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Rumor: Sketch Images of The Phantom 6 Reveal Dual Cameras and a Surprising Turn of Events.

Previous evidence has led us to believe there is a high chance that the soon-to-be-released Phantom 6 may break all the previous records of standards set by Tecno Mobile. The device which is supposed to launch in a couple of weeks has been poised to be the thinnest dual rear lens device. Now, we have more leaks thanks to some Sketch images sent to us.
We all know that Phantom 5 is powered by a 1.3GHz processor, but it seems the Phantom 6 processor might be upgraded to 2.0GHz Helio P10. The image also suggests that it will feature dual cameras: 13 MP AF back camera and 5 MP FF rear camera that work together to produce great pictures with amazing focus speed, clarity, and depth. The rumors also surround a different concept for the body of the Phantom 6, but from our findings, the body may allegedly be featuring aluminum casing with a design dimension of 6.15mm.  The Phantom 6 is sure to be the rave amongst the middle-class elite with high willingness to go premium.
Also, whispers of another Phantom device – the Phantom 6 plus which is expected to have even far greater features have been picking up steam, and we have more sketches to prove its validity. It will run on Helio x20 deca-core processor and pack 4050-mAh battery, which means that the earlier speculations here were correct but for the Phantom 6 plus instead. For those who read this, you’d realize how huge this is.
We would be bringing you credible information on both the Phantom 6 and the Phantom 6 plus. Watch this space!
In the meantime, what do you think of Tecno Mobile’s move to bring in a “Plus” device?


33 comments on “Rumor: Sketch Images of The Phantom 6 Reveal Dual Cameras and a Surprising Turn of Events.

  1. Gido says:

    The phone looks cool. Plus devices are in vogue, techno don’t want to be left out. The earlier the better.

    1. Tafat says:

      Tecno abiakwala ozor

    2. Kashox says:

      10 Years in the game, it’s time they stand out tall

    3. Ademola says:

      I don’t think the plus is about following the trend. Both phones suit our lifestyle viewing it from different angle, giving you choices to choose from.

  2. McOlucena says:

    What price could be attached to that. #150k….. **wink**

    1. Fgollado says:

      my thoughts exactly can’t be lesser than that

    2. Tafat says:

      Na una type go make Tecno think say money de 9ja, then they`ll peg it to that amount

      1. Ademola says:

        Fortunately, They know what the economy says. It could have gone for less if not for the disparity of dollar with naira.

  3. wali says:

    wow…. Nice but what would one require double cameras for?

    1. Tafat says:

      Thats what we are waiting to see.

    2. Kashox says:

      To give even more Scintilating shots! Leaving your pictures crisp as possible!

    3. Ademola says:

      Just in case someone photobombed ur shot and u don’t like the face, you blur them out haha

  4. James_Pelusky says:

    “Plus” is what’s trending… Imagine deca-core! Nice phone and specs. Buh I’ve been wondering the essence of double rear cameras oh… Any more light about that?

    1. Burmese says:

      That decacore and a new processor other than what we have always seen is what has been plaiting my hair dada since. I really cn’t wait for it!
      I just wish it will be affordable in more ways than one. Not like the economy is helping though.

    2. NAB says:

      one of them might be a wide angle camera

    3. datyorubaboy says:

      One will handle the image proper and the other for stabilization and light intake i think

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Tunde Lawal says:

      Please, infinix battery life is dead abeg. In less than 1year, there battery just starts to deplete. Anyways, the audience of the Phantom series are never those below 50K na.

  6. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Watching In 3D.. Let’s see if tecno can make wave with this device ….

    1. Ademola says:

      The wave is almost sweeping us away o!

  7. Tee says:

    might be a fingerprint scanner..

  8. MissChlorine says:

    I’m sure this is not their first time of introducing “plus” devices.
    Other brands do it.
    My only ish here is that they should just produce only P6 plus, cos I feel that is where they will pack all the goodies. no need for doing us “longathroat” with the P6 and P6 mini.

    1. Sulayman says:

      Lol.. I think they breaking it down for affordability, so we can all enjoy

    2. Ademola says:

      Lol!! It’s just a way of giving you multiple choices to savour your taste.

  9. Faceless J says:

    Wow! Just how did you get those pictures?

  10. Fella Lawson says:

    The Phantom 6 might just be mindblowing. If indeed the specs come out real sha

  11. Jerrywatago says:

    Great review.. The sketches are impressive.

    1. Ademola says:

      Really spot on. It matched it 100%. How she got the glimpse baffles me

  12. Omoalajah says:

    This is real wonderful. The Plus models will be appreciated

  13. Missslimzy says:

    The Phantom 6 is going to be great.

    1. Kumar says:

      Well it turned out to be great right?

  14. Sulayman says:

    The specified processor and allocated memory for this device is interesting. no lagging of apps anymore!

    1. Kashox says:

      I hear it does more than 32 running at the same time

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