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"Science may be confusing, but we’re figuring it out" say Women in Tech Africa.

No joke!
In fact, science may not be as confusing as all that since there’s plenty of proof that women all over Africa have already figured it out. There may not have been many female techies in Africa a few years ago, but the story is fast changing now. Women in Tech Africa ((WITA) week is coming to Nigeria bearing interesting tidings of science and technology.

WITA 2016 is organized by Women in Tech Africa – a group in itself dedicated to building platforms for women to venture into various fields of technology- the objective is basically to build potent and active awareness for women in the field or aspiring; encouraging them to achieve as much as possible in all things technology and enabling African women who impact lives through the use of technology so as to foster growth and advancement in Africa
WITA is planning a five-day event which kicks off on the 26th  to the 30th of September 2016. It would bring together key stakeholders in technology and will be hosted in about 40 countries, with 400 events worldwide physically and virtually. The main event is scheduled to hold in both Lagos and Abuja.
Some important focal points will be Virtual Reality and Machine Learning, Getting cutting edge skills to Africa, Mobile education, Women in leadership: Strategies to survive in a male-driven culture, the impact of the digital economy in Africa.
This is an opportunity to grow, network with the invited CEOs and CIOs and the many IT and Technology Decision Makers who make up the Women in Tech Africa membership and also strengthen support for the women in the tech ecosystem.
If you are in Lagos, you can click here to Register here (Update: event venue will be communicated)
For inquiries, Sponsorships and Partnership, you can contact the organizers:
ABUJA:  Toyin
Phone: 07038688902
LAGOS: Miriam
Phone: 07011701466


5 comments on “"Science may be confusing, but we’re figuring it out" say Women in Tech Africa.

  1. I.K says:

    There’s nothing to figure out, science isn’t confusing.
    Stupid statements like these can only hurt good causes.

    1. Kemi Oguntayo says:

      Didn’t you read the first line of the article. I totally get the point the press release/women in tech Africa are trying to say. You are just reading it out of context

  2. Laide says:

    Please can the event be on the island? thank you in advance

  3. Lanre Akogun says:

    Is it an only-women-event? And Would be attending Misstechy?

  4. James_Pelusky says:

    Hehehehehehe… Women/ladies ain’t taking it easy oh! Nice one. Together we can build the world!

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