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Whoop! Opera Now Has A Free And Unlimited VPN App For Android

Don’t you just love Opera as a company?
After months of launching an iOS-based VPN app, the company announced an Android version, yes, it is totally free and very unlimited! For those who might not be in the know, a VPN is often used to spoof a location online. For example, most people use VPNs to make it seem like they are based in the United states to access sites like Netflix.
Now the Internet company is offering the same offerings for FREE.
According to them:

“The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service­ without a data limit, no log­in required, advanced Wi­Fi protection features and no need for a subscription,” says Chris Houston, the president of Opera’s SurfEasy VPN division, in today’s announcement.

 The app which is 46MB in size takes only a few seconds to set up.
You can also choose from five different regions, including the US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore.
After my excitement waned a bit, I wondered what Opera stands to gain from this, remember that nothing online is truly free. A further research reveals the answer to my “wondering”: According to AndroidCentral: 
While the service itself is free to use, you’ll find ads, and Opera will share anonymized data about your mobile usage habits with third parties:

This information is made available to third parties who are interested in better understanding the mobile ecosystem and how it’s evolving. It’s important to understand that this is not data about what you do with your phone, but rather this is data about how a large group of people use their phones.

So you see, nothing online is truly free.
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14 comments on “Whoop! Opera Now Has A Free And Unlimited VPN App For Android

  1. Emerson says:

    The Opera VPN has just 1 thousand downloads yet, not so cool by my ratings I’ll keep an eye open on those numbers and reviews on Playstore.

    1. Titi says:

      It was just launched today. How many do you want it to have 5000000?

  2. Victor Molokwu says:

    Downloading now, it’s a very new app, I expect inconsistencies here and there but it will improve with updates.
    Thanks Tobi for the heads up.

  3. Rasaq says:

    Good one opera. I always love their product and service.

  4. Emerson says:

    I just downloaded the app half heartedly, guess what now am using it at full gear. This is what am talking about. They should add more regions tho.

  5. Laide says:

    I use Tunnelbear and I can say it is very reliable, would try this out

    1. Noni says:

      For those who don’t mind having another browser, I guess it’s useful. I wouldn’t bother because I already have Tunneller.

  6. Titi says:

    Very thing nothing online is free, the users pay for it one way or the other.

  7. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  8. Adeniji Micheal says:

    Watching closely.. Waiting for a cool review on this app

  9. By Ghost says:

    Very nice indeed for those that want to play with it buh if you really want to be a ghost simply ignore it cos I personally can track your activity with one eye closed. Buh you still have to give ’em credit though. It’s free

  10. Abdulsalam says:

    I can now access the CW.
    Thanks opera

  11. Kasy says:

    Wud try it soon.
    Opera all the way.

  12. Abdulsalam says:

    Will it work with hotspot?!

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