The Infinix Hot 4 Review: 15 Things I Love & Hate About The Hot 4

Remember when the fingerprint feature was only available on “Premium-devices?” Infinix (And their fellow brethren) wants to change that by offering a “Premium feature” on a cheap (N36,900) stick.
However, the fingerprint isn’t the only thing that makes up the Hot 4; there is the battery, the RAM, and a whole bunch of factors to consider before spending that hard-earned cash on a Phone, which is why I am here to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the Hot 4. I present to you the 15 things I love and hate about the Infinix Hot 4
MissTechy Infinix Hot 4


1. I love that it is faster than the Hot S and Hot 3 when powering on.

Remember the Hot S, and how it had a longer boot time?
Infinix Hot 4 Review14
It would interest you to note that although they both run the latest XOS, the Hot 4 powers on faster than the Hot S and even its predecessor, the Hot 3. However, the Hot 3 performed better when powering off.
infinix hot 4 tests

2. The XOS on the Hot 4 remains Gorgeous! But there is a missing feature.

If you have not read my Infinix Hot S/XOS review, you should(Here)! The Hot 4 follows through with the same UI elements found on the Hot S. You still have the screen record and inverse colors and other cool features.
Infinix Hot 4 Review6
However, where the Hot S had the “swipe to browse through pictures” using your fingerprints, the Infinix Hot 4 lacked this feature. You still have the “Take Photo” and “Accept call” with your fingerprint, though.
Infinix Hot 4 Review7

3. The Display is Saturated.

The Hot 4 has a 5.5inch screen with a 320 dpi. But as far as color rendering is concerned, the Hot 4 colors looked a little bit washed out, Just look at the image above and check out the color differences. I also tried out other colors, and I got the same result:
infinix hot 4 review
Brightness is good, though. With the Hot 4 and the Hot S, you can still enjoy the display even when the brightness is at a minimum.

4. The Hot 4 weighs a lot more than the Hot 3

If you’ve read the unboxing, you should know by now that the Hot 4 weighs more than the Hot 3. Here are the results to prove it:
The Infinix Hot 3:
Infinix Hot 4 Review4
… And the Hot 4:
Infinix Hot 4 Review3

5. What a Badass Fingerprint

I think Infinix has done a PHENOMENAL job with the fingerprint sensors on their devices!
Following through with the Hot S, the fingerprint on the Hot 4 was fast and quite efficient; I never had any fingerprint mishap while using the device
Infinix Hot 4 Review12

6. The Network Speed is impressive!

Someone asked me why I don’t test for Network speed, and it got me thinking given that surfing the internet is a major feature on a Smartphone (My apologies for not including it in previous reviews)
Anyway, the Infinix Hot 4 does quite well when it comes to the WIFI speed test. At least it did better than the Hot 3 on several counts/trials. Here is a speed test comparison. For the first test, I had both phones connected to a 4G LTE hotspot (Note that the Infinix Hot 4 has no 4G LTE connectivity, this is just a WIFI test).
Infinix Hot 4 Review2
The second test had me connecting them to a 3G hotspot —This saw the Hot 3 getting a higher download speed while the Hot 4 got a higher upload speed.
Infinix Hot 4 Review5

7. There is Shuffle button for the Lazy-ass-dem

As seen on the Tecno Camon C9, the Infinix Hot 4 has a shuffle icon that allows you change your wallpaper with just the touch of a button.
Not an OMG feature, but a feature nonetheless.

8. The camera got me in a Dilemma

Remember the Dilemma song?
*Sigh* Those good old days.
Anway, the camera interface is still the same as the Hot S and unlike the Hot 3 which has no professional picture mode, the Hot 4’s camera comes with a bunch of cool features for the pros in the house.
Infinix Hot 4 Review8
So why the dilemma? I feel the camera quality is alright considering the price point, but there is still a “but.”
One thing that came to mind when I used the front camera on the Hot 4 is that it’s better than the Hot 3. I loved how the colors looked so realistic; there weren’t any color correction of any sort like you’d see on some devices, and it was way brighter than the Hot 3.
Meanwhile, the rear camera did quite well outdoors.
IMG_20160901_121419 IMG_20160901_122124
However, at night, you’d realize that the pictures have a lot of noise and can sometimes look blurry.

9. The 4000mAh lives up to the expectation.

The 4000mAh battery on the Hot 4 does an excellent job! Of course, talk is cheap, so check out some tests I carried out.
As usual, I switched on the Bluetooth, flashlight, WIFI, and the brightness slightly high while playing FIFA 2016 for 40 minutes.
Infinix Hot 4 battery test 1
I had exhausted 15% in about 40 minutes while the phone was heavily used.
Infinix Hot 4 Battery test 2
If you think switching these things on (Bluetooth, flashlights & others) was too extreme, how about just playing a game for a given period? I played Nova 3 on the Infinix Hot 4 for about 14 minutes, check out the results below:
I started at 14%
Infinix Hot 4 battery test 1
At the end of the test, it had drained 14% in 1 hour 1 minute. P.S.: Only the WIFI was switched on during this test.
Infinix Hot 4 battery test 2
Pretty impressive.

10. Fast Charge? I think Infinix meant regular charge

Infinix Hot 4 Review13
Like it is customary on MissTechy, I charged the Infinix Hot 4 from 0% to 100% while checking the percentage at intervals. The results?
Infinix hot 4 charging test 1
The Infinix Hot 4 took about 1 Hour 8 minutes to charge from 1% to 45%
Infinix Hot 4 Charging test 2
Charging it to 100% took about 2 hours plus.

11. The Audio is not an Upgrade

A first on MissTechy! So I tested out the audio using an audio recording software, I stayed in a quiet environment and played music from the Hot 4 while my software recorded the sound. Did the same using the Hot 3:
Infinix Hot 4 audio test
As you can see from the bars, the Hot 3 performed better than the Hot 4.

12. Multitasking performance is okay

I think the word “Okay” perfectly describes how the 2GB RAM on the Hot 4 fares, especially when paired with its 1.3 GHZ quad-core processor. You have the lag-free experience provided you don’t overwork it.
By overworking, I mean running more than 4 heavy games or apps simultaneously.

13. It does get quite warm, but not hot.

I wasn’t expecting this given that it had a plastic cover, but if you play games for more than an hour or so,  you’d realize that it does get a bit warm.  Here is a test after playing FIFA 16 for 40 minutes while the flashlight, bluetooth, and WIFI was switched on.
Infinix Hot 34
Infinix Hot 4 Review21

14. The benchmark results are just there

The only aspect the Hot 4 outvied the Hot 3 is in the Antutu benchmark; other benchmarks saw the Hot 3 having a slightly higher result.
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.57.32 AM

15. Flaws

Remember when I said the Hot S couldn’t add lock-screen messages? Infinix has apparently removed this entirely from the Hot 4. Also, there are no lock screen notifications. ( This has been noticed on most Infinix devices).
My best guess was that it had to do with the magazine lock screen! Guess what?! I WAS RIGHT! So, immediately you disable the Magazine lock screen, you can now add your lock screen messages, you can also see your notifications right from your lock screen.
Infinix Hot 4 lock screen notification
P.S. The picture above was taken with the Hot 4.
There is no inbuilt browser, but who needs it?
No notification sensor as earlier stated in the unboxing.
Infinix Hot 4 Review10
Now, I noticed a lag when using the professional mode on the Hot 4’s camera. After taking a shot using this mode, it took about 10 seconds to save the picture, not sure why this happens, but if you encounter such, just lock and unlock the device.
Lastly, the back cover might be prone to scratches, so ensure you get a case for your device.
Infinix Hot 4 Review11


Do I think that the fingerprint and the 4000mAh battery capacity make the Hot 4 a good upgrade to the Hot 3?


The Infinix Hot 4 is a classic case of you can’t eat your cake and have it. Infinix is willing to offer you a premium feature like the fingerprint sensor at an affordable price, however, to achieve this, they needed to cut down on some important 2016 feature(s) like the removal of the 4G LTE capabilities.
Infinix Hot 4 review
Do I think it is much needed, considering the adoption rate of 4G LTE, maybe! But, if you are willing to overlook that and the flaws mentioned, the Hot 4 does a good job for its price.


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  1. The flaws are acceptable considering its price, still better than my Tecno Jboom IMO
    When it comes to smartphone reviews, Misstechy is my goto place #kudos

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  5. Jane says:

    Absence of 4G LTE at this age is unacceptable for a compromise.Its time they made it a standard future in every future phones.

    1. KOURI says:

      There is hot 4 pro for those who can support lacking of 4G and it have better camera pixels (13MP)

  6. Kay says:

    In 15, you repeated a twice.

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      In item 15 you repeated a paragraph twice.

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

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  7. Victor Molokwu says:

    Great device for the price

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    Nice review as always. Waiting for the note 3 review tho. Kiss kiss

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  17. Gold says:

    I was able to overlook the flaws and got my infinix hot 4 but then I have an issue getting a case for it, I searched computer village for long couldn’t get any, any suggestions pls?, I hate a scratched phone

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      You just need a case that has the same size as the hot 4. Your best bet is Jumia as they are direct partners to Infinix

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    Good work. I also really needed to confirm the rumors about this phone lacking FAST CHARGE so thank you. It is a good phone but i would advice those ready for a 6 inch screen to go for the Infinix Note 3. But for a 5.5 inch screen with a finger print sensor and 2gb RAM, the Hot 4 is ideal.If you prefer smaller then the 5.2 inch Hot S is for you. Now i am well decided. THANK YOU. GREAT PRESENTATION.

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