of its features got me:


Really Impressed!

While others got me:
But before we delve into this, how about a brief look at its specs?



The Note 3 took about 43 seconds to power on (Under normal circumstance) and 5 seconds to power off.
The results positioned the Note 3 way below the Note 2 in the Boot test board.


The display on the Note 3 is a significant bump from the Note 2. Recall that the Infinix Note 3 sports a huge 6-inch full HD display panel with 1080p resolution — good for a screen density of 480 dpi
It’s vivid with excellent viewing angles, and the colors and contrast are perfect. For a budget device, the display on the Note 3 stands out as one of the highlights.


The Note 3 comes with the latest version of Infinix’s XOS and nothing has changed from what you get on the Hot S:


Apart from the X-apps (X-Power to help manage your battery level,  XShare (Xender-like) X manager (System maintenance app), and X hide), the other bloatware found on the Infinix Note 3 can be uninstalled. They include Slot Mobile, Palm play, Palmchat, Jumia, and Carlcare.


Hey, I am not saying it is not good, I am just saying I have heard better! I put the sound to the test, and the results saw the Note 3 having a slight edge over the Note 2.
Why the meh, then?
The Note 3’s speakers aren’t so loud, and you might find yourself using the earphones more often than not.


If you’ve been reading my reviews, you should know how much I love Infinix’s fingerprint sensors.
In addition to its spectacular performance, the Note 3 also sports some features on the Hot S. These include: Taking a photo, Accepting calls and browsing through pictures with your fingerprints.


Long time no see.
Praise the Lord, somebody! The Note 3 comes with a Notification sensor!! (This is something that deserves a Sunday testimony). Anyway, you can further tweak this by going to Display and LED reminder lights; this will allow you to set which function(s) should get a notification reminder.


With its beefy 4,500mAh battery, the Infinix Note 3 is more than capable of making it through an entire day of moderate usage. The battery test – which had me watch a 1-hour 34-minute movie with screen brightness at maximum and volume turned up
– Depleted the Infinix Note 3’s battery by around 16%.
Another test saw me playing games for about 46 minutes with WIFI, brightness to the maximum, Bluetooth and flashlight all switched on.
The test depleted the battery by 16% (In 46 minutes).


On the storage front, what you see isn’t always what you get. For the Note 3, you have less than 10GB Internal storage.
Bear in mind that there is still the possibility to expand the storage.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing16


There are 2GB and 3GB RAM variants of the Note 3, but for this test, I used the 2GB RAM variant which meant a lag-free multitasking experience provided you don’t overwork it with a load of apps at the same time.


The 2GB RAM variant of the Note 3 doesn’t come with the 4G LTE experience.
However, it had a slightly impressive performance in the network/WiFi speed test:
Note 2 vs. Note 3 in the Network speed test
WiFi Analyzer test


The camera on the Note 3 is pretty impressive and the pictures can tell:

Alright, I actually put up the front camera test, but Ijust realized that it wasn’t updated, my apologies.
So, the Note’s 3 front camera actually does an amazing job for its price. However, I must point out that the front flash on the Note 3 isn’t exactly soft. Here are some camera samples from the Note 3’s front camera:


According to Infinix Mobile, “This is the first time they used Aerospace Cooling Technology (ACT) to prevent overheating. Now, ACT ensures that when the device overheats, the fluid evaporates and the extra heat is circulated as Water Vapor, allowing your phone to work optimally.”
I don’t care for all that plenty grammar either.
 What I do care for is how the Note 3 felt in my hand after playing heavy games for about 46 minutes.
The results? See for yourself.
The ACT feature might lead one to conclude that the smartphone will remain relatively cool: However, I measured an absolute maximum temperature of 37.1 °C on the backside. That level of warmth is palpable, but in no way uncomfortable.
One thing I noticed, though, is that the phone cools down as fast as possible.


Fast enough. Infinix claims that 5 minutes of charging would get you 200 minutes of talk time, but how many percentage is 200 minutes of talk time?
As seen above, a 5-minute charge will add 3% to your battery life. Not sure if 3% translates to 200 minutes. ?
Meanwhile, I was able to charge the Infinix Note 3 from 1% to 93%  under 1 hour 31 minutes, not bad at all!
You must bear in mind that the Note 3 won’t give you the fast-charging experience if you don’t use the USB cable (or Infinix’s cable)  that comes with the device.


I noticed that the Note 3 ‘s flash charge can change to regular charge sometimes. To rectify this, just restart the device.
Meanwhile, the Note 3 is VR ready — you have the Gravity, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, acceleration, and vector sensors
On a final note, did I mention how awesome the USB OTG speed on the Note 3 is?


On a scale of 1 – 10, how impressed am I with the Note 3?


In a sea of smartphones, the massive screen is the obvious feature that sets the Note 3 apart from the pack. However, it does feel like a mixed bag, but one that still has enough goodies to make it an enjoyable phone.


67 comments on “The Note 3 Review: A Budget Phablet That Delivers + Air Force Base, PWD as Captured from Its Lens.

  1. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Am not a fan of devices with big screen buh i have to go through the review…. Great Review Miss… The Big Screen Is The Only Turn Off For Me Tho….

  2. prime says:

    Finally…. Awesome review as always buh I have some idiosyncracies…
    Y do u say 480dpi?? If u check 6inch phones like Huawei mate on Gsm arena nd others, 6inches on 1080p ll get u PPI of 3hundred nd something.
    In terms of weight, obviously note 3 should be heavier, but relative to the note 2, is it obvious in hand.???
    How good is the selfie camera.
    I know this may be hard for u to say buh note 3 nd Gionee m5plus, which is a better buy?? They both are eerily similar.
    In this harsh naija economy, would u advice Hustling to switch from note 2 to note 3 or hustle to b like u nd get an apple device…. Tho not the 7 Sha.??
    Love u loads.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol love you too ?? as to your first question a dpi is quite different from a ppi.
      Pixels per inch (ppi) is a measure of resolution in two different contexts.(a) the resolution of a image printed at a specific physical size
      (b) the physical resolution of a display device
      Dots per inch (dpi) is a physical measure of a print device’s output resolution.
      The note 3 does come with a dpi of 480 and a ppi of 367.
      Meanwhile. The front camera test has been included. Apologies for that.
      As to the weight, the differences between both devices when held is not so much.
      Lastly, I haven’t really used the Gionee so it would be difficult making that decision.
      P.s. you are a rich kid so the iPhone 7 shouldn’t be a problem ?

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Femtop says:

      Don’t be in such a rush!!! TECNO’S PHANTOM 6 or Plus might be the beast you are waiting for…… but wait, Hope your bank account is not in recession mode? just asking tho….. ????

  4. Emi-PH says:

    Awesome review.
    Hey missy, you need a digital scale to get the exact weight of devices because people are now seriously considering those when making choices. Like someone already noted, you also didn’t saw anything about the front camera which is very important due to the selfie craze nowadays.
    Last bullet, I won’t even consider this 3g only version even if its a gift. Infinix need to up their game & start taking customers complaints of late release of higher versions of their phones more seriously.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I actually use a digital scale. Check the unboxing article. The front camera was a slight oversight

  5. Aaron says:

    Tobi ayeni, good job bae. and I swear down, am getting addicted to ur website. keep the techy news coming dear . but for me. tecno over infinix anyday

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Awww I am dancing in my mind atm ????. Thank you so much, this type of comments make the whole thing worthwhile.

  6. chibueze says:

    misstechy, would it be possible for you to compare the infinix hot s and the note 3’s performance?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hmmn I’d see what i can do about that. Probably make a video 🙂

  7. STELCH says:

    Miss techy,you talked about Note 3 not giving you the fast-charging experience if you don’t use the USB cable (or Infinix’s cable) that comes with the device, does it mean if we loose the charger or cable goes bad that’s it? Secondly I’d love to know if the phone would go from 0% to 93% in 1hr 31mins whilst making use of the phone like playing games and stuff, kindly answer if you can. I’m actually waiting for the 3g Ram version..

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Stelch. I tried another cable and got only regular charge hence the reason I think it would only apply to either an Infinix usb cable or a really good usb cable. By the way i have the same experience on my Galaxy s7.
      With regards to your second question, I got it to charge from 0 to 93 when not in use. I’d try to run another test to see if I can achieve similar results while playing games.

  8. Ayomikun says:

    I’m planning to either buy the note 3 or Canon c9 and m really confused… So if it were u which would u pick… Really need your advice on this one #numberonefan??

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hey Ayomikun, it really depends on your preference. The Note 3 and the Camon c9 produce good image output. They both have 2g ram although there is a 3g ram on the note 3 that is yet to be released, there is no 4g lte on this note 3 but there is on the c9. Both have notification sensors and finally where the c9 has an iris scanner, the note 3 has a really nice finger print sensor. So you see, the final decision is on you. If you cant deal with a device that has no 4g lte, then go for the c9. Do you want to have that fingerprint experience everyone has been raving about? Then go for the note 3. Whichever way, both phones are really okay.

  9. Ayomikun says:

    I’m planning to either buy the note 3 or Camon c9 and m really confused… So if it were u which would u pick… Really need your advice on this one #numberonefan??

  10. Victor Molokwu says:

    No LTE… I’ll pass.

  11. ScentNG says:

    Nice one tobi, good job

  12. Kasy says:

    6.0inches full hd display and the 3GB Ram got me.
    Nice review as always…

  13. Zita says:

    Good job as always ??? no LTE is a serious offense

  14. Xtopher says:

    Infinix and their gimmicks, why not release the LTE version together.. Same thing they did with the Note 2 that got me pissed off

  15. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Can someone tell infinix mobile to kill the 2gig ram thingy especially for large devices like the note 3….its like giving a hippo a vulture wings to fly. 3 gig ram should be the norm biko. Miss techy talk to them abeg

  16. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Misstechy …… Been a while uhmmm please can u do a speaker test between the note 3 and Boom J8 thanks maam still ur number 1 fan

  17. Ayotunde says:

    Nice Website…..Really Love Your Reviews. If you need any tech tip, kindly Browse Through My New Blog… Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    Misstechy, u hv never made reviews on iPhones…
    I look forward to seeing one, on d iPhone 7/7plus

  19. Plectrum says:

    I bet most people making a fuss about the unavailability of the 4GLTE version won’t even get to use that feature whenever they lay their hands on it.

    1. Xtopher says:

      It’s about the Ram Size, not the LTE stuff..

    2. Emi_PH says:

      Am sure some 4 or 5 years agoyou felt same about 3g too. At least if the device is 4g compatible one would be more confident his/her device won’t be considered obsolete anytime soon.
      The rate at which new tech is evolving can’t be emphasised enough.

  20. Olaitan says:

    Comment Text*
    With this review I love you already ???????.. Finally gotten a more convincing reason to buy this beast. You just got a crazy fan. ??

  21. Confidence says:

    Love this phone.. Again, love this blog, why? I honestly don’t know

  22. segun says: your reviews… Tobi plssssssss I know u have many phones…plssss come and give me one plssssssssss…I don’t have a good phone plsssssssssssss

  23. Allwell says:

    Lol, that’s what I wonder at times, after the reviews, does she sale it or what? Or does she just keep it aside?

  24. KingAbsolute says:

    Infinix just know how to make ‘massive’ phone, the battery, display, storage and performance got me.
    And Tobi, you’re getting better at what you do. You have a way of making me stick to your review from beginning to end. Keep it up.

  25. justscorch says:

    Hello Misstechy
    I will like to know when the 3gb variant is coming out, plus how much it will cost.. Nice reviews BTW

  26. justscorch says:

    Thanks,and I anticipate your reply

  27. Tinov says:

    Is the camera of note3 as good as camon c8

  28. Ayobami says:

    I hope note 3 will not be like hot note, i mean charging point problems and charger

  29. Utojiuba Promise says:

    I went through the review and I realized the fact I have acctually missed a lot from not having this as my Main Phone. The camera is one of a million. Can U imagine the features of Infinix Note 3

  30. Walex says:

    Mrs Tobi, how you dey, ur doing a great job here, u said ur note 3 charges from 1-93% under 1hr 31minx, but when I did my own test, my note 3 charges 4rm 1-100% under 1hr-41mins. I can see a guy asking if it can as well charged faster if it’s been charged, while using, I.e, browsing, playing games, etc. If ure browsing and same time charging ur smart phones, it tends to overheat, meanwhile dis while delay the charging, so if someone wanna attain full bar of a ba3 faster u don’t have to operate while charging, better still switch off for better performance.
    But wait o madam Tobi, u be fone dealer ni, cuz according to my observations, your owning a note 3, S7, and a Hot series, u be boss? O, buhari mustn’t hear this o. ?

  31. Anonymous says:

    The 2gb ram version has a 4g/3g/2g option after the new update

    1. Beewhy says:

      Really, that’s impressive. I thought na only d 3G version gt d 4LTE. So after update I cn use 4LTE on d 2G version too shey ?

  32. Simi says:

    Misstechy nice review, I can’t even get enough of your site..??

  33. paul says:

    Comment Text*nice review misstechy i am always okay wit ur review, but ehh: y is infinix delaying d lunching of scnd version. I am looking fwd to note3 3g ram/4 lte dey are try though, but dey shld come up wit a phn dat has super amoled capacity also wit 32/64gb inbuild.

  34. Prince says:

    It was a nice review, but how was the performance with 1.3ghz cpu? & how does it feel in hands with approx 199gm weight? + charging speed is not supposed to be measured when it already is above 90%, after 90% charging rate becomes relatively slow than the charging rate below it, in 5 minutes it could easily rise from 50% to 55% or so.

  35. Tamuno says:

    Lolzz.. funny review. It was fun reading through.

  36. Mide says:

    I don’t wanna make a mistake, pls how is the front camera

    1. Anonymous says:

      bad ass


    OK, the effort put into the review is amazing and deserves a big round of applause.
    One thing I hate about Android is the ugly slobbery looking emojis. They suck Mehn. Argh!!!

  38. Temitope says:

    Thanks 4 d review

  39. Yusuf S Muhammad says:

    Thanks for the honest review.. I just got my self the infinix Note 3…but something has been bothering me, does it has where to activate double charging? I’m quite confused. It’s not double charging and I’m using the charger that came with it.

  40. Lolade says:

    Hí and thanks for the reveiw. Compliments of the season. Boght thenote 3 based on some of your reveiws. Just want to ask that my phone gets very hot wheni use t specially when playing games. The heat is very palpable. DO I need to return it . S I have just sedit for 3 weeks. Would really appreciate a quick response . THANKS

  41. ivo says:

    Comment Text*
    the charge time is better than that it’s Between 50 and 75 minutes but this phone can’t handle games it heats like its cooking don’t know if it’s with all?. let me know if its an isolated problem?

  42. AJ Franklin says:

    Wow…Im from Ghana and I really love your Reviews…I actually thought no better reviews wer available for infinix phones or tecno phones until i found this site and it wowed me…Thanks a lot….I actually wanted to do this in the near future and uv further inspired me….

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you AJ Franklin

  43. GILBERT ARTHUR says:

    Charlie infinix dey beeeee paaaaooooo???????????????????????????❤❤❤

  44. Duglass says:

    Babe your unboxing and reviews are very different have never seen anything like it before,keep it up! Really Love it

  45. Cyberwaver says:

    I am using the note 3 but I discovered that the phone doesn’t charge fast anymore, the double charging icon that displays when charging only displays 1.
    My phone doesn’t go more than 10% after charging for hours.
    Changed charger, changed USB cables all to no avail.
    What’s Infinix doing?…

  46. Zeby says:

    Hi can anyone help please. I recently bought the infinix note 3 pro. This is my second week using it. Today all of a sudden the front light (torch/flash) is on. It doesn’t off at all. I have done reboot few times. Switched on and off couple of times I have had no luck. Can someone suggest how it can b turned off. Thank you

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Have you tried a reset?

      1. Zeby says:

        U mean reboot?

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          No,I mean going to setting and selecting back up and reset to reset the phone completely. you’d lose your data, though. so make sure you back up your information

          1. Zeby says:

            Just tried doing that, no luck. And now the fast charging is not working also. Weird!

    2. Jonah says:

      sorry abt that. pls I need the note 3 pro I stay at minna Niger state. where can I buy it.

  47. Deji says:

    Hello Tobi, so I updated my Note 3 to Nougat 7.0 but it didn’t end well, the phone was just rebooting and I basically couldn’t do anything on it! I had to revert to Marshmallow 6.0.
    I still keep getting the system update notification and I really do want to update it, do you have any advice?!

  48. KOURI says:

    Excellent review, it’s a pleasure to read it although I don’t like big phones. I expected a review of infinix Zéro 4 that I always haven’t see. Can you do it with the last smart x5010 in nougat?

  49. Excellent review, pls how much is the 3gb ram variant

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