The Infinix Note 3: Unboxing the Big Friendly Giant That Is the Note 3

Have you ever looked at something and wondered how it would fit…
… Your hands?
Well, I wondered about the same thing when I saw the behemoth Note 3. How in tech’s name am I supposed to carry this big thing in my small hand? Before I jump the gun, how about a meet and greet? Say hi to the Note 3 in a box.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing11
This time, I am a bit impressed with the colors and design elements, It makes it stand out, especially when you compare it with other phone packages (Yes, I am a package collector, bite me ?)
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing2
Let’s have a brief look at the specs, shall we?


Moving to the accessories, the Note 3 comes with an accessory different from what we have come to expect from the Infinix Brand. You still have the regular ones:
..And a screen protector.
Infinix Note 3 screen
Not a significant addition, but an addition nonetheless.
With that said, meet the 6-inch Infinix Note 3.Infinix Note 3 Unboxing26
Like I said earlier, the Note 3 looked like it wouldn’t fit my hands, I mean, look at my hand and then look at the Note 3.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing12
However, holding the device wasn’t so bad after all.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing14
It also looked slim when placed on the table.
Infinix Note 3
When paired with the Note 2, I’d still pick the Note 3!
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing6
Just like the other notes, you might have trouble fitting it into your pocket, hence the reason it’s called the Note!
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing3
Design-wise, you can spot one similarity between the Note 2 and 3:
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing1
… Which is the presence of the on-screen buttons
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing9
When it comes to the weight, we have the Note 3 weighing more than the Note 2 thanks to its metallic build.
The Note 2 weighed 192gInfinix Note 3 Unboxing17
While the Note 3 came in at 201g
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing18
However, its design elements are way better than the Note 2’s
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing8
You have the volume buttons and power buttons on the right, along with the MicroSD card slot
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing16
There is the dual SIM card slot placed on the left.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing19
On top, you have the 3.5mm earphone jack.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing20
Beneath the phone is rather fancy, there are the speaker grills, the USB port, and the mic.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing7
The back view houses your regular 13MP back-facing camera and dual flash lens.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing22
… And the Fingerprint sensor placed beneath the flash lens and above the Infinix lettering.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing23
You need not be told that it has a non-removable back cover, do you?
Moving forward, the next thing I had to check was… The NOTIFICATION SENSOR! After searching for over 10 minutes, I finally found it!
And boy was I glad even if it is conspicuously placed beside the front flash.
Infinix Note 3 Unboxing24
You also have the 5MP camera, flash lens and proximity sensor:
Infinix Note 3i
Lastly, the metal frame is another noteworthy design element on the Note 3.
Infinix Note 3ii


Based on a first impression, did the Note 3’s design impress me?


The Note 3 doesn’t come with a major design overhaul, but I still like what I see.
Infinix Note 3 unboxing
The only issue is the fact that there are two variants of the Note 3, the 3G and the 4G variants. Not sure how much the 4G would cost.
Now, over to you, what do you think?


42 comments on “The Infinix Note 3: Unboxing the Big Friendly Giant That Is the Note 3

  1. Ojo Stephen says:

    The 4G version has 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. It costs N60,000. And it looks slimmer in these pictures than when I held it in my hands at the event. It’s a device worth buying, seriously

    1. MIKE says:

      Hi Ojo .S.
      Is the 4G variant available in nigeria as I didn’t see it on jumia.

      1. Ojo Stephen says:

        Nope it’s not available yet but it’s gonna be released later this month.

    2. samuel says:

      Whr did u see the 4G variant?

  2. OROSUN says:

    Nice one From infinix ..infinix note 3 is a true upgrade to the infinix note series.

  3. Tee Johnz says:

    both variants should have had 4g at least judging with d cost… just saying

  4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  5. Adedotun says:

    Can’t wait to get mine..
    Am in love with infinix mobile right from inception

  6. prime says:

    Dunno how I feel about trusting infinix again… My note 2 pissed me off sometimes. I’ll keep an eye on this tho. By far the most interesting of their recent releases.
    BTW it looks a lot like Gionee m5 plus.

  7. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Great Review… Wanna see the full review in a bit.. Saw the 3g ram/ 4G variant on YouTube.. The 4G variant is not in the Nigerian market yet…..

  8. aiykay says:

    Actually went to the launch….and I was impressed….
    You can also take quick and easy selfies with the finger print sensor behind….
    Plus with 2k on the device can give you data of 7gb on mtn….
    I ordered one for a client and I wanted one for myself…but this economy shaaa…

  9. STELCH says:

    MT nice one, can’t wait to get the 4G variant.. Your Blog is different from the rest. You’ve really won me over.. #FirsfTimeCommenting..

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      OMG Thank you so much for the compliment and welcome on board

  10. Kenny Adams says:

    Great Review, Great Specs, Great Phone

  11. Yomi says:

    Interesting review as always. No boring moment!!!

  12. Ayotunde says:

    Wonderful review… Very very wonderful. Looking forward to the review.

  13. Iykekelvins says:

    I always enjoy your review misstechy. I like the fact that infinix added a screen protector tho. The phone is beautiful, big friendly giant indeed, Lol

  14. GODWIN says:

    The Infinix Note 3 is cool just that the absence of 4G LTE in the version launched in Nigeria is the deal breaker. All the same, the Benchmark Result is just okay for the device.

  15. Zita says:

    Nice Unboxing as always (can’t take that from you). The note 3 is really appealing .

  16. Ojo Stephen says:

    Nope it’s not available yet but it’s gonna be released later this month.

  17. Fred says:

    I hope posting videos on Snapchat won’t be showing that multicolored variant ?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Someone sold 4G variant to me but yet to un-box it, is the 4G variant in Nigeria?

  19. Paul david says:

    I always like misstecky review. Am actually especting note 3 to have upgrade d ram to be 3g ram nd d inbuild to be 32g nd more dey shd try nd also upgrade d operation deir like dat of galaxy a9 pro. All dsame am waiting 4 d second version dat is 3g ram nd 32g inbuild.

  20. Bukkie says:

    Can’t wait for the 4G variant. When will it be introduced into the Nigerian market?

  21. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Misstechy Nice unboxing …… I have promised that this blog will always remain my number 1 … I love ur unboxing and how u differentiate ur unboxing from others with gifs and its fun reading maam Kudos…… Misstechy also plsss bring back where we can Login … I honestly prefer that….. nice review maam… Much love maam … And we ll be expecting giveaways …… And … misstechy will always Rise and shall never Go down …. From a faithful supporter and No 1 fan …Rotimi

  22. Rotimi Popoola says:

    This Note 3 here is definitely my next phone…. once again misstechy kudos … Much love from ur no 1 teenage fan

  23. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Such a wonderful review misstechy kudos maam…… Still from ur no1 fan

  24. olamiplenty says:

    Wow wow, Misstechy. You caught my attention on all the review I’m reading on your site . I’m so glad to found this your site . I’m now a fan and will forever be . Kudos to you .

  25. Miah says:

    Great beastly phone with eye catching specs.

  26. godwin oluponmile says:

    i prefer aunty tobi ayeni(misstechy) to linda ikeji because she’s always special, hardworking and distinct. I’ll mak sure i let a lot of people know about this blog! Keep it up my sis

  27. Temitope Eniola says:

    Tobi Ayeni, I must say you are good writer. I will like to be like you when I grow up. Funny right? That’s on a lighter mood. But Kudos for the detailed points. I ended up reading your hands-on explanation of the device because I asked Google if the phone has a stylus. I would be glad if you can answer that. Thanks

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Temitope, thanks for the compliment ? really made my day. To your question, no it doesn’t come with a stylus.

  28. Adeola says:

    Hi. Thanks for the review. The only thing I’m worried about in this phone is the camera. I hate the camera on Note 2,both rear and front. At least not as good as that of Gionee M5 (The reason I would choose Gionee M5 over this Note 3 is the camera). Could you please comment on the camera quality?
    Btw,first time on your blog and I think I’m gonna be visiting regularly

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yay Adeola, a warm welcome :). This is an unboxing article. To read about the camera as well as other tests, Kindly click on this link.

      1. Adeola says:

        Got the phone since a week now and it’s absolutely amazing. The cameras are very impressive. Fast charge, long lasting battery, fast and smooth fingerprint sensor. It was worth it. Thanks again. Your review convinced me

        1. Avicky says:

          Misstechy, followed you from nairaland. First time here. You are quite humorous with your funny gifs used to butress your points.
          I’m a camera freak. And I don’t know if I should go for camon c9 or this note 3. But I would like you to do a review of the note 3 pro too.
          @ Adeola.. Can you give an honest user review? Especially the camera. Thanks in anticipation.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just got mine d phone is wonderful

  30. George says:

    Let me reveal you a 5000mah device ongoing deal you might be able to get for free. Its no scam and it all ends in 12 days time, no hassle at all.
    First thing you have to do is go HERE
    Login with your Facebook account, there’ll be a presentation page for the latest Itel 1516 plus smartphone.
    Scroll down, and you see a “Bargain” button. Click it and you are done. Wait until the end of the promo to see if you are in top 30.

  31. Justice says:

    I think am gonna go for the infinix 4g and 3gb ram…I just hope its released soon..
    First time here…and those reviews up there are awesome… Misstechy dot com is now bookmarked

  32. mr vic says:

    hi miss techy, does the note 3 come with sd card support? please reply

  33. destiny says:

    hi where can I get a 3 gig ram infinix note 3 to buy for 60000 naira and when do you think note 4 is coming or when does infinix lunch their products

  34. Annie_ says:

    Hello misstechy….love ya reviews…I just got d note 3 4G variant…is there anyway I can update d android version? Cause d display I see on it is different from yours…like d notification board is plane black unlike yours which is blue… Pls help!

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